After the 70s, my mother joined the band as the cello player son: I don’t want her to be a mediocre mother for me

CCTV News (Reporter Wang Jingyuan Peng Jun): The three sets of bands are from Luzhou, Sichuan, consisting of six members, and the age span is from 60 to 90.On the short video platform, the theme song of "Prank Kiss" with the highest band praise, currently 1.536 million likes and 90,000 comments.

In 1998, the 35 -year -old Saxist Yangming, 29 -year -old guitarist Zhao Fenglei and 28 -year -old violinist Yang Jichun, three young people set up three sets of car bands out of their love for music.Because each member had a motorcycle at the time, it was named the "Three Sets" band.

This Luzhou local band is gradually well known by locals through the bar performance of the bar.In 2016, as the performance decreased, the members opened the piano shop and put more energy on music teaching, and the band faded out of the public’s vision.

In August 2020, in a chance, Yi Xianming’s son Yi Chao was chatting with the original band guitarist Zhao Fenglei, talking about the music of his parents, Yi Chao proposed to open a new media account to the three sets of carsEssenceAs a post -90s, he knows the preferences of young people and the way of spreading under the new media platform.

The new three sets of new sets of car, in addition to the original old team, have also joined the new member: the cello player Yang Jihong. She is Yang Jichun’s sister; Besian Nie Zheng, he is a classmate Yi Chao.; Zhong Ruan’s hand, Yi Yanzi, is Yi Chao’s cousin; Yi Chao, who proposed to restart the band, has won the band selection, recording, editing, and keyboard players.

"Landscape+Music" is a unique style explored by the three sets of car bands. Click on their video homepage.The native of Luzhou people, everyone hopes to introduce Luzhou through music and show the beauty of their hometown.

In terms of selection, the three sets of cars are clearly positioned, and the youthful memory of the post -90s after the 90s reproduces the film and television classics around 2000 in the form of music.The post -90s member Yi Chao was responsible for the band selection song, including the four post -60s and post -70s members, including Yang Jihong, for the first time for some songs, but this did not affect their interest at all. "There is no generation gap between us.Although some songs have not been heard before, the melody is beautiful. After the performance, I will take the initiative to find other versions to listen. "

After joining the band, Yang Jihong, who is 50 years old, has many new experiences in life. For example, for the first time, he raised a donation of love funds for children with autism.For the first time, the relatives and friends around me had to sign a photo. For the first time, she was recognized by band fans and asked to take a group photo for the first time … This has never experienced experience in her past life, "very wonderful."

What makes Yang Jihong touched the goodwill and support of strange netizens.Some pregnant women use the band songs as prenatal education music, many netizens choose the band works into the wedding song list, and some friends with depression will take the initiative to share their experience in the scores of the band account … "This healing is two -way in two -way."Yang Jihong said that the lives of the band members are not always smooth, but these warm feedback will encourage members, and this kind of harvest is far greater than money.

Yang Jihong was born in the literary family. His father attached great importance to the cultivation of her and her brother. The day after dinner with her brother after dinner is her clear childhood memory so far.

However, when people are middle -aged, they are both mothers and children. While taking into account their families and work, Yang Jihong also wants to leave enough space for her hobbies. She often sighs that she is not enough time, and she dare not get sick. "The female compatriots are really true.It’s not easy. "

Fortunately, the son supports her to join the band. She took her son to see the band’s performance, and she could see the pride and pride in her son’s eyes.His son once told Yang Jihong that he didn’t want her to become a mediocre mother because she took care of herself. "He hoped that his mother’s life was a meaningful life." Speaking of which, Yang Jihong’s voice became choked.

The works of the three sets of car bands can be downloaded for free. Yang Jihong said that at the age of "fifty knowledge", she was very indifferent to fame and fortune. This group of old friends gathered together.Cherish this old friendship between members.

More importantly, as a private group, they can contribute to the society."Everything makes me more active and hard -working. Age is not a problem. Wrinkles can grow on my face, as long as you don’t grow in your heart."

Source: CCTV

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