After the confinement was out of the confinement, she found that her belly was getting bigger and bigger. After the doctor’s examination, the husband and wife blushed.

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When we were in school, we had a pair of brothers. They were not twins, but they went to school in the same class.

The reason is also funny, that is, his mother gave birth to her brother in February, but in December, she gave birth to another brother, that is, two a year!

This is actually rare, because under normal circumstances, the mother gives birth to a child to breastfeed, and the mother does not have menstruation when breastfeeding, and most of the time is not ovulation.

At this time, many parents did not pay attention to contraception, but some mothers were ovulation at this time, and it was easy to recruit.

Liao An and her husband are very good, her husband is young and strong, and her needs are very strong. When she was in the middle of pregnancy, both of them would have intimate movements.

But in the third trimester, worried that the child would be premature, her husband held back, and after giving birth, she also held back because she had a dew.

Until Liao An was out of confinement, the two couples checked the Internet. As long as the lochia was clean and the confinement, they could live a normal life, and began to have a long -awaited life!

After Liao An’s confinement, her husband was in a lot of mood, and her face was more smile!


However, Liao An found that her belly seemed to get bigger, so she felt not right and worried that her stomach had a tumor.

When she gave birth to a child for three months, she went to the hospital for examination. After the doctor listened, she told her that she was pregnant, and asked if they did not pay attention when the couple lived after the confinement.contraception?

After listening to the doctor, the two husbands and wives blushed their faces. I did not expect to be contraceptive. Isn’t it still feeding breast milk? Do n’t get pregnant without menstruation?

The doctor said: Most people are really not easy to ovulate when breastfeeding, but if you breastfeed your children to eat other things, such as drinking milk powder, then your milk secretion is not so much, and hormones have no hormones.If it is high, it is possible to get pregnant.

And it is not that you will not get pregnant without menstruation. Some people will ovulation before menstruation. At this time, you think you do n’t need contraception, so it is likely to be recruited.

And some people have come to menstruation and ovulation, so knowing that menstruation and knowing contraception are not easy to recruit.

At this time, Liao An knew that it was the blind spot of his knowledge. Because he felt that the breasts were not enough, he also wanted to go to work soon, so he had been mixed with the child, not only drinking breast milk, but also milk powder.

Because of the milk powder that the child drinks, her hormone level is not so high, and the effect of contraception is not so good, which causes her to be pregnant again when she has no menstruation!

However, the couple’s economy is not bad, and that since the child is here, he decided to leave the child.

1 type: Safety Period contraception

This is what many students like to use, because students are simpler, and there are many ways to safely occur on the Internet.

However, the safety period contraception is actually not safe. The failure rate is very high. The menstrual cycle of women is not very regular, and many people’s methods of calculating the safety period are not necessarily accurate.

Many college students have a lot of recruitment because of the use of safe contraception.

Second type: After -afternoon contraceptive pill

I have seen a girl say that her boyfriend does not like to use a suit. In addition, the two of them are different places. The two people have not met many times, so they often take contraceptives afterwards.

Later, she found that she had irregular menstruation and had acne on her face. She went to the hospital to see the doctor and told her: It is best not to exceed three times after the use of contraceptive pills in one year, because this has a great impact on endocrine.

3 types: in vitro radio ejaculation method

This is also used by many people, and many people think it is very effective, but many of them feel that are more than 30 years old, because at this time they are not so easy to get pregnant.

But if it is placed on young people, this error rate is also very high, because it is not only sperm discharged when ejaculation.

Therefore, as a girl, we must protect themselves. Learning to use condoms can not only contraception, but also prevent disease.

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