After taking emergency contraceptives or pregnancy, can the baby want it?Come here, say something

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Yesterday, a quasi -dad asked me: Sister Sister, after taking contraceptives or pregnancy, will the baby born so wrong?Because my wife and I just got married, the career of the two people was on the rising period. I have not planned to ask for a child in the past two years, so I have always taken contraceptive measures.But a while ago, I was a little negligent. Although I took an emergency contraceptive pill afterwards, the sadness was the winning.

When the old man at home knew, he was so happy that let us stay.I considered it carefully for a long time, and felt that having a child earlier can be regarded as completing the task in advance.But the problem is that after all, taking contraceptive pills. Although many people say that it’s okay, my heart is always unsatisfactory and worried about causing harm to the baby.In case of deformity, the entire family will follow.

Well, it is a magical thing to have children. Sometimes I have been infertility for several years, but when you are not prepared, you will be caught off guard.Especially when it comes to similar situations, it is really bad.

But then again, the doctor’s attitude is also unknown about whether you have taken birth control pills on the fetus.After all, this is a probability event, and no one guarantees that your child is absolutely fine.

For example, when I met a friend before, I was pregnant after taking contraceptives. I went to Beijing to hang an expert.At that time, the doctor calmly told her, "If you want this child, it is estimated that the whole pregnancy will be upset. If you are worried about to bear the risks, you must consider it. If you make your mind to ask for a child, don’t think about it and do a good job of the production inspection."

Of course, in addition to pregnancy after taking contraceptives, I have also seen some that I do n’t know that I am pregnant. I follow the unit to do chest diarrhea, or drink alcohol, and take cold medicine.In this case, pregnant mothers are bound to be particularly bad and hesitant.I want to keep my children, reluctant to kill, but also worry about harm to the child.

A reminder here should be reminded that if the pregnant mothers are relatively strong in their hearts and make up the mind to retain the children, then the following two points must be achieved, which is important to you and the fetus:

Persist in doing pregnancy checks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, in order to make yourself more at ease and avoid abnormal fetal development at the same time, pregnant mothers must do a good job during pregnancy on time.It is best not to miss it because of being too lazy or worrying about expenses.Especially Tang’s screening, four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.

Keep a good mood

When choosing to retain the baby, pregnant mothers must believe in the fate between themselves and the baby.Otherwise, you will be uneasy and uncomfortable throughout your pregnancy.At that time, it will not only affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, but also make the pregnancy even more suffering, and it will not experience the happiness of being a mother at all.


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If you have these confusion,

Please pay attention to the headline number: [good pregnancy].Be a "bottom" prospective mother!

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