After pregnancy, the 4 pairs of shoes from the pregnant mother should be changed, don’t pit themselves because of them.

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His friend Xiao Xiao has been pregnant for more than 6 months and has been at home with peace of mind. After work, I carried something to see her.When Xiaoxiao opened the door for me, I found that Xiao Xiao was wearing a pair of big men’s cotton.I said why you want to wear your husband’s shoes.Xiaoxiao said that my feet were swollen recently, my feet were much bigger at once, and my shoes could not be worn.I thought it was just a few months, and it was not worth buying new shoes. Let ’s wear my husband’s shoes first.I hurriedly said, do n’t just like this aspect. You see if you walk in your husband ’s shoes, you will be too late if you have any regrets.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers not only increase their weight, but even edema will occur, so the requirements for shoes on their feet are also relatively high.After pregnancy, these pairs of shoes of the pregnant mother should be changed, don’t pit themselves because of them.

1. Husband’s shoes

Many pregnant mothers are holding the same idea as Xiaoxiao. I feel that it is not a few months old, so there is no need to spend money to buy shoes, so I will wear my husband’s shoes.However, pregnant mothers need to know that most men’s feet are much larger than women. They walk on their husband’s shoes and walk, and accidents are prone to accidents.And the pregnant mother may suffer from athletes in the shoes of her husband.

Second, high heels

High heels can be said to be the favorite of every girl.However, after pregnancy, high heels should be changed. Not only are it difficult to fall easily, but it will also affect blood circulation in the legs.In the middle and late pregnancy, as the stomach is raised, wearing high heels will make pregnant mothers more tired.

Third, the sole is too thin flat shoes

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will consciously put on the flat shoes with thin soles for safety.However, wearing this shoe is not good for pregnant mothers, because the soles are too thin, and the pregnant mother walks closer to the ground when walking or stands, which will make the feet and the ground have no room for buffer, and it is easy to hurt the muscles and ligaments.

Fourth, lace -up shoes

After pregnancy, the pregnant shoes of laceing have to give up.Think about a big belly and bend over to tie the shoelaces. It is really troublesome, unless you have a husband who can help you at any time.And if the shoelaces are loosened, the pregnant mother does not see it himself, it is easy to trip yourself, which will cause fatal damage to himself and the fetus.

Suggestion: After pregnancy, for the safety of themselves and the fetus, it is best for pregnant mothers to choose a soft base shoes or sneakers with about 1.5-3 cm high after choosing to ensure that the materials are good and comfortable.

What shoes do you wear after pregnancy?


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