After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman has so many changes!

Pregnancy is the happiest thing for each family. After pregnancy, pregnant women start to pay attention to their bodies. I am afraid that there will be a lot of changes in the body after pregnancy. Of course, these changes are normal performance after pregnancy.The change is not just lethargy, nausea, vomiting, and weakness.There are many changes. Let’s follow the editor to see today. After pregnancy, eight changes in the body of pregnant women!

Change one: increase hair

After pregnant women are pregnant, the body’s estrogen secretion will increase, thereby promoting the growth of human hair, the growth rate of hair will increase by 20%, the growth rate is faster, and the hair will become thicker. At the same time, it will also promote the growth of body hair.However, pregnant mothers do not need to worry. Usually, when 6 months after giving birth, the excess hair will fall off by themselves, and the growth of hair will return to normal.

Change two: skin

After pregnancy, some pregnant women’s skin will be more rosy and tender, but most of the pregnant women’s skin will worse.Due to the secretion of luteal hormones in the early stages of pregnancy and changes in women’s hormones in the body, coupled with poor sleep or living pressure.There may be 30%of pregnant women’s face or neck may appear brown pregnancy spots, and some of the original spots on the face of pregnant women are deepened. Generally, the symptoms disappear by themselves after childbirth or weaning.Some pregnant women will have the problem of acne proliferation.And because of the growth of the fetus, the skin is stretched, and stretch marks are prone to appear.The prevention method is to adhere to the use of professional massage cream throughout pregnancy to increase skin elasticity.

Change three: breasts

The breasts of pregnant women during pregnancy will change greatly. There are early appearance changes in the breasts, and the impact of progesterone. After 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, breasts and nipples begin to increase and become more sensitive.EssenceSome pregnant women can appear in the breast, similar to the stretch marks of the abdomen skin, and some can see the slim or slightly expanding venous blood vessels under the skin of the breast surface.In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the breast has milk secretion, but the pregnancy hormone during pregnancy will inhibit secretion activity, so that milk will not be secreted in large quantities.

Four: Eyes

After pregnancy, the eyes of pregnant mothers will change.In the early stages of pregnancy, the sensitivity of the cornea will be reduced, and edema is prone to, and tears are not enough to protect the eyes.The pigmentation of the eyes will deepen. If you use your eyes too much, it is prone to eye bloating and pain, which is generally caused by visual fatigue.There will also be a phenomenon of dry eyes, many eye feces, and prone to fatigue. In addition, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy will have a certain impact on the skin, causing pigment precipitation around the eyes of some pregnant mothers. It is our commonly known "dark circles".EssenceHowever, these phenomena generally disappear after childbirth!

Change 5: Spinal Pain

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers often feel back pain.In fact, the spine is sore during pregnancy.EssenceBecause the weight gain after pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger, and the fetus continues to grow every week.In addition, because of physical changes.The weight of the fetus is concentrated in front of the body, so the burden on the spine increases.In addition, the ligament of the spine becomes relaxed under the action of progesterone, and the spine stability becomes poor. Therefore, the bending of the lumbar spine becomes larger, and pregnant women often feel back pain.Disoplaid symptoms are usually disappeared within 2 weeks after childbirth, and suitable exercise helps to restore normal physiological bending.

Change 6: increased vaginal secretions

Due to the impact of fertilized eggs and increased hormone, many women noticed that vaginal secretions increased during pregnancy.Increased vaginal secretions are normal early pregnancy symptoms.There are some or thin, sticky, transparent, or white, and the smell is lighter. Generally, it is normal, and the amount of secretions generally becomes more and more with the progress of pregnancy.However, if the color of the secretion is dull or bloody, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Change Seven: Legs

During pregnancy, the flow of blood, the increase of weight, and calcium deficiency in the lower body will cause a burden on the legs, causing swelling and pain in the legs.The way to prevent is to drink water, especially to avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time. If you do n’t sleep on your back, do n’t cross your legs when you sit, do n’t go to the toilet too long. In addition, it is best to raise your calf when you sit down.

Change 8: Greed or anorexia

Every pregnant woman has some small stories about greedy.This is also the only good time that many women can toss and toss.Suddenly what you want to eat can make your family prepare more.There are also some pregnant moms who have changed their taste after pregnancy or because of vomiting, and they will find that they will lose their appetite for those things that they like to eat before.

In pregnancy, women have a lot of changes, so pregnant women should pay more attention to their physical changes.To understand the normal changes in your body, you can also judge whether this affects the development of the fetus.In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, the most dangerous thing is ectopic pregnancy and abortion. When these two cases occur, pregnant women will have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if pregnant women find abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, they need to seek medical treatment in time.Finally, I wish the pregnant mother and the baby healthy and healthy!

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