After the orange cat felt the hostess’s pregnancy, he began to be careful: I look forward to my little owner

Can cats perceive human pregnancy?


Don’t look at the cat’s laziness every day, look like a world, but they have a keen sense of smell and can notice the owner’s pregnancy.

When the hostess was 8 months of pregnancy, the orange cat was careful

The netizen had a orange cat called "year".

Before the hostess was not pregnant, it was a small bully at home. No one wants to call it.

But all this has changed from the hostess after pregnancy.

Big Orange was very careful when facing the heroine who was 8 months pregnant.

Every time the hostess lying next to bed, even if she was about to fall out of bed, she didn’t move the position.

It seemed to know that there was a little life to be born in the owner’s stomach, gently closer the nose, and sniffed cautiously, and the movement was very gentle.

As early as 2 months of pregnancy, the orange cat had "perception"

In fact, the cat was noticed from February of women’s pregnancy.

From then on, the treatment of male and female masters in the family became "unequal".

You can only use canned oranges that can be used. As long as the hostess yelled, it was like a puppy and ran over.

To the male owner, as before, there was no can to be air.

Not only that, but the attitude is even more extreme on the "stamping incident".

When it needs to walk from a woman, it no longer walks directly as usual.

Probably afraid of hurting the fetus in the woman’s belly, it would choose to go around with caution, or from the woman’s head, or from the feet.

And treating the male owner, it is as always. If you want to step on, you don’t have any concerns.

Children are born smoothly and grow up together

Soon, the little baby was born, but for the health of the child, the shovel officer also was isolated for the cat.

Only when someone is there can cats approach the child appropriately.

When the door of the room is closed, the cat will be like a guardian god, staying at the door to protect its little owner.

In fact, when the woman was pregnant, they also hesitated to send the cat away.

But then I checked the cat and found that there was no toxoplasma in the body. Everyone relieved and left with confidence.

Because in the hearts of shovel officers, it has long been part of the family, like a naughty but not talking family.

Now that children are growing slowly, they believe that with the existence of cats, I believe that children will be happier and happy during the growth process.


There are many examples around them, as long as women are pregnant, they must send their pets away.

In fact, we still have other choices.

As long as the shoveling officer usually does a good deworming and regular physical examination for pets, it will not affect the pregnancy officer’s pregnancy.

I hope you don’t abandon your pets for reasons such as pregnancy, because they are also family members.

The picture comes from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact the veterinarian Xiaoming.

If you have the problem of pet health and pets, pay attention to the veterinary Xiaoming for consultation.

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