After taking the first new crown vaccine, which reactions are not recommended to get the second needle?Expert latest answer

According to news from the National Health and Health Commission on the 15th, from 0:00 on June 14th to 24:00, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 20 newly confirmed cases, including 18 cases of overseas input cases (8 cases in 8 cases in Guangdong (Guangdong 8 cases in Guangdong, 5 cases in Shanghai, 1 case in Beijing, 1 case in Zhejiang, 1 case of Fujian, 1 case in Sichuan, and 1 case of Yunnan), 2 cases of local cases (all in Guangdong, 1 case of Guangzhou report, 1 case of Shenzhen report);There were 25 infected people, including 24 cases overseas, and 1 case (in Zhejiang).

1 case of new confirmed cases in Zhejiang

According to Health Zhejiang News, at 0-24 on June 14th, 1 new confirmed case (for the diagnosis of non-symptoms in the UK before), 2 cases of new asymptomatic infected (including 1 case in the UAE inputIn one case with an overseas input case on June 9, for those who are closely contact), those who have investigated close contact have been founded in concentrated isolation.As of 24:00 on the 14th, a total of 1,373 confirmed cases were reported (154 cases of overseas input cases).

Two new cases of confirmation of the soil in Guangdong

According to the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission website on the 15th, at 0-24 on June 14, two new cases of confirmation cases were added in Guangdong Province, 1 case of Guangzhou reported and 1 case in Shenzhen reported.

There were 8 new overseas input cases in the province and 4 cases of Guangzhou reports, from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar and the UAE; 3 cases of Shenzhen reports from South Africa; 1 case of Zhongshan reported from Zambia.From the UAE; 1 case of Huizhou report, from Hong Kong, China; 1 case of Zhaoqing report, from Indonesia.Newly added 2 cases.

As of 24:00 on June 14, the province had reported a total of 2,635 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia (1083 cases were entered overseas).There are currently 202 cases in the hospital.

A few days ago, in the first community of Guangang New City, Baihendong Street, Liwan District, epidemic prevention volunteers entered the residents into nucleic acid testing personal information.(Shin of Xinhua News Agency)

The Guangzhou High School Entrance Examination is postponed until July

On June 14, Guangzhou City held a press conference on the prevention and control of epidemic situation. Gu Zhongpeng, deputy director of the Guangzhou Education Bureau, said that according to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, in order to reduce the cross -flow of personnel, avoid aggregating activities, and ensure the safety of teachers and students’ lives and health.After careful research and organizational experts, including all parties including disease -control experts, Guangzhou City decided to postpone the extension of the 2021 middle school entrance examination from June 20th to 22nd from June 20th to 22nd.We will be comprehensively judged according to the epidemic situation, determine and notice in advance as soon as possible.

Guangzhou Huangpu 3 is implemented with closed control management

According to@On the 14th, Huangpu 3 implements closed -closed control management-

I. Couplet and Street Longguangfeng Jinghua Ting, Building B, Building 10, and No. 12, Vanke City Keping Road, Northwest Beef Noodles, Guangzhou Huangpu Store, is implemented with closed management.Strict home, not leaving home.

Second, couplet and street Longguang Peak Jinghua Ting Community implements closed control management.Personnel can only enter, and it is strictly forbidden to gather.

Third, the couplet and the street will immediately implement the test of the whole staff, please cooperate with the citizens in the region.

According to data released by the National Health Commission, as of June 9, China has accumulated over 820 million doses.

Click to view "" "A few days ago, Zhejiang announced the new crown vaccination arrangement.

Someone asked

After the first needle, fever, headache, headache

Can’t the second needle be hit?

After the first needle, the age is over 60 years old

Can the second needle be used?

Look at what the experts say ~

General response

Wu Cheng, chief expert of the Guangdong Centers for Disease Prevention and Control Center, said that the occurrence of adverse reactions after vaccination of new crown virus vaccines is basically similar to other vaccines that have been widely used. Most of them are general reactions.Local reactions such as hardships and pain, fever, fatigue, headache and other systemic reactions.Generally, such reactions will disappear over time, without special treatment, and the second needle can be vaccinated as usual.

Allergic response

If you have severe reactors such as acute allergic reactions, vascular neuropromy, and dyspnea after vaccination of the first new crown virus vaccine, or other cases that belong to inoculation taboos, the second needle is recommended.

After the first new crown virus is performed vaccine

Can I continue to get the second needle when I find that I am pregnant?

Wu Cheng, chief expert of the Guangdong Disease Prevention and Control Center in the field of immunization planning in Guangdong Province, said that if vaccines are vaccinated if they are pregnant after vaccination or they are vaccinated under unknown pregnancy, it is not recommended to take special medical measures due to vaccination for new crown virus vaccines (such as termination of pregnancy), such as termination of pregnancy (such as termination of pregnancy), and it is not recommended.It is recommended to check and follow -up during pregnancy.However, it is recommended to suspend the new crown virus vaccine, and then consider vaccination after childbirth.

After playing the first new crown virus, the vaccine is over 60 years later after 1 month

Can I still take the second needle?

Wu Cheng, chief expert of the Guangdong Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center, said that it is reported that people 60 and above are those with severe and high -risk deaths after infection with new coronary viruses.At present, the number of new crown virus vaccines in my country approved the listing and emergency use of the new crown virus vaccine in China is limited in the number of people in the crowd, and there is no vaccine data for the protection of the crowd.However, the clinical research data of stage I/III show that the vaccine vaccination is safe. Compared with people aged 18-59, the neutral antibody titer is slightly lower after vaccination, but the neutral and antibody yang rotation rate is similar, indicating that the vaccine is 60 to 60People over the age will also have a certain protective role, and it is recommended to vaccinate.

Source: Zhejiang News Integrated from the National Health and Health Commission, Health Zhejiang, Guangdong Disease Control and Prevention, etc.

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