After taking a cold medicine in the early pregnancy, can the baby really want it?

Doctor, I took a cold medicine, but I didn’t know that I was pregnant. Can this baby want it?This kind of problem at work is almost encountered every day. Today we will talk about what effect does the medication affect the fetus during pregnancy?

Normal pregnancy is a process in which sperm and eggs are combined into fertilized eggs in the mother’s uterine cavity, differentiated out of the nose, eyes, heart, heart and other organs to gradually grow into a fetus.Once the fertilized egg was found in a comfortable position in the mother’s uterine cavity, he/she lived. Generally, it was 6-7 days after fertilization. In 2 weeks after fertilization, it was one month we said.In the inside, the baby was still a small cell group at this time. Her small hands and small heads have not been differentiated.During this period, we are also known as the period of non -sensitive drugs, which means that if pregnant mothers accidentally use drugs that are harmful to the baby during this period, it will not affect the baby.If the impact is, the embryo cannot continue to develop and abortion.

After one month of pregnancy, the babies ‘various organs are gradually differentiated. The general order of important organs is neuro tissue, heart, limbs, and eyes, and the nervous system is 10 weeks after pregnancy, and other organs’ functions have been perfected.It and dental tissue will continue to differentiate until the newborn period.Therefore, 4-10 weeks after pregnancy, or even 12 weeks, are a highly sensitive period for drug terators. Pregnant mothers must be very cautious at this stage. It is best to take medicine under professional obstetricians.

If a mother will ask, can the doctor use the medication at will for the doctor’s pregnancy? The answer is definitely no. When the baby’s organ function is divided and perfect, it is just a very small organs. It needs to from the mother from the mother.Absorb nutrients in the body, and then grow up slowly, just like a small saplings, you need to grow into a towering tree. Therefore, the most often result is that the fetus is limited.Abnormal weight and functional behavior.

Well, do you understand the expectant mothers and mothers who are about to prepare for pregnancy, do you understand now, I hope this article can solve your confusion about the influence of the fetus after the early pregnancy.

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