After the girl went to swimming, I found that I was pregnant, my parents told the swimming pool, and the swimming pool: I don’t carry this pot

Don’t ask for glory and wealth, I just hope that their children will be treated gentle by this society without any harm. This may be the most ordinary wish of every parent.

Although the society is gradually open now, in view of the influence of parents ‘thousands of years of traditional culture and their love for their children, parents’ requirements for girls will be more stringent.But if you do not do well in your child’s sex education, you are really afraid of what.

Guoguo is a high school student. Her parents do business and are very busy.In addition to giving her regular remittances, her parents rarely care about her life and learning.In the lack of parental love, she quickly had her favorite object.

In school, the head teacher found that Guo Guo’s body had changed, and the head teacher told Guo Guo’s parents about his discovery and ideas.

After Guoguo’s parents were notified by the class teacher, they became nervous.But no matter what parents ask, Guoguo said no.Parents had to take Guoguo to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

During the process of going to the hospital, the family was very embarrassed and was very difficult to settle.The time to queue up at the hospital was torment.

The time for waiting for the result is also suffering, and this result is also tormented.The results showed that Guoguo was pregnant for a few months.

Seeing this result, Guo Guo’s mother collapsed instantly, and her father asked her if she had gone to swimming, soaking in hot springs in the past few months.Guoguo remembered the news before. A girl was pregnant because of going swimming. She should be able to use this reason to confuse the level, so she told his father to go to the swimming pool with his classmates a few months ago.

Parents took Guoguo to the swimming pool to find the person in charge to discuss the matter. The person in charge of the swimming pool said that it was impossible, and the swimming pool strictly controlled the water quality.

The explanation given by the swimming pool also makes some reason. How can one tens of tenth that may happen to their children?Essence

Because learning and life were too boring, Guoguo talked about an object when he was bored. Two ignorance of young people stole the banned fruit like this.This child is the consequence of his ignorance.At this point, crying is unable to return to heaven, Guoguo is still young, and the family decides to give up the child.

It is the ignorance of the children

When many people find that they are wrong, the first reaction is not how to correct it, but to hide and escape habitually. Like Guoguo, some girls are exposed to new things for curiosity and stimulation.

Such a girl feels that she is bound for too long, feels that she is not understood, and feels that she has grown up.At this time, parents need to talk to their children openly so that she knows what it is "growing up" in sense.It is the absence of parents

Regarding sexual education, some parents find it difficult to open up, and think that children understand naturally, so they have to pass it. The time to communicate with the child is almost zero. Even when the child asked him about related issues, he made excuses to mix with the excuses.past.

Parents’ inaction gives their children the confidence in exploring themselves.There are fewer time to accompany their children, and there are very few time to accompany their children, and they pay very little about their children.It is the "neglect" of parents give the children the opportunity to "explore" sexual knowledge.

Some women want to go to the pool to swim, but they are worried, because they are worried that if someone is a mischief left a sperm in the swimming pool, what if you travel in his body, what should I do if they are pregnant?Will swimming be pregnant?The swimming pool said that I would not carry this pot.

In fact, the survival conditions of sperm are still harsh, and the sperm in the swimming pool will hardly make people pregnant.Generally, the water surface of the swimming pool is relatively wide. It is effective in diluted sperm. Even if sperm is free of swimming pools, it is not so easy to enter the body of women.Besides, the pool water of the pool is disinfected, and sperm survives for a maximum of two hours in the swimming pool. Therefore, there is no need to worry about getting pregnant when the sperm volume is small and the survival time is short.Give your child enough love

For children’s neglect, many parents always use their own busy work as a reason.Yes, a family requires a certain amount of money to support.But the direction of a family’s efforts is not for children, for the better life?

If the child is wrong, he has made mistakes, and the most sad thing is the parents.Don’t wait for the child to make mistakes, and find a reason to lie down in the future. That is really not a good excuse.

Therefore, in life, we must give children sufficient love, leave more time to accompany the child, and care more about children’s learning life and psychological changes.

Popularized sexual knowledge for children

Sexual education is a topic that many parents are avoided, which can easily cause children’s ignorance of sex, so that children can make mistakes in the process of exploring their knowledge.As a parent, it is better to popularize sexual knowledge for children.

Mother can take a long time to quietly tell the child to the child in the boudoir, let the child understand sex and how to protect herself.It is really not exported, you can also use text or the way related knowledge files.We can put the relevant knowledge documents on the desktop of the child’s room, reminding the children to take a look, and the child will naturally be vigilant about "sex".

Swiming in the pool, making the chance of getting pregnant very low.As parents, we must care about the psychological changes of the child and popularize sexual knowledge for children.In this way, it can effectively reduce the mistakes made by child sexual impulses.”””(The pictures in the article are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please inform the delete)

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