After pregnancy, women may become more and more stinky in these three aspects.


Pregnancy often brings some "sensitive" changes to female friends, especially physical changes, often makes pregnant women uncomfortable, and will also make the family embarrassing or even "dislike".

For example, for example, the problem of "stinky" in the body part of pregnant women in pregnancy will really make a lot of jokes.

Bad breath

Even if you brush your teeth every day, your expectant mothers often feel bitter in their mouths, and for family members, they will smell more and more obvious bad breath, especially when they get up in the morning, they will be more obvious.

Why can’t brush your teeth relieve bad breath?Because the main cause of bad breath is that the gastrointestinal function of pregnant women decreases, and the constipation is affected by the inadequate digestion. A large amount of food residues are accumulated in the body, producing "garbage" and toxins remaining in the mouth of pregnant women to form bad breath.


Pregnant women will find that after pregnancy, the number of farts will become more, and it will be uncomfortable and the bowel movements will be the same.

The main reason for this problem is also due to the large amount of progesterone secretion during pregnancy, which causes the digestive ability of pregnant women to decrease, resulting in a decrease in gastrointestinal peristalsis and causeing constipation of pregnant women.

"Stinky" temper

Bao moms have n’t spoken yet, Dad Bao started to complain first: What should I do if my wife has grown stronger and bigger after pregnancy?I ca n’t coax well, I dare not quarrel with her, I can only endure it.There are two main reasons for pregnant women’s temper changes:

One is the secretion of progesterone that makes the mood of pregnant women always be sensitive at all times;

The other is that the pregnant woman is too hard to cause pregnant women, and her body is in a state of fatigue and pain for a long time, causing pregnant women to feel irritable.

The immunity during pregnancy decreases

One of the negative effects of progesterone’s rise is to lead to a decline in immunity for pregnant women and increased their experience in pregnant women.The body’s body metabolism is accelerated

The survey shows that pregnant women’s metabolism will increase by 15%-20%, mainly because pregnant women must supply the nutritional consumption of two people, and the more consumption will be added. As soon as the metabolism is accelerated, the phenomenon of sweating and oil will increase.As a result, the body taste increases.Sensitive smell after pregnancy

The secretion of progesterone can lead to the improvement of pregnant women’s sense of smell.

Pay attention to the cleansing of the body

The gradually bulky body during pregnancy has exacerbated the exercise burden of pregnant women, but it cannot be lazy because of this. The cleaning of the body, especially the privacy parts, should be carried out regularly.In order to avoid bad breath, brushing your teeth is also essential.Development of diet flavors

During pregnancy, many mothers like foods with heavy tastes. Although they can help mothers appetite, they are not only not conducive to physical health, but also can easily affect mothers’ digestive system work and cause bad breath.

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to nutritional matching during pregnancy, you also need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to eat as light as possible to reduce your experience.


But having said that, these embarrassments are normal physiological phenomena during pregnancy. Both pregnant women and family do not need to be too concerned, as long as the expectant mothers are safe during pregnancy.””””

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