After three months of pregnancy, what should I pay attention to in diet?

After 3 months of pregnancy, it is gradually entering the middle of the pregnancy. The uncomfortable reactions such as early pregnancy and vomiting of pregnant mothers will improve greatly, and the appetite will turn well, and the nutrition that the baby needs will continue to increase.There are some attention in the diet, but as long as it is a pregnant mother who does not have special problems in the body, there is no special taboo in diet. Even lotus root and hawthorn are no exception. They can be eaten, just pay attention to the right amount.

So what should I pay attention to when I enter the pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy?

1. The matching of diet should be reasonable. The staple food includes grains and grains. You must not eat rice. This will not lack vitamin B1; eggs, milk, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits are indispensable. Among themSome, to obtain high -quality protein.However, it is just a little increased on the basis of the original, no matter which category can not eat too much.

2. The proportion of three meals should be maintained

Breakfast is full, Chinese food is full, dinner is full of dinner, and exercise needs to be exercised in appropriate amount after meals

3. As long as it is normal fruits and vegetables, it can be eaten, but pay attention to cooking methods and appropriate amounts.

For example, lotus root, cold and cold, but can eliminate food and diarrhea, appetite and heat, nourish nourishment.

Eat cold and cold, so stewed soup, such as lotus root pork rib soup is very good.

【Lotus root rib soup】

Ingredients: pork ribs, lotus root, ginger slices, green onions, red dates.


1) Simp in cold water in the ribs and remove blood.

2) Put ginger slices, green onions, and cooking wine for 1 hour.

3) Put the lotus root and cut into the casserole with red dates, simmer for 20 minutes, add a little salt out of the pan.

4. Don’t cook too long

It is not that the longer the bone soup is cooked, the more nutritious, and we are often misleaded by such statements.

The calcium elements in animal bones are not easy to decompose, no matter how high the temperature is; the soup is cooked for a long time, but it will destroy the nutrients of the protein in the bones and other ingredients, and the purine will increase, so do not often drink the soup with a long cooking.

5. Eat less nourishing products or not

Because nourishing drugs are in the human body, to absorb metabolism, it has more or less toxic and side effects.

Therefore, it is better to eat less or not, after all, food supplements are the most important.

The above pictures are taken from the Internet and answered as "for the good time". If you want to know more practical nutritional food knowledge, please pay attention to me and leave a message to discuss.

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