After pregnancy, the body appears "weird" is embarrassing, but it is actually the fetus reporting to you safely.

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It is a very happy thing to become a mother, but pregnancy also means that pregnant mothers will change a lot.In addition to changes in diet, habits, exercise, etc., the mother’s body will also change significantly.

It is necessary to accept the growth of the weight during pregnancy, the change of body, the limitation of action, the various reactions after pregnancy, and so on.In addition to these, many pregnant mothers will find that their "experience" has changed, and sometimes even embarrassment, dare not go to places with many people.

In fact, the origin of these flavors is also related to the development of the fetus.

Xiaoyu has been pregnant for 20 weeks. Since her pregnancy, she has changed from her original "fear of cold" constitution to "fear of heat".If you move it a little, you will sweat, especially the recent high temperature. Xiaoyu needs to change 2 clothes a day.Moreover, the position of sweating is a bit special. The armpits are obviously sweating than other parts of the body. If you wear dark clothes, it will be embarrassing to wet under the armpit.

In addition to seeing the clothes, Xiaoyu also found that the taste on her body has also become heavier. There is always a sour smell, which may be related to her sweating.Although I change clothes every time I change clothes, the taste has always been there.

I can smell the taste, and it is estimated that the people around you can smell it, so Xiaoyu try to go to the place where there are more people as much as possible.

This situation like Xiaoyu is relatively common. Generally, there are three common tastes after pregnancy, which may cause some embarrassment and discomfort, but for the fetus, these tastes represent health.

There is sweat odor under the armpit: the body temperature of the pregnant mother will rise a little bit after pregnancy, just like Xiaoyu. It turned out that people who were afraid of cold would be afraid of heat after pregnancy, and sweat was more than the original.

This is related to the changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy, and most of the positions of sweating are concentrated under the armpits, so the taste will be obvious.Usually pregnant mothers can scrub with wet towels to clean and change their clothes.After the baby is born smoothly, these conditions will naturally disappear.

The taste of urine: After pregnancy, the hormone is relatively large. The longer the child, the larger the child will compress the internal organs, allowing pregnant mothers to have frequent urination and urgency, and even cough and sneezing will leak urine.Although it is only a little bit every time, the taste will still emit.

Pregnant mothers should not reduce the amount of water because they are afraid of embarrassment, so that it is not good for the development of the fetus, just change the underwear.

The taste of milk: From the beginning of the second trimester, it will have a faint milk flavor, especially when it takes off the coat.

This is preparation for the child’s birth, and the breasts begin to secrete milk. If it is squeezed, there will be breast milk. This also shows that the fetus is healthy and the body will respond.Just clean and change underwear.

In addition to the taste of the body, there will be some changes in other aspects. Pregnant mothers can compare for reference.

Stretch marks in the body: Moms without stretch marks after pregnancy are rare, basically everyone will have it, not much problem.

The emergence of stretch marks is due to the elastic fiber of the skin. After a long period of stretching, a fracture occurs, and purple or red parallel cracks will appear on the surface of the skin. Especially, the mother who is relatively thin and the skin is relatively firm.More obvious.It usually appears on the stomach, on the thigh, etc.Once stretch marks appear, it cannot disappear.

Breathing changes: When I was just pregnant, I used chest breathing methods, because the fetus had just developed, and the demand for oxygen was not too large.

In the second trimester, pregnant women will have an excessive ventilation to provide more oxygen for the fetus and herself.So breathing will become deeper, about 20 times per minute.In the third trimester of pregnancy, it will cause difficulty in breathing due to flat lying, and you can try to relieve your head high.

Skin: Some people will get better after pregnancy, which will become smoother and more delicate than before.However, about 30%of pregnant women will deteriorate. For example, there are pregnancy spots on the face or on the neck. If there is spots on the face, it may increase after pregnancy.

Some spots can disappear after production.

End words: Although there will be a lot of changes and discomfort after pregnancy, when you think of the baby in the belly, the baby can be overcome normally. This is the greatness of the mother.

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