After the same room, I want to vomit. Is breast swelling the signal of pregnancy?

Many people in the early pregnancy may have many symptoms such as nausea, nausea, breast pain, frequent urination, so many female friends found that they had nausea and vomiting after the same room. The symptoms of breast swelling would ask me if I was pregnant.

Is it really a pregnancy signal when the breast bloating is really sick after the same room?

Although there are symptoms such as nausea and bloating in the early pregnancy, generally speaking, these symptoms will only appear around 40 days of pregnancy, and the earliest ones will only appear after 30 days.

If it is only a few days after the same room, the embryo has not been imposed, and the hormone in the body will not change significantly, so there are rarely any symptoms. At this time, nausea and vomiting.It is caused by fast menstruation.

Of course, if menstruation is usually regular, menstruation is delayed, and symptoms such as disgusting and vomiting, breast swelling, it is likely to be pregnant.

Want to determine whether you are pregnant, so you can do so are reliable

In fact, according to personal feelings, it is not reliable to judge whether pregnancy is pregnant. I really want to know whether pregnancy should be tested with early pregnancy test strips after 14 days of the same room, or when the menstrual period is delayedIf two dozen bars are found, it is pregnancy.

Of course, the most accurate method is to check the HCG value in the body. This is the earliest and most accurate method of knowing pregnancy.

Is disgusting and vomiting after pregnancy. Can breast swelling represent the fetal development better?

With the high incidence of fetal stopping, many people do not have nausea to vomit, breast bloating, frequent urination, etc. in the early pregnancy, and always worry about whether there are fetal stopping, whether the fetus does not develop well.

Therefore, many people think that symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, breast swelling and other symptoms are normal, so that fetal development is better.

But in fact, the two do not have the actual connection. The reason why the early occurrence of disgusting and vomiting, breast swelling these symptoms is a different response to individuals to changes in hormones.

Of course, if you have nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy, the symptoms of breast swelling have not reached 3 months, and these symptoms disappear suddenly, then you must be vigilant.This may be a manifestation of fetal dysplasia or fetal stopping. You need to go to the hospital for a clear time in time.

Pregnancy is a very wonderful process. The symptoms and manifestations of each person may be very different. Do not make self -judgment based on her experience. Believe in medical examinations. Only by formal inspection can you be clear.Condition.


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