After pregnancy, pregnant women are always sleepy and want to sleep?Sleep when you want to sleep, it is much stronger than insomnia

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As the saying goes, "Spring sleeps in autumn and summer,", but for pregnant women, it is "all year round, sleepy every day."

Since pregnancy, many pregnant women have found that they have become more and more sleepy, and they have been sleepy every day.After getting up in the morning, I started to be sleepy, after a meal, and sleeping in TV. Even if I slept for a long time, I felt that I would never sleep enough.

This situation is very common during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy in 1-3 months of pregnancy, mainly affected by changes in hormones in the body.Generally, the symptoms of drowsiness in early pregnancy are relatively alleviated.

1) Lbahopa secretion

Women will secrete a substance called "progesterone" after pregnancy.Magnomone can make the uterine muscles soft, protect the fetus and prevent abortion.

Although progesterone has a great protective effect on the fetus, it also has negative effects.

The most obvious thing is to make pregnant women feel tired, be energetic, lazy, and always feel "want to sleep".

2) Rising body temperature

I have also shared before that after women’s pregnancy, her body temperature increases by 0.5-0.8 degrees Celsius, so those women who prepare for pregnancy can judge whether pregnancy is successful by measuring their body temperature.

After the body temperature rises, the basal metabolism of the body will also rise, which will make it easier for pregnant women to feel poor physical strength and often feel weak, because there will also be "drowsiness".

3) Pregnancy response

In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have a mild or severe "pregnancy reaction". The most common is pregnancy vomiting.

Severe pregnancy will make pregnant women very uncomfortable, not only disrupt the rhythm of life, but also feel exhausted.

Therefore, in order to adjust the burden of increased pregnancy, the body will restore energy through sleep.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women’s drowsiness is also a normal pregnancy reaction after pregnancy. It will continue before three months of pregnancy. After three months of entering, the phenomenon of drowsiness will gradually disappear.

Successive sleep is very important for the development of the fetus, so in the face of drowsiness during pregnancy, pregnant women should not worry too much.

1. Sleep when you want to sleep

During pregnancy, pregnant women can always be much better than sleeping and insomnia.Therefore, when pregnant women are sleepy and need sleep, they can sleep when they want to sleep, and supplement their sleep in time.

Successive sleep has a good role in promoting the fetal brain and nervous development, and it is also helpful for pregnant women’s health during pregnancy.But at the same time, it is necessary to note that the daily sleep should not exceed 12 hours, and the drowsiness is also unhealthy.

It is recommended that pregnant women can adopt a nap. It is advisable for half an hour, and it should not be more than one hour.

2. Create a comfortable sleep mode

The quality of the sleep environment will directly affect the quality of sleep.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the sleeping environment of pregnant women should be comfortable.Like it to keep ventilation in the bedroom, because pregnant women are often easier to get hotter than others.

In addition, when sleeping, it can reduce the light of the room, and a slightly darker sleep environment will be more conducive to sleep.

3. Keep the sleeping position on the left side

During pregnancy, pregnant women should be in the sleeping posture on the left.

The left side of the left side can avoid increasing uterine compression of the uterine arteries, ensure normal blood supply to the uterus, and avoid hypoxia in the fetus.

Many pregnant women are worried that they will change their sleeping posture unknowingly, and they can use a pillow behind their back to keep the sleeping position on the left.

In the choice of pillows, those pillows that are too soft in the core should be avoided, because such pillows have no support and can easily be flattened.

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