After the bitch pelvic fracture, the owner needs to pay attention not to let it reproduce the puppy again

Dogs such as dogs because of their habits, their most prone to internal medicine is gastrointestinal disease. The most common surgical disease is trauma and bone skull fractures.Bone, after the earliest dog bone fracture, no matter which part, it basically depends on it by itself. With the continuous progress of pet medical technology, the treatment of dog fractures has been evolving.The most advanced method for dog fractures is to fix the outside (that is, we are commonly known as a splint), but the method of treating dog fractures in the past one or two years has basically become inside.

When treating the disease of dog fractures, a fracture part of the pet owner and pet doctor is a pelvic fracture. After the fracture of this position, there is no way to do it.No matter which method is used, it will affect the follow -up life of the dog, especially the breeding of the bitch. It is the biggest sequelae of the dog’s pelvic fracture.

When the doctor observed the X film, he found that the pelvic fracture of the little teddy had been fractured, and the shape of the pelvis had been deformed.

Pet doctor: Big brother, this dog just bought it?Do you know its pelvic fracture?

Master: This is what I raised since I was a child. It was hit by a car once at the age of 1 and a half years old. The pelvis was fractured, but I couldn’t do surgery. I could only raise it at home.Walking is normal, and now I can’t see it at all.

Pet doctor: No one tells you that after the dog is fractured, it will cause the dog to be difficult to give birth. Can’t it let it have a puppy?

Master: No!Is there no abnormal dog that does not mean that its bones are fine?How can it affect the dog raw puppy?

The pet doctor gave a detailed explanation to the owner, and told the owner to take the dog for pregnancy test regularly, especially at the expected period of the dog, be sure to bring it to the pet hospital.

The pet doctor will give you a rumor today. After the pelvic fracture of the bitch, whether it is walking or not or not, it is not recommended to let it reproduce again, because after the pelvic fracture of the bitch, the probability of difficulty can reach 60%-80%.

First let’s see what pelvis is?

The pelvis is a pelvic skeleton composed of sacrum, tail, hip bone, and many ligaments. It is a skeleton that connects the spine and hind limbs, and it is also the place where the dog’s excretion channel and reproductive passage are passed.

Causes of dystocia:

The pelvis of normal dogs is an oval shape. The dog’s uterus passes through the pelvis, so when the bitch has a puppy, the puppy must pass through the pelvis.There is no way to pass, but after the dog is pregnant, the progesterone in its body will relax most of the ligaments in the pelvis. After the ligament is relaxed, the dog’s pelvic joints will also relax.It will cause a certain abdominal pressure, and this pressure can make the loose pelvis larger, so that the puppy can be produced smoothly.When the pelvic bone fracture is fractured, the shape of the dog’s pelvic shape is changed, and the pelvis becomes an irregular shape. At this time, the direction of the dog’s effort will be changed.Let the puppy pass through twisted pelvis.After the pelvic fracture, if it is not internal fixed surgery, it is difficult to completely alleviate the fracture place. At this time, there will be a prominent bone horizontal section or prominent embossed.Even if the big dog works hard, the puppy will be stuck in the pelvis.After the progesterone relaxes the ligament of the pelvis, the more relaxed joints will turn the pelvis into a more irregular shape under the action of abdominal pressure. At this time, puppies are more difficult to come out through the pelvis.

You can imagine that a very straight water pipe, which is easier to plug a suitable size from top to bottom, but when the water pipe is bent or there is a prominent thing inside the water pipeIt becomes very difficult to plug the things up and down, and the probability of things will be blocked in the middle.


The displacement of the pelvic fracture part will cause the dog’s back to a shorter side, so the dog will limped walking, or the fracture part is damaged to the motor nerve, causing the dog’s hind limb muscles to atrophy, lame or weakness of the hind limb walk.(This is generally irreversible, belongs to the sequelae)

Blood or difficulty in defecation

At the beginning of the pelvic fracture, the part of the fracture was damaged to the dog’s rectal part, causing the dog to bleed intestinal bleeding during defecation, or because the pain dog did not dare to defecate, forming constipation.(Retribute normal after 1 week)

In the later stage of the fracture, due to the changes in the shape of the pelvis, the straight line of the dog’s rectum changed, and it became a curved in the rectal part. The dog becomes more difficult during defecation, and there will be repeated constipation. This symptom does not have this symptom.Change can also cause perineal hernia.(This symptom can be relieved through food conditioning, but there is little hope of cure.)

Hemo -hematuria or dare not dare to urinate

The fracture site is scratched or the urinary tract is scratched, causing the dog’s symptoms of urinary hematuria. Dogs may not dare to urinate due to the pain of the pelvis.(This situation will be cured in about 3-5 days, and sequelae will not be left in the future.)

How should we treat it after the dog pelvic fracture?The best way to treat is to take a dog to the pet hospital for internal fixed surgery. Because internal fixation surgery can maximize the fracture part and better fixing the fracture part, so that the sequelae of the dog will be smallerSome.If the dog’s pelvic fracture is fractured, if you want to take conservative treatment, the pet doctor recommends that you must take the dog to take a X -ray to see what the fracture part looks like.A more reliable conservative treatment scheme (because the fracture of the pelvis cannot be fixed, so conservative schemes are usually used

Reminder: If the bitch raised by everyone has a pelvic fracture, then when it is mistaken, the pet owner must take the dog to the pet hospital for a physical examination to detect the size of the puppy’s body, check the pelvic deformation of the bitch, and comprehensively use these situations.Decide whether to give the dog a cesarean section.Regardless of whether it is a cesarean section or a dog’s delivery, pet doctors suggest that when the dog’s due date comes, you must take it to the pet hospital. If there is an emergency, the pet doctor can make effective disposal as soon as possible.

After the dog is difficult to give birth, if the owner is sent to a pet hospital for timely time, then the dog suffers from some pain, and the chance of life is not very high, but if the owner does not send the dog to the pet hospital in time, then the dog’s cesarean section is very dangerous.The mortality rate is very high.(Dogs are difficult to give birth for more than 2 days, and the mortality rate can reach 30%-50%, which is higher than the mortality rate of pus in the uterus)

Therefore, when the dog pelvic fracture is fractured, the pet owner must not listen to the rumors and let the dog continue to breed the puppy, because after the pelvic fracture, even if the later recovery is particularly good, it will probably cause the dogIt may also cause the dog to danger, so the pet owner must not do it if you do not lose.

[Listening to the pet doctor said that the knowledge of pet diseases in popular science in a pretty method, I like to remember to pay attention]

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