After the wife had a miscarriage, I dreamed of helping the bloody baby to help prescribe the medicine.

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September passed, and the sky began to be cold, and Xun Che left the city again. I don’t know where to travel.

I have always ignored his whereabouts, and he wouldn’t say it.

For so many years, although we are also very good friends, but people like him are unpredictable, you’d better not have a curiosity to associate with him.

Because the more curious you are, the more you can discover the more secrets, and then you will fall into the endless secret vortex.

You must not stir in their life. Countless novels and comics and various magical stories are warned us: without diamond diamonds, don’t take porcelain work.

Without their unpredictable skills and magical ability that can spend all kinds of danger, do not have a hot mind, and go to experience what life adventure is experienced with them.

It is very likely that in their opinion, a small thing in life will make you different and regret.

Therefore, in such a dry and slightly cool autumn, I lay lazily on the lounge chair on the balcony, and the warm sun shines on my body, as if there is a magic that draws all the strength on my body.

When my wife asked Xun Che’s place, I told her in a lazy voice than the sunlight this afternoon: "I don’t know …"

That’s it. Ordinary people will live an ordinary person. Superman saves the earth, and we make money at work so that this world can run smoothly.

If every office worker is free to tear up and wearing red underwear everywhere, then Superman has to sit in the office and write his news obediently.

Although Xun Che left the city, I think I should write something about this person, because there seems to be a lot of things that have not been explained clearly.

I think it would be forgotten if you don’t write it again.

Recently, there are too many things that I have nothing to do with me. For example, the new editors are full of typos, what work summary of the leaders who want me to write, and colleagues oppress each other for a little bonus!

Life is a cup, which is filled with paste of various colors.

So while my mind is still sober, let’s write it down …

How do I know about this immortal generally existed.

It was eight years ago that I had not got married with my wife. We ended up in college life and started a happy and sweet cohabitation life at work place.Like many cohabitants, there are often some fierce activities at night, and the story is based on these daily activities.

That night I dragged my tired figure and came back from the newspaper. As soon as I entered Xiaoyu, I flew over. "Dear, I want to surprise you!"

I raised my eyelids and asked some unable to ask: "What surprise?"

"you guess?"

"I can’t guess …" I shook my head, and now my head is still full of headaches.

"Guess, guess …" She pursed her mouth and shook me coquettishly.

I sighed, although I was tired, but it was not easy to attack, because she was not wrong. She just had the right to do a fiancee had the right to do.

As I took off my shoes and said, "Did I buy me new clothes?"

"No, guess again."

"I bought me a new game?"

"No! You know playing games! Guess!"

I fell on the sofa and took her in my arms and said, "That’s it …"

She widened her eyes, and I could even see the flashed stars in it. I hesitated and whispered, "Isn’t it for me to play a new book and let me play the game?"

"You know playing games, you know playing games!" Fist Perak slammed down.

"Okay, I’m wrong, I’m wrong." I grabbed her hand with a smile and asked her with a smile, "What is it …"

"Dangdang!" She pulled out something like a ballpoint pen in her pocket and dangled in front of me.

"What?" I was strange in my heart. What did this girl take a ball of ball?

Suddenly, there was a bad hunch that came up, and I realized a very serious problem: This thing is not the legendary pregnancy test stick …

Then, next to her words, I made me more tangled than I heard ten days of overtime but four times the salary per day.

"My dear, I have it." Her face was happy.

Looking at the heart -shaped material, I really don’t know what to say.

I took a breath and lay on the sofa, and my head was messy.On weekdays, the brain with a rigorous and rigorous brain seems to be crashing at this time. I don’t know what to say.

Usually there are obvious defense …

I thought like this, but I didn’t say it. This kind of ambiguity was absolutely impossible to say.

"My dear, guess whether it is a boy or a girl?"

Xiaoyu took my neck and snuggled on my chest, and his voice was full of happiness.She has always wanted a child. She said that such a home is a home, otherwise she always feels that the shortcomings in the room are empty.

Boy, or a girl?I thought in my heart, as if a gambler took his last money to bet, always hesitating between the size.

boy?Or a girl?

"Boy is still a girl? Dear, you say …" Xiaoyu looked up and looked at my face, "Say, say …"

"I … I think we are a bit early now, otherwise, or let’s do it …"

As soon as this remark, the temperature in the room fell to zero instantly, and I could even see the white gas in my mouth.I raised my head to look at her eyes. What kind of eyes were that, doubt, surprise, anger, and not understanding.

She stared at me like this, and didn’t say a word.

That look looked a little hairy, and in the end I asked weakly, "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing." She stood up and dropped such a sentence coldly, turning and walking into the room.

"What are you doing?" I hurriedly sat up from the sofa, looked at her, and couldn’t figure out what she was going to do.

Alas!The door was thrown up forcefully.

I realized that things seemed a little bad. I hurriedly stood up. I didn’t want to touch the coffee table on my knees. I touched a water cup over and flooded, and a pool of water spread quickly on the table.

I endured the pain of my knees. I hurriedly wiped the water on the table, and when I was about to enter the house to say a few words, Xiaoyu opened the door and came out.The eye circles were a little red, carrying a large bag, and a very bad word appeared in my mind, "Back to the mother’s house!"

"Don’t play like this, wife …"

She didn’t say anything, just looking up at me, the most frightening was the decision in that look.

She wants to leave me!

It’s not like this!The script is obviously not like this!Is this a joke with God!Don’t play like this!

"Listen to me, wife …"

I grabbed her shoulders hard, as if she would disappear in front of me.

"Let’s calm down and discuss it … well discuss well?"

"Not good." She didn’t even look at me, but just spit out these two words.

"I’m wrong, can’t I be wrong?"

I know that with her character, things have reached the worst level.

"Why don’t you ask me, why, don’t even ask, just make a decision?" Tears fell down, she still lowered her head, and she kept smashing her tears on the floor.Essence

I don’t know what to say, I just feel that my heart seems to be wrapped in a towel, and then constantly twisted.

The feeling of heartache and sadness made me feel like something in my eyes. As I worked hard, I kept saying, "I was wrong, I know wrong, I shouldn’t, I can’t noAsk your thoughts, I’m sorry, I’m sorry … "

I kept repeating these words while holding her trembling shoulders tightly.

The storm hasn’t passed. I have to hold back those negative emotions and persist until the bombs that may burst out at any time to stabilize at any time before venting.

"Then what do you say? What do you say … Isn’t your family eating more mouths at home! It’s a lot of money to catch a few drafts a month! Wife, we will discuss everything!"

She raised her head and stared at her red eyes and looked at me and said, "Huh, as far as our salary, you can catch more than a dozen drafts, it will not help …"

She hugged me, leaning on my chest, "I know, we can’t ask this child now … But I … but I am very unwilling! Woohh … I am unwilling! I …I’m sorry for the baby! "

Xiaoyu cried in my arms, "I want to keep him! But, oh … no, I’m not a good mother, I’m sorry for my baby!

I ca n’t say anything, and I ca n’t say anything. All the crying sounds of Xiaoyu are inserting steel in my heart like a handful.

I can only hold her. If I can do what I can do, it can still have a chest for Xiaoyu to make her cry.

I finally coaxed her to sleep. I opened the laptop in the living room alone, rushed to a cup of quick -soluble coffee on the sofa, and stared at the task of the editor -in -chief on the computer screen in a daze.

Think about everything I have now: only one -bedroom and one -living kitchen and bathroom houses are rented; except for various living expenses every month, I can barely take her out to eat two or three meals; a bicycle;A current notebook has been used from university; a suit.

In addition, what else do I have?

There is nothing. It’s difficult to maintain the life of two people now, don’t say plus a child.

I was upset that I could n’t complete the task of the editor -in -chief at all, plugged in the network cable, and secretly opened Xiaoyu ’s Weibo account.On it, I saw a Weibo that I visited only:

Baby, sorry.

Although you can’t hear and see what your mother said, the mother still hopes that you can understand that it is not that the mother is cruel, but there is no way.You are the first babies of mom and dad. We think you can come to this world healthy and healthy.

Mom has been thinking, are you more like a dad or a mother …

But sorry, baby, mother and dad can’t help it.Everything came too early. Moms and dads really have no way. If it is two or three years later, the mother and dad will let you come to this world healthy and healthy.

The baby is sorry, please forgive my father and mother, the baby is sorry … I’m sorry …

I slap my two slaps fiercely.

"You are a bastard!"

From the hospital, Xiaoyu’s face was a little pale. She grabbed my hand tightly and exhausted all her strength.

I was caught by her pain but couldn’t bear to say it. I was her only pillar at this time.

On the way back to taxis, we didn’t say anything.Perhaps I don’t know what to say, maybe two people are unwilling, and they are so silent until they are at home.

"Mom, Xiaoyu is aborted, you … can you come here for a few days?"

In the toilet, I secretly called my mother. Even if I was scolded and beaten, I thought it was necessary to let my mother know that at least I hope Xiaoyu can get the best care.

At this time, except for my mother, I don’t know who I can rely on.

My mother didn’t have a furiousness in my expectation, she just hung up the phone without a word.

I know it was a manifestation of my disappointment. I would rather scold me with a face, so that I would feel better in my heart.

At noon the next day, my mother appeared at the doorstep of the house with a large bag. Xiaoyu was quite surprised by this.

I don’t care about her, just as my mother treats me as air.

For half a month at home, my mother didn’t say a word to me, as if there were only her mother in this house.

Until the night before my mother left, I brushed a bowl in the kitchen, my mother came in, and sighed behind me.

There are some things, you can lead the mind without saying that you can do it. I know what my mother wants to say, so I will speak first. "Mom, I will be responsible for the end."

"You are big, I can’t say anything, you take this passbook, there are more places you use money now," the mother said that she put a passbook into my pants pocket.

"The password is your birthday. Xiaoyu is a good girl. You can’t treat others. Well … Which parent is there in the end of this day, don’t you feel bad about your son? But you have to remember, you owe me a grandson."

Tears dripped in your hand, hot …

A year later, Xiaoyu and I entered the palace of marriage as expected. In front of my parents and her parents, I sent a vow to make her happy for a lifetime.

On the wedding night, I was suddenly awakened by screaming from my sleep. I hurriedly opened the lights. When I saw my wife sitting on the bed, my eyes looked ahead empty eyes, and tears couldn’t stop flowing down.

"Wife, what’s wrong?" The only drowsiness was also swept away. I grabbed my wife’s shoulder and was surprised, but more worried.

"I … I dreamed of … Dreaming about Tianyun …" The wife said that he rushed into my arms and began to sobbing.

Tianyun is my name for my son.

"It’s okay, you should be happy when you dream of your son, why do you cry?" I don’t understand my wife’s behavior, and I feel faintly bad.

"I dreamed of … dreaming that he was full of blood, climbing to me, oh oh … husband, I’m afraid …"

Sure enough, it was a nightmare. I patted my wife’s shoulders gently, and let her cry in her arms.

"Husband, let’s hurry up to have a child!" The wife raised her head, looking at me with tears.

Looking at her eyes, I don’t know what to say. Mumu nodded, it was agreed.

Therefore, the first plan we planned after we got married was not how to repay the mortgage, but how to take the time to ask for a child.

On every dangerous period, I faced her endless squeezing, so that the comrades of the newspaper in the past few days looked at me pitifully, how do you have a dish, is it that my wife does not give meals?

In the end, I couldn’t stand this kind of life, and I strictly and scientifically formulated a detailed and thorough plan.

Even so, the wife’s belly still did not respond.

And she is close to her children near some neurotic, always pulling me to do various inspections. Without various inspections, there are no problems, and I entangle me again and again.end.

I can clearly see that the kind of fanaticism and disappointment in her eyes flashed alternately.

After this year, I was exhausted by her.

Many nights after overtime, I stood downstairs and watched the lights still on the house. There was always an inexplicable fear in my heart.It seems that there is an endless black hole waiting for me.

Every time I said that when I was tired and let me rest, she always had tears in her eyes, and she was thinking about the names of the children who had already gained good.

I couldn’t stand it by her, and she had lost happiness, and every time she became a routine work, it was miserable.

There are even several times that I have excuses to work overtime at the newspaper and sleep well. I pray for God to give me a child almost every day to end my painful life!

Gradually, I started to feel irritable, and I felt that I had made enough concessions.

I also talked to my wife, but I do n’t know why, the open -minded wife, once I talked about this problem, became a person like it, becoming nervous and unreasonable.

We did not quarrel because of this, because every time I talked about this, I turned from her sobbing to crying, and then I whispered and teased, making her laugh, and I laughed.Climbing my neck to try again.

After two years of marriage, the life of the two people has also entered the real track.

Due to the busy work, our plan to make a person, no, to be precise, the wife’s plan to make a person has to be postponed, but this does not mean that she "let me go."

I can finally get out of that curse, and I feel that every day the sky is particularly blue.

However, this kind of good mood did not last too long, and I fell into a more distressed abyss.

That night, my wife was awakened by the nightmare again. I was awakened by her screaming, opened the lamp on the bedside, and looked at the wife’s back.

The long hair was wet by sweat, and it was stuck to the pajamas. I reached out and touched her pillow towel, as if it was just fishing from the water.

I was shocked and I sat up quickly, and I murmured in my heart, what happened?

"Wife? Wife?"

I called twice but didn’t respond. I reached out to pat her, but saw my wife shocked and turned my head slowly.

I don’t know how to describe my mood at the time, as if I suddenly jumped from my plain life to the horror movie.

His wife’s long hair was sticking to her face because of sweat, her eyes widened, her pupils were scary, dark circles were very deep, and her lips had obvious bite marks.

"Wife … Wife …"

I have been advising myself not to think about it. She just had a nightmare, nothing wrong.

While I persuaded myself to hold her hand, I was sweating in my palms, cold and smooth, and I was not sure if I grabbed a person.

I saw her shock, and when she wanted to tell her something, the wife fell so straightforwardly.

I blasted in my head and exploded. I grabbed her hand tightly and called her name over and over again.I don’t know what I can do except for the actor in the dog blood TV series at this time.

Seeing that my wife’s breathing became weaker, I remembered that there seemed to be such a phone call.

After turning out of bed, I felt that my knees were a bit soft. The handset took it a few times before holding it in my hand. I was scared and deeply afraid.

If my wife leaves like this, what should I do?

I feel that my muscles are trembling and my hands are shaking well. I slapped myself fiercely, settled my God, and dial 120.

"120? This is …" Before I finished, press the phone to die.

I looked up and saw my wife standing aside, with an indifferent expression. From my perspective, she was more like the heroine of horror movies.

"Old … wife … are you okay …"

I clearly heard that my voice was shaking, and the trembling came out.

"It’s okay …" The voice of his wife looked as weak as her, "I just dreamed of Tianyun again …"

The wife struggled hard in the endless nightmare after another. Sometimes she often did not sleep overnight, and sat next to the bed with a cup of coffee.

She bought a lot of children’s clothes and toys, and she was dazed at these things when it’s okay.

Seeing that his wife’s body was weak every day, one day, she fainted in the living room.

The wife lived for half a month, and the doctor checked everything that could be checked, and could not say a four -five or sixteen. Probably my prejudice against the doctor was formed since then.

In the hospital, when I pulled her hand, she smiled at me. More time was staring at the ceiling and thinking in her mouth.

I know that she is thinking about her son’s name.

After being discharged from the hospital, my wife resigned from work.

The income at home is missing, and I seem to have returned to the work again, but now I have no time to complain about it. What I think now is to pray for my wife to get better.

In this way, we have gone through the most difficult year since we got married until I met Xun Che.

I met with Xun Che at the wine table. One of his patients was the old man of my friend, and it seemed to be an unable to fight.

My friend invited me to accompany me that day. I didn’t want to go because of the draft, and my friend came over mysteriously. "This person’s fairy is very good. You still know it. Aren’t you annoying recently?","

Looking at the wretched and sincere face of my friend, I hesitated, or decided to go to see this mysterious doctor.

"There was a meal at night, and I won’t come back." At noon, I told my wife while picking up the meal in my mouth.

"Well, drink less wine and come back earlier." The wife told the routinely, paused, and said, "Drink less wine, come back early."

"Huh? I know." I looked up in surprise, "Why do you say twice?"

"Well … I want to try again today." The wife looked at me, and the empty eyes were full of expectations.

I watched the circles and forks slowly on the wall calendar, and I always felt that it was not a taste.

"Okay, don’t drink today."

Xun Che didn’t have a big belly as I imagined, or she was so bold and straightforward as many surgeons.

He was thin, wearing a long black trench coat, he didn’t like to talk very much, giving a kind of weak book angry, and there was always a touch of smile on the corner of his mouth.

Pushing the cup on the wine table to change a few times, the friend’s tongue is a bit big, and he began to blow up how he is God, how to return to spring, how mediocre the famous doctors, and how they are not real.

Xun Che was just sitting there, and responded humblely, but listened with a smile.

I thought to myself, this is another arrogant doctor.

Xun Che’s wine was so good that the amount of drinking with him was dried up with him. Seeing that a few wine barrels on the wine table were unstable, he was like nothing.

I am a person who can’t drink, and the one who puts down the three cups often belongs to the spectators on the wine table.

My friend was the last one who lay down. The last sentence he said before he fell was to me, "Camel … rice … rice …"

I think he probably wanted to say "the last straw that overwhelms the camel."But why do you want to give me such an important task!

Looking at Xun Che, who was still smiling opposite, I suddenly had a tragedy of keeping alone.

Facing the aggressive enemies and artillery fire, the comrades around me fell one after another. Only I still adhered to this final position and defended our last dignity.

I raised my wine glass and felt my hand shaking a little. For this kind of battle that knows to lose, why do I still fight!

But when I thought of the last dignity of my friend, I gritted my teeth and went out!

"Dr. Xun, come, I respect you …"

Xun Che shook his head and smiled, and played the wine glass in his hand. "I said, let’s not drink it anymore, find a place to drink some tea, my stomach is very uncomfortable."

This is really unexpected, but I also like to hear the most. I hurriedly put down the glass of the wine glass: "Yeah, yes, drinking too much wine is not good.What, I know a small shop, let’s go there to eat some light. "

Xun Che said that he agreed with his hands, so the two of us left a bunch of old men who were horizontal, greeted the front desk, and slipped away with the car.

I came to the door of a small shop with a twist and eight turns. As soon as I pushed the door, the boss greeted, "Oh, why is it so late today?"

"Let’s bring friends today." Turn around and ask Xun Che, "Doctor Xun, how about eating Huaiyang cuisine?"

Xun Che nodded, "Okay …"

"Boss, a bowl of Pingqiao tofu, a plate of dried bamboo shoots, a plate of salt -baked phoenix claws, a plate of peanuts …"

"A bottle of flower carving, it takes warm …"

"Doctor Xun, still drink?"

I really can’t imagine the amount of alcohol of this person.That feels like a child who has never seen the sea since he was a child. He couldn’t imagine how big the sea was.

"Oh … you still know how to do it! You sit down for a while!" The boss smiled and pointed at Xun Che, "The flower sculpture here makes you drink it once! Haha …"

The boss turned into the kitchen, and I sat down with a secluded table with Xun Che.Because of the meal time, there is no one in the store.

"The boss here is a fellow in the cheap," I said while pouring the water for Xun Che. "The boss has retired. My son is abroad. He opens such a small shop and does not make money to do something for something.But the dish made by the boss really has nothing to say. "

"Oh, don’t boast me here!" The boss brought dried bamboo shoots and paws on the paw. "You eat first, and wait for a while."

The boss poured hot water into the pot of warm wine, and put it in the flower carving packed in a small pot. After a while, a fragrance of the specialty of rice wine floated out.

"Come, smell … is it a good wine!"

"Hmm! Ten years of Chen!" Xun Che shook his nose with closed eyes, "If you know that you have good goods here, you will not drink those water!"

The boss lowered his voice and said, "This is a good wine for yourself. I don’t give it by ordinary people, haha. You drink it first, and the tofu will be fine for a while."

"We often come, and we are familiar with the boss. Come, doctors, I respect you …" Starting the wine glass, drinking the flower carving of Wen Lubu’s mouth.

For a few glasses of wine, I felt that my tongue was not controlled.Xun Che’s face was blushing. I also laughed at him a bottle of Moutai. It was okay. The two cups of flower carving could not work.

He was not annoyed, but just drank with me.

The two people are sophisticated in the sky, from the horror story circulating in his university, to talk about all kinds of strange diseases that doctors have seen now; from the first time I go to college, I will make a joke for the first time.For all kinds of embarrassment, a small bottle of flower carving was finished quickly.

It is also strange to say that the degree of rice wine is not high. How can a small bottle of flower carving make two people like this?

The plate between the push cup and the cup also met. The more people talked about the two people, the more speculative. With the strength of the wine, I said, "Brother, I see if you grow up, I will call you a brother, you have no opinion, you have no opinion, you have no opinion.Bar?"

Xun Che smiled, "Don’t tighten, be happy as you."

"Okay, Brother Xun, I respect you again, meet each other and hate late! Meet each other and hate late!"

When I went out, I only knew that I was dizzy and supported each other.He was also unstable. He opened the door and stuffed me to the back seat, and the later things didn’t know.

When I woke up, it was already the next morning. I was lying on the sofa, and my throat was dry. I was in the early morning sun. I saw that there was still a person on the opposite sofa.

I sat up slowly and asked in surprise and asked, "Brother Xun?"

Xun Che’s face was still the same, not like a drunk person at all. Seeing that I woke up, he smiled slightly, "What?"

"Still a little dizzy," lifted the blanket on my body, "I still can’t drink …"

"Drink this," Xun Che pushed a glass in front of me, inside was the clear and transparent amber liquid, "I will feel good after drinking."

Looking up and looking at it, the sun was cut into pieces by the corners of the glass, and the dazzling amber was cast in my heart, which made people feel warm.

I do n’t know why, I do n’t understand the person in front of me, but I ’m trusting from the bottom of my heart, as if it does n’t matter even if I put my life in his hands.

When I raised my head, the warm and smooth liquid slipped into my throat. The sweetness was slightly bitter, and the whole person became clear after drinking it.

After a long breath, I don’t know if it was an illusion. I saw some gray and turbid things that I was exhaled, and in a blink of an eye, I disappeared in the morning light.

"What is that?" I was a little surprised.

Ji Che leaned on the sofa and smiled, "Those turbid air after you are drunk, the recent sorrow and depression, unhappiness and melancholy …"

With a cup, I still have a little meaning, "So magical? What is the name of this drink?"

"This wine is called an eternal drunk. The red dust is disturbed, not to be drunk."


Looking at his slightly ridiculous smile, I was doubting whether he was fooled me.

"Is this that your literary skills are not enough?" Before I came back, I heard my wife speak in the kitchen, "I still eat by the pen."

The wife walked out with a large bowl of porridge, put it on the table, unlock the apron and say:

"Li Bai is not lonely in the ancient sages, but only the drink that the drink is left by his name ‘, Brother Xun, this’ eternal drunk’ is to temporarily let go of the earth’s disturbances and enjoy the moment of tranquility alone.Say right? "

I’m still surprised, when even his wife was drawn in just a short time, Xun Che smiled lightly, "still Xiaoyu has insights."

He turned his head and looked at me, seeing a smile in his eyes, but made me feel a little uneasy.

"Come and drink porridge, two people have drank for one night and have a little vegetarian stomach."

The wife’s face is still very poor, but the spirit is obviously better than usual. Just cooking for breakfast for us, it means that she is still in a good mood. At least I blame me because I drink too much wine yesterday night.

"Xiaoyu, I will give you a side. Three bowls of water are fried into a bowl, once a day, without three months, you can wrap you around." Xun Che raised his head from the porridge bowl and looked at us.

"Brother Xun, I … how do I feel like you … like a deceptive Jianghu Lang?" Xiaoyu smiled with her mouth covering her mouth.

Looking at Xun Che’s face and crying, I held back and smiled and scolded my wife, "Brother Xun is kind -hearted, how can you say that!"

Xun Che waved his hand, "It’s okay, anyway, I was originally a rivers and lakes, but I don’t lie, haha …"

"Thank you, Brother Xun!"

The wife spit his tongue and seemed to return to the time before getting married.

After spending a few days with Xun Che, we are as familiar as old friends who have been dating for more than ten years.

Our Haikou Sky, from history to literature, from physics to medicine, seemed to be tired every day.He is so alone, and you fall into the vortex of others’ charm unknowingly.

I don’t know why there is such a feeling, just with this person, you will feel very peaceful. The full and warm feeling makes you unconsciously approach the person.

I once asked him why he opened his heart with a person like me like me. He just smiled lightly, "Because you are like a person … that’s nothing more."

Ask down again, I laughed without saying a word, that was, I knew Ji Yu’s story at that time.

Ji Che’s coming and going, all of them were so sudden and no trace, as if there was a person who suddenly had a person in your life. You haven’t remembered it yet, but he disappeared again, leaving only a shadow there, the mold, the mold, the mold, the mold,It’s not true, but you can really feel that person has been here.

When I woke up one morning, I only left a cup of "Eternal Drunk" and a piece of stationery under the table.More than ten flavors.

I drank the cup of "Together", taste the sweetness and bitterness that disappeared at the tip of the tongue. Xun Che is like the wine that he refused to leave for a long time, and gradually evaporates in my life.

Keep it, but can’t catch it.

I went to ask a friend, and he said he didn’t know. You can’t know his whereabouts.After many times, there were no results, and gradually I gave up.

Perhaps, as he said, everything is fate.After all, we will destroy after all. If we still have fate, we will see you again after all.

I took the prescription and found a best Chinese medicine shop. The doctor who looked in the early forties behind the counter looked at me for a while from behind the lens, and said, "Wait a little, let me let Dr. Liu come." Say said.After that, he turned into it.

I was strange, an old Chinese medicine medicine with a bearded white came out of the door.

"Is this recipe?" The old man frowned and looked at Fang Zi, and looked at me again.

"Well, it was a friend who asked me to get it." Although it was not good, I still compiled.

"This recipe … is there any problem?"

The old man looked up again and looked at me, and a doubt flashed in his eyes.

"This prescription looks like a donkey lips are not right, and the Chinese medicine pays attention to the princes and ministers, but this recipe actually shows the backbone of the back to the back. If you are open in the unknown Jianghu Lang, it must be sureEat dead. "

"Isn’t it right to apply the right medicine? Maybe this …"

"There is no symptom of this recipe!" The old man waved his hand, "If you want to say …" The old man stared at me and said, "If so, this recipe can only cure the baby corpsepoison……"

Listening to the unheard of names, looking at the old Chinese medicine medicine that made people feel hairy, I swallowed and whispered, "Baby corpse poison? What is that?"

"Those who can come out of this recipe must not be an ordinary person, you come with me." The old man turned and greeted me.

This is the same place in the office, but there is a cabinet that placed Chinese medicine on the wall, which says a lot of medicine names I don’t know.There was a strong flavor of traditional Chinese medicine in the room, and I couldn’t help but sneezed.

"Are you used to young people, sit down." The old Chinese medicine pulled me a chair.

As I rubbed my nose, I sat down while thanking, and habitually opened the recording pen in my pocket. The long -term career keen made me feel that there must be a story here.

"Is the surname of the person who opens you?" The old man narrowed his eyes and looked at the prescription, as if a beautiful rare treasure.

"Uh, that …"

The old man looked at me and stopped, and smiled, "Young people, there is no need to support me, only he can open this recipe. Think about it, how can the ghost doctor break …"

"Ghost doctors can come out in a vein. What they can see, understand, is what ordinary people can see, understand."

The old Chinese medicine medicine took a sip of tea, and looked at me from the back of the water vapor, and said, "When the old man had some relationship with the ghost doctor when he was young, he saw that you were the hand of the ghost doctor."

While speaking, the old Chinese medicine was talking, and he didn’t need to say that he had to grab a handful of placed on the grass paper with three medicines.

Probably I saw the doubts in my heart, and the old Chinese medicine medicine smiled slightly at me. "Don’t worry about the young people, you go back and say that there is a bad amount of medicine. You can hit the old signboard, hahahaha."

When I was said to wear my mind, I was somewhat unhappy. Suddenly I thought of the phrase "baby corpse poison" that the old Chinese medicine said before, and when I heard the name, I knew it was not a good thing.The thought of something hidden in his wife’s body was unclean, and his heart became straight.

Brother Xun’s whereabouts are uncertain, and next time he sees him when he doesn’t know when it is, it is better to ask this old gentleman.

Thinking of this, I couldn’t care about the embarrassment of being exposed. I cleared my throat and asked, "Mr., you told me before, this recipe cure the baby’s corpse poison, what is this baby corpse poison?"

When the old Chinese medicine he heard me, the hand that was scratching was obviously stagnant. Put the medicine in his hand back to the medicine cabinet, slowly climbing from the wooden ladder, picked up the tea cup and blowing, and drank a tea.You are a friend of a ghost doctor, but the old man is okay. "

"According to the ghost doctor, people need to be" qi ‘to maintain,’ qi ‘is born when people are born. To be precise, people have’ qi ‘in their mother’s fetus, and they are many of them.’. If the abortion is aborted, the’ qi ‘accumulated in the pregnant woman cannot meet the needs of the fetal growth, and it will gradually deteriorate. "

"These ‘qi’ thought that the fetus was still there, so they slowly changed, changed the body’s hands and feet, and changed a non -existent fetus, living in the body of a pregnant woman. Pregnant women would dream of their children in their dreams.It’s these ‘气’ to be blame. "

"Over time, a large number of‘ qi ’stasis cannot be vented in the pregnant woman’ s body, and it cannot maintain the life of a pregnant woman.

"To put it more popular, it is the grievances of the dead child, or the nostalgia and longing for life and mother. There is nothing wrong with the original meaning, but these illegal things should not exist.. This is the baby corpse poison. "

Old Chinese medicine wraps three packs of Chinese medicine, put it in my hands, patted my shoulder and said, "Maybe, sometimes, the mother’s obsession cannot let the child really die. At 12 noon, wipe the eyes with the leaves of the locust tree.You can see a lot of things that you usually can’t see. If you are outside the obstetrics and gynecology department, you may see the baby corpse poison. "

At 12 noon, I stood at the door of the Provincial Hospital with the Great Sun and wiped my eyes hard with the two locust leaves.

I did see something that I couldn’t see. At first it was just some vague shadows, and later became clearer.

I saw a young young woman with two thin skin and tender meat on her back. The woman who was opposite her was noisy, but I couldn’t hear the two children, but the two children seemed to find me.Come and laugh at me.

They have blood red eyes and neat and white teeth, as my wife described as me.

After taking the three medicines as the old brother said, the wife pulled a stomach, and there was a disgusting smell in the toilet.

Since then she has never had a nightmare, and her complexion has become a little bit better.

Our life gradually entered the right track, and the second year of my wife was pregnant again, and gave me a son, just like we said that it was good. He named him Tianyun.

And since I wiped my eyes with the leaves of the locust, for a month, I can always see some "things" that I can’t see.

One month, every time I go home, I have to face my wife for eight years. It is said that her grandma is the most painful.

Her old man sat by the wall and looked at me with a smile, very kindly.

When I was eating, she was there when I was watching TV. When I was playing the game, she was there. Even at night, I planned to get close to my wife at night. Her old man was there!

Although she knew that her old people just wanted to be a granddaughter, but looking at it this way, I really felt like to collapse.

One month later, I finally couldn’t bear it. I found a leader and did a mess at home and stuffed him for a thousand dollars.

After that, I never saw my grandma.

I do n’t know if it ’s the magic spirit of the Taoist magic spirit or the mana of the locust tree. In short, you can sleep peacefully.

It wasn’t until that day my son said that the captain was deceiving.

On Saturday that day, I teased Tianyun at home alone. My son suddenly pointed at the bench in the corner and said, "Dad! That grandma wants me to eat sugar, can I eat it?"

Looking at the direction of my son’s fingers, my tears were about to come down.

grandmother!I don’t have to play with me like this!(Original title: Baby Corpse Poison Author: Eat the Magic Magic Demon Zhang Fat)

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