After the beginning of autumn, do n’t blindly “post autumn” for pregnant women.

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Recently, autumn wind is learned, the sky is high, and it feels very autumn. As the autumn officially enters the autumn, it will not be as hot as summer, sleep and appetite have begun to become better, and many people start to post autumn.

Proper tonic in autumn can help strengthen immunity and reduce illness. However, for pregnant women who have supplemented more nutrients than ordinary people, the weather will gradually become better after the autumn, and the appetite will gradually become better., Do not blindly "post autumn".

First: The diet should not be too greasy

When it comes to tonic, the first thing I think of is eating meat, but for pregnant women, no matter which stage of pregnancy, most of the appetite is not so good. Eating meat not only has an appropriate amount, but also not too greasy.

Eating too oily is prone to nausea nausea, also prone to indigestion, affect appetite, often having greasy meat, and also causing weight to control it.

Especially pregnant women with abnormal blood sugar or abnormal blood pressure can not be eaten. Try to eat as light as possible, pay attention to the nutritional balance supplement.

Second: Gangqiu is not suitable for a lot of supplements

During pregnancy, it was easy to have a bad appetite because of the early pregnancy reaction, the stomach was squeezed by the uterus, and even burning heart nausea or vomiting.

Coupled with the high temperature appetite just experienced in the summer, it is relatively light, and the spleen and stomach are relatively weak.

If you just enter the autumn, you will start a lot of supplements. Every day, big fish and big meat, and a large amount of tonic, you will suddenly increase the burden on gastrointestinal and intestines, cause indigestion, and affect the normal operation function of the gastrointestinal and intestines.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers should be appropriate to supplement, and eat some nutritious foods according to their physical conditions.

Third: It is not advisable to eat fresh food

Autumn is a season when fruits are mature. Many fresh foods are freshly seasoned. In terms of diet, pregnant mothers can eat more seasonal foods to avoid eating a little rotten or deteriorating in the refrigerator for a long time.

In autumn, diarrhea is easy to eat, and pregnant women belong to a special population. In case of diarrhea, not only the body is tortured, but it may also increase the frequency of pseudo -contractions and affect the health of the fetus.

Fourth: Dry in autumn should not eat spicy and irritating food

The autumn is cool, which makes people feel very comfortable, but it will be dry than summer.

If pregnant mothers do not pay attention to life and diet, such as drinking less water and eating spicy and irritating food often, it is easy to increase constipation during pregnancy, more prone to stretch marks, and even colds.

Therefore, in this season, pregnant mothers should ensure drinking water. According to the Chinese Nutrition Society-Women of Women during Pregnancy, the dietary pagoda suggestion: The total daily intake of water is 1700-1900 ml, and 200-400 grams of fruits per day.

In addition, you can also boil soup often, which is good for hydration and health.

Autumn is a season when fruits are mature. There are many mature fruits, which can easily evoke pregnant mothers. However, for pregnant women, there are also choices for eating

▲ You can eat more autumn and dry fruits

① Apple: We all heard a sentence, "One apple a day, doctors stay away from me". Apple contains a variety of vitamins and a large amount of cellulose. It is good for supplementary nutrition during pregnancy, promoting intestinal digestion, relieving constipation, etc.Eat half to one a day.

② Pear: When it comes to the fruits of clearing the lungs and moisturizing, many people will think of pear. By the autumn, Pearzi is mature, and pregnant mothers can eat some often.

Wash and eat directly, or boil pear soup, or eat stewed and stew, so as to quench thirst to prevent dryness.

③ Figs: In the event of selling figs, pregnant mothers can also buy some to eat, because figs are not easy to save, and some places are not easy to buy.

Figs are not only highly nutritious, but also have a two -way regulating effect on the stomach and intestines. Pregnant mothers with constipation can be eaten, and they can also be eaten when diarrhea.

▲ Fruits that pregnant women should eat less

In this season, watermelon, grapes and peaches are also sold more fruits, and these fruits should be eaten in moderation.

① Watermelon: Although the heat is relieved, it is easy to eat the stomach and diuretic, so you need to eat it in moderation.

② Grape: Many people think that "pregnant women eat more grapes are good for fetal eyes", so they just caught up with the grapes and eat a lot of grapes every day. This is a misunderstanding!

Glucose is high, eating more blood sugar fruits will also increase weight too much. It is not recommended to eat more.

③ Peach: The pink peaches are seductive when they look at it, but it is not recommended to eat more. Eating more will increase the dryness of the pregnant mother, increase constipation, and cause the fetus to restless.

The above is that after the autumn, the diet of pregnant women must also be adjusted with the seasons, and the fruits are appropriately eaten. Don’t eat too much.

What fruits do you like the most? In addition, what else do you want to know about pregnant women’s diet and living habits, and welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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