After pregnancy, the cup is constantly "adding", don’t be too happy, it will shrink in improper handling


Many women have found that their breasts have developed again after pregnancy, which is really self -evident for women with smaller breasts.If you accidentally care, you may shrink after giving birth.

This is not alarmist, but an indisputable fact.Women will indeed develop their breasts again due to the impact of progesterone estrogen, but the wrong way of nursing or you don’t pay attention to care at all. Maybe your chest will return to the liberation before liberation, or even before liberation.

Therefore, women should not underestimate the scientific care of breasts during the pregnancy.Let’s first understand some of the normal changes in breasts after pregnancy:

One, turning black

After entering pregnancy, women’s breasts not only become larger, but also have pigmented conditions, and the colors are becoming more and more darker.However, with the end of pregnancy, the child’s birth will become lighter, smaller, and relaxed, and it seems not even as good as before.

Two, painful pain

Chest pain is a situation that women often encounter during pregnancy. It looks like a secondary development. It is better to say that it is caused by hormones. For this unbearable pain, it can be used to relieve the method of hot or cold compresses. If necessary, it is necessary.You also need to go to a professional hospital to find a doctor.

Regardless of whether we have the above two situations, we must do positive nursing work.

First, pay attention to clean the nipples gently to prevent bacteria from infection.Secondly, do a good job of nursing nursing to prevent the backlog of dirt after breastfeeding. If necessary, you can use 20 % of alcohol to gently clean up warm water.Finally, do a good job of massage nipples to prevent the nipples from depression.

At the same time, this must be warned that pregnant women should do a good choice of bras whether they are pregnancy or after delivery to prevent breast sagging. In addition, they must actively care for the postpartum breasts.This care should be carried out three days after the baby was born. At this time, due to the sufficient milk, many Baoma had symptoms of mastitis.We can rinse with water or clean water. We must also pay attention to the correct breastfeeding posture. This can greatly increase the blood circulation of the blood and help the breast meridian dredging.Essence

In addition, don’t forget to clean up bras. It is also a big deal. Proper brachs can better support the breasts and prevent drooping. Clean bras can effectively prevent the breasts from being invaded by bacteria and causing infection and damage.

In short, breast care during pregnancy and postpartum is very important. It is related to our health and the health of the baby.

The above content is for reference only. Please do it under the guidance of professionals. On the road of parenting, we are all novices. How to take care of the children better, you can pay attention to me, and discuss the things on the parenting road with me.

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