After pregnancy, you have to "suspend" 9 jobs. Have you done it?

Many occupational pregnant mothers want to continue working after pregnancy. After all, one person will make money, and the economic situation in the family will decline significantly.Therefore, continuing to work after pregnancy can not only make the hand more abundant, but also earn more Money for the baby; you can also use the various discomforts of the pregnancy during work, so even if "good pregnancy", many women still continue to work.But from a security perspective, the following 9 tasks, if the pregnant mother can suspend it, it is better to stop it.

1. Night shift

During the night class, pregnant mothers cannot establish a regular schedule.Therefore, fetal treasure’s work and rest will become chaotic. Frequent night shifts will not only make the pregnant mother’s reaction during pregnancy stronger, but also destroy the baby’s biological clock. After Baby is born, it is prone to sleep problems.

2. Work that often contacts animals

Once you find that you are "good", pregnant mothers should not work in the environment of pets and animals, such as breeders, veterinary drug technicians, pet shopists, etc.Because in this kind of environment, the probability of pregnant mothers being attacked by various germs will be higher. Once the disease is infected, it may lead to malformations or abortion in fetal treasure.

3. The work of contacting rays

We all know that it is very harmful to often contact with rays.Therefore, pregnant mothers who are engaged in such work are best to stop working and return to their posts after giving birth.Because long -term tactile rays can not only cause genetic changes, but also cause fetal treasure deformity.

4. Frequent contact with chemicals

Pregnant mothers who often come into contact with various chemicals and contaminated environments are best to temporarily leave or resign from this job.Because the damage of such substances to ordinary people is also very obvious. For pregnant mothers, it not only harms her body, but also causes malformations and induced abortion.

5. Work that needs to be standing frequently

If the work of a pregnant mother needs to stand often, it is best to make your work suspend for a stage.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, standing often can cause abortion. By the end of pregnancy, weight gain, too much standing can easily cause lower limb swelling.Therefore, in the past few months of "good pregnancy", the pregnant mother who often stands at work should hurry up and take a leave from the leader.

6. Psychological consumption

Some pregnant mothers think that exercise during pregnancy is a good thing, so some pregnant mothers engaged in handling and loading and unloading have no plans to leave their posts.In fact, the moderate amount of more exercise is very good at the good pregnancy stage, but it is not suitable for pregnant mothers to engage in more heavy physical work.In this kind of work, a pregnant mother may accidentally cause miscarriage by accidental effort, and excessive physical energy consumption will also make the fetal treasure absorb enough nutrition.

7. The work of the barber shop

All kinds of hair and perm here will have a bad effect on the fetus.If you still stick to work after pregnancy, various chemical preparations in the skin and inhalation in the body for a long time may cause fetal malformation.In addition, the barber shop is generally open until more than 10 pm, which is not conducive to the rest of pregnant women.Therefore, pregnant mothers who work in this kind of work are for the time being.

8. Higher work

The noise environment will make the fetal treasure feel uncomfortable, especially after four or five months after pregnancy, the fetal treasure has hearing.If the pregnant mother is still in a large noise environment, the little guy should protest. Not only is the fetal movement stronger than other fetal treasures, but the personality will be more irritable after birth.So for the baby, it is more cost -effective to give up this job temporarily.

9. High temperature work

Excessive temperature will affect the normal development of the fetal treasure, and severe cases may also cause terators.Therefore, pregnant mothers who often work in high temperature environment should abandon this job decisively once they are pregnant.

The above 9 types of work may bring hidden safety hazards to pregnant mothers, and pregnant mothers should try to avoid it.There are also many pregnant mothers who have been working during pregnancy. For example, the following three types of tasks are suitable for pregnant mothers, and it is possible to achieve birth.

1. The work of special care in leadership

Some company leaders are particularly considerate employees, so this type of pregnant mothers do not have to rush to resign and inform your news about "good pregnancy". The leader generally temporarily adjusts the pregnant mother to a relaxed and comfortable position, leaving positions that are not suitable for pregnant women.If your leader is more considerate, the pregnant mother should not rush to leave.

2. Comfortable environmental and civilian category

In an office environment without pollution and suitable temperature, pregnant mothers who are engaged in personnel, copywriting, and planning, etc. should cherish your blessing.There is no other pollution in this job, nor will it consume too much physical fitness. Although the body is a little uncomfortable in the early pregnancy, everything will be turned on after a few months.So even if you do it, this job is okay.

3. Freelancer

There is also a type of pregnant mothers who work at home on weekdays. It is relatively free in time. When physical discomfort or tiredness, you can rest anytime, anywhere, and will not be restricted as in the company, and work at home will not have a headache due to the complicated interpersonal relationship of the company.Therefore, pregnant mothers who can work at home can continue to work properly according to their physical conditions.

Are you still working during pregnancy?

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