After pregnancy, is the pregnant mother more afraid of heat, not cold?

Listening to people say that pregnant women will become hot after pregnancy, so they are not afraid of cold.Is it true that you are afraid of heat after pregnancy?Does the physical fitness of pregnant women make sense?Let’s understand together.

How much is the physical temperature of pregnant women, which is normal

Obstetrics and gynecologists said that the body temperature of pregnant women is indeed slightly higher than ordinary people, and it is normal for fear of heat.From the moment of pregnancy, the body temperature of women has begun to change.Normal people’s body temperature is 36-37 ° C.The body temperature of pregnant women generally increases by about 0.3 to 0.5 degrees. The body temperature of 37.5 degrees for pregnant women is also normal. It is normal as long as it does not exceed 38 degrees.In the day, the body temperature of pregnant women will also change. The temperature of the body is minimum in the early morning, the temperature amplitude increases at 7 to 9 am, and the body temperature is the highest at 17-19.

Why is the body temperature of pregnant women high

This is because after pregnancy, fertilization is successful, and the luteal formation formed by women’s ovaries will rise in large quantities, and progesterone will secrete progesterone. Generally speaking, a certain amount of progesterone will increase the body temperature of the human body, while the lutein is elevated during pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant women’s body temperature will be increased.Naturally, it will be too high.Many people will rise in their body temperature in the first month of pregnancy, and there will be situations such as continuous fever and irritability.Some people think that only in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have risen, and after three months of pregnancy, their body temperature will decrease.In fact, the body temperature of pregnant women throughout pregnancy will not decrease.Because the fetus needs a constant temperature environment, the body of the pregnant woman has always maintained this temperature.

Pregnant women’s physical temperature is not equal to not afraid of cold

Pregnant women have high physical temperature and generally not afraid of cold.But this does not mean that you must not be afraid of cold.Although a little pregnant woman has a high body temperature, she is more afraid of cold during pregnancy.Afraid of coldness and body temperature, but it is more related to the physique and nutrition of pregnant women.Generally speaking, women are afraid that cold is iron deficiency calcium or anemia.After pregnancy, if pregnant women are cold and cold, they are either anemia or iron deficiency in pregnancy during pregnancy. The fetus will consume the calories of pregnant mummy. Pregnant women who are afraid of cold must eat more calcium and iron -rich foods during pregnancy.

After pregnancy, one person eats two people to make up. Women’s body consumes a lot. If the nutrition is not available, it is easy to be weak, decreased in resistance, chills and cold, so you must pay attention to nutrition and warmth during pregnancy.

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