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In recent years

"Preliminary Diabetes" shows a high incidence momentum

But "before sugar" has no symptoms at all

Those who have been "attacked"

If you can’t find it early, control it early

It is very likely to be dragged into a real "diabetes"

Xiehe Hospital Affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Director of Endocrinology

Professor Zeng Tianshu reminded:

"Before the sugar" is very concealed, no symptoms

Over 40 years old and various high -risk people

Accept the screening as soon as possible

A non -drug method that holds your mouth and open your legs

Easily stay away from diabetes


"Before sugar" is strictly defined

"The early stage of diabetes is a hurdle, and it goes into the door of diabetes across this hurdle." Professor Zeng Tianshu introduced that "pre -diabetes" refers to the transitional stage of transition from normal glucose metabolism to diabetes.In the early stage of diabetes, patients with blood glucose are higher than that of blood sugar, but they did not meet the diagnostic standards for diabetes.

"Preliminary Diabetes" has strict definition."Consensus of the Preliminary Clinical Intervention Expert of Diabetes in China" 2020 (referred to as "Consensus") proposed that at this stage, patients either have an empty blood glucose damage (IFG), or abnormal sugar tolerance (IGT), or two cases.

Diabetes and diagnostic standards for diabetes.

"Internationally, there are also diagnosis of glycated hemoglobin between 5.9 and 6.5 as the early stage of diabetes." Professor Zeng Tianshu added.He reminded that the "pre -diabetes" crowd, as the "reserve army" of diabetes, is the key target of diabetes prevention.However, because diabetes does not have obvious symptoms, it is difficult to detect, and it is easy to be ignored.


5%to 10%of the "before sugar" will progress as diabetes

Compared with diabetes, the "pre -diabetes" has a larger group.The "Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents (2020)" released by the State Council shows that the prevalence of diabetes at the age of 18 and above in my country is 11.9%, while the preliminary detection rate of diabetes is 35.2%. Among them, type 2 diabetes is the main type. Adults over 50 are more prevalence.

In recent years, diabetes has shown younger trend, and "pre -diabetes" has also showed a high momentum.According to Professor Zeng Tianshu, the early stages of diabetes marked the increase in the risk of diabetes. According to "Consensus", about 5%to 10%of the pre -diabetes patients per year are transformed into diabetes.The chance of diabetes in the future will increase greatly.Especially the abnormal sugar tolerance people, because insulin resistance leads to a strong demand for fasting and insulin after meals, β -cell function is easy to fail, so it is easier to progress as diabetes.And it only shows that the incidence of people with high blood glucose is less likely.


If you don’t care well, then "every disease is entangled"

Diabetes sounds "sweet troubles", but its harm is systemic, and many patients pay attention to it.

"Where the blood flows, the harm will be brought." In the outpatient clinic, Professor Zeng Tianshu would explain to the patient’s diabetes complications patiently and in detail to remind the patient group: "Good control, healthy and longevity;, Hundred Diseases. "

Professor Zeng Tianshu said that diabetes can cause large vascular lesions, leading to coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.; May also cause microvascular lesions, lead to renal insufficiency, retinal lesions, sexual dysfunction, etcThe surrounding neuropathy, etc., can easily appear diabetic feet at the expense of amputation.At the same time, studies have shown that diabetes is also related to the increase in risks such as tumors, dementia, and depression.

High blood sugar damage has occurred before diabetes diagnosis.Professor Zeng Tianshu suggested: Those over 40 years old can screen blood sugar once a year.If abnormalities are found, further diagnosis is needed.


These high -risk people screen as early as possible

Professor Zeng Tianshu introduced that from the high -risk population → the pre -diabetes population → diabetic patients, diabetes will go through these three processes.


High blood sugar appears during pregnancy, Baoma must be vigilant

Professor Zeng Tianshu has been diagnosed with many young mothers. He usually has normal blood sugar, and the blood glucose indicators have soared after pregnancy.These women with a history of gestational diabetes have a significant increase in postpartum diabetes, so they must scree blood glucose regularly.Professor Zeng Tianshu said: Women have high blood sugar during pregnancy. Although the indicators have returned to normal after childbirth, they should still check the sugar tolerance once 6 to 12 weeks after delivery and conduct diabetes screening.

Professor Zeng Tianshu said that women of polycystic ovary syndrome are many people with diabetes.He reminded: women with irregular menstruation, hairy, and difficulty in pregnancy must first check the polycystic ovary syndrome.While treating "polycysts", check blood sugar regularly and capture the signal of "pre -diabetes".


Do you have the risk of diabetes?Score

According to the 2020 edition of "The Consensus Expert of the Preliminary Clinical Intervention in Diabetes", high -risk people can score themselves. If the total score is greater than 25 points, it is recommended to go to the hospital for investigation.


Most "before sugar" do not need to take medicine

Can I take medicine in the early stage of diabetes?Do you want to avoid?Aiming at the issues that netizens are very concerned, Professor Zeng Tianshu said that in most cases, there is no need to take medicine in the early stage of diabetes.

Data from my country’s "Daqing Research" show that adopting effective lifestyle intervention can effectively reduce the risk of diabetes in the early stage of diabetes.Develop good eating habits, do a good job of total heat control, minimize the ingestion of free sugar as much as possible, reduce the intake of fine processing food, add whole grains and coarse grains to the staple food. The source of protein is mainly white meat and beans.Red meat, encourage more fresh vegetables to take fresh fruits appropriately, try to avoid eliminating night.Keeping the above good eating habits will be conducive to the rehabilitation of the early stage of diabetes.While holding your mouth, you must also "open your legs", and combine aerobic exercise and resistance exercise in exercise.

Some netizens ask what is free sugar? Professor Zeng Tianshu answered: According to the official definition of free sugar on the World Health Organization (WHO), free sugar is monosaccharide (fructose, glucose, etc.) added to food and beverages and bischaries (maltose, maltose,Sucrose, etc.), as well as sugar in honey, syrup juice and concentrated fruit juice.

During the interview, some patients heard that bitter gourd and pumpkin could control sugar to "eat special", and even reduced medicine.Professor Zeng Tianshu said that there are indeed natural hypoglycemic ingredients in bitter gourd and pumpkin, but if you want to replace the drugs, I am afraid to eat several kilograms of meals.He reminded that hypoglycemic foods and zero sugar drinks contain heat. If you consume excessive consumption, you still need to control the total amount.

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Professor Zeng Tianshu

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