After pregnancy, touch the pregnant belly. In these three cases, don’t touch it!

After a woman is pregnant, she is looking forward to the arrival of this little life, so she takes care of this baby.Especially after three months of pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant woman will slowly protrudes. At this time, many pregnant women will intentionally or unintentionally touch their belly.Sometimes the pregnant woman feels the fetal movement when stroking her belly. Some mothers will feel that this is the baby who is communicating with herself, and then he will touch the pregnant belly more frequently.

In fact, during pregnancy, in some periods and circumstances, pregnant women cannot stroke their stomachs at will, which may cause fetal discomfort, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.After pregnancy, touch the pregnant belly. In these three cases, don’t touch it!

During pregnancy, don’t touch your stomach in these three times, the fetus may not like it, don’t ignore it!

First, early pregnancy

After a woman just feels pregnant, she feels that when she feels her belly, she will feel the flood of her mother’s love.In fact, in the early pregnancy, fetal development is extremely unstable. If pregnant women often touch their stomach, it is likely to cause uterine contraction, which may affect the healthy development of the fetus. The most serious case may cause abortion of the fetus.So in the early pregnancy, I hope pregnant women will not touch their stomachs at will.

Second, the pregnancy period

By 4 months of pregnancy, she has developed relatively stable, and at this time, the pregnant mother will feel the fetal movement, and there is a fetal movement in the prenatal education.Essence

But after the third trimester, the fetus has developed very large, and the stomach of the pregnant woman has become very large. Even some pregnant women have begun to stiffen. At this time, pregnant women should not touch their belly at will, which may cause uterine contraction.At this time, the danger of the umbilical cord around the neck may cause the fetus.

Third, pregnant mothers with signs of premature birth

For pregnant women, if there are signs of premature birth, the doctor will take the initiative to tell the pregnant woman to let the pregnant woman touch her belly less.This is because the fetus may be stimulated when touching the pregnant belly, which may cause frequent fetal fetal movement, and it may also stimulate the uterus, causing the uterus to shrink.Healthy development.

During pregnancy, the stomach of pregnant women cannot be touched. In these three situations, pregnant women should pay attention to control!In this regard, do you have other supplements, you can leave a message in the comment area below. I also hope that everyone can pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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