After the ligation of the vollarization tube, why the wife is pregnant again, the doctor tells you the truth of "male tie"

A man, two months after the vascular ligation operation, after the husband and wife were in the same room, the wife was pregnant again. What is going on?

A couple came to the urology clinic and asked if they could be a male sterilization -vitamin ligation.

I told them that male vasal ligation surgery is not the best choice for contraception.In the past, during the planning period of our country, mosaic surgery may be performed for superbos.Nowadays, my country’s fertility policy is loose, and the second child has been completely liberalized.Many patients with vasters ligation surgery are busy undergoing resume surgery.The first choice for long -acting contraceptive methods for contraception, including the Bronze Palace internal birth device, Zuo Nuo Peridone Palace Slow -release System.

The ligments of the vasters, commonly known as "male tie", is through blocking the semen’s conveying channel -vastetage tube, so that the sperm cannot leave the voyal pipe, thereby blocking the combination of sperm eggs, and the woman achieves the purpose of contraception.

Characteristics of vasters ligation:

1. Unreachable

This is an irreversible contraceptive method. Once surgery is performed, it is irreversible. It is extremely difficult to ask for another child.Although you can also try to perform the vas The vascular resume surgery, it is not successful.Therefore, when conditions are conditions, men can save a sperm in the sperm bank before the tuber ligation.

2. There is a complication

Although the transparent ligation surgery is small, it is still surgery, and there are some surgical risks:

△ Scrotum testicular pain;

△ Bleeding in the scrotum;

△ Skin infection around the incision.

Most of the above risks are recent risk after surgery. Patients’ discomfort will not last for a long time, but there are also a few patients formed chronic vasters, testicles, epididymia, causing repeated pain in the scrotum testicular, which can continue to last for several years or even decades.

Third, it will not work immediately after surgery, you need to cooperate with other contraceptive methods

Sperm is generated in the testicles, and a small organ that stores the upper end of the testicular -in the epididymis.The vasters are connected to the epididymis. When ejaculation, the sperm enters the vascular tube and eventually ends from the urethral mouth.

When ligments of the vasters, the sperm in the epididymis can no longer enter the vascular pipe, and there should be no sperm in the sperm sperm.However, in the early days of the operation, the sperm that "slipped" from the epididymis before ligation was still left in the voyential tube, and sexual life could be started after 7 days of ligation of the vasters.If other contraceptive measures are not adopted, the woman may get pregnant unexpectedly.

Generally, ejaculation needs to be ejaculated by more than 20 times after surgery.During this period, husband and wife should adopt another contraceptive method.

Three months after surgery, men should review semen. There are indeed no sperm in it to discontinue other contraceptive methods. If there are sperm, other contraceptive cooperation is still needed.

After introducing these knowledge, I told this couple telling the case of my wife’s pregnancy after a male vampire tube ligation in previous years.

After two months after the men’s surgery, after the same room with his wife, his wife was pregnant again. After more than a month of discovery, the two went to the hospital to ask why the operation failed.The hospital had a routine semen examination for the man. There was no sperm in the semen. The surgery was successful. The wife’s accidental pregnancy consideration was caused by the sperm remaining in the volume tube at the time.

After listening to my introduction, the couple gave up the idea of being a "male", saying that after going back, other plans were considered.


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