alert!These 8 cases may be "pre -cancer lesions"

Cancer is actually not enough.Depending on the species of cancer, some of the processes that often take several years or even more than ten years.Therefore, it is important to discover "pre -cancer lesions" in time.

What is "pre -cancer lesions"?In fact, some pathological status that may occur before cancer occurs, and "one step forward" may develop into cancer.

1. Atrophic gastritis -gastric cancer

Li Xinquan, chief physician of the Department of Hematology and Oncology, Tsinghua Chang Geng Hospital, introduced in the Health Times in 2018. It is generally believed that Helicobacter pylori was settled in infection after arriving at the gastric mucosa.After decades, develop into duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers, chronic atrophic gastritis, etc. Chronic atrophic gastritis is the most dangerous factor in gastric cancer.

Liu Bin, a radiological physician of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, introduced in April 2021 on the People’s Daily Health. The most common cause of atrophic gastritis was H. pylori infection, which is a high -risk factor for gastric cancer.Therefore, although it cannot be said that with atrophic gastritis, it will definitely become gastric cancer, but people with atrophic gastritis do belong to high -risk groups of gastric cancer.Therefore, once it is found that it is atrophic gastritis, everyone must actively treat it, especially those who have Helicobacter pylori infection.

2. Gastrointestinal polyps -gastrointestinal cancer

Many gastrointestinal cancer evolved from polyps, especially adenoma -splitted polyps, and the cancerous rate is higher.

Based on the intestinal polyps Zhang Yanjie

Xia Zhongsheng, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, was interviewed by the Yangcheng Evening News in 2015. The gastrointestinal polyps refer to any excessive growing tissue on the surface of the gastrointestinal mucosa to the cavity.The polyps include adenoma polyps, inflammatory polyps, hyperplasia polyps and missed tumor polyps.With the volume of adenoma polyps, the cancerous rate increases, and the total cancer rate is 10%to 20%.Therefore, once the polyps are discovered, even small adenomas should be removed in time.

3. Liver cirrhosis -liver cancer

"Many patients with cirrhosis clinically have been treated by liver disease for a long time." Jin Yisheng, chief physician of liver and gallbladder surgery at the Institute of liver and gallbladder surgery of the West China Institute of Hepatitis, Sichuan, said in an interview with the Zhengzhou Evening News in 2012. Patients with liver disease often believe that asymptomatic is not serious and cure can not be treated.Or just take some liver care and liver medicine, let go of the disease, and regret it when it develops to advanced liver sclerosis.

Professor Jin Yisheng said that chronic hepatitis generally has such a development process.Therefore, patients with liver disease must pay attention to regular examination and treatment.

4. Chronic cervicitis -cervical cancer

Cervicitis generally has acute cervicitis and chronic cervicitis. Those who have a certain relationship with cervical cancer are chronic cervicitis.

The deputy chief physician of the Department of Hematology and Oncology, Tsinghua Chang Geng Hospital, introduced in the Health Times in 2018. The chronic cervicitis was mostly infected caused by childbirth, abortion or surgery after cervix.For example, cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, cervical gland cysts, and cervical valgus.It is not to say that patients with cervicitis will definitely lead to cervical cancer. If patients with chronic cervicitis are continuously infected by high -risk human papilloma virus (HPV), cervical cancer lesions are prone to occur.Among them, high -risk human papilloma virus refers to HPV16 and HPV18.

5. Ulcerative colitis -intestinal cancer

There are also many classification of enteritis.Liu Bin, a radiological physician of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province in April 2021, was introduced in the Health of the People’s Daily in April 2021. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that not all enteritis will develop into cancer, but if it is chronic ulcerative colitis, everyone must definitelyIt is important to attract high attention, because studies have shown that the risk of having malignant tumors in patients with ulcerative colitis is significantly increased.

Many patients with ulcerative colitis pay less attention to their diseases. They often take medicine intermittently, do not conduct regular treatment, and treat the standards and do not cure the essence.Therefore, for ulcerative colitis, everyone must attract enough attention and conduct regular treatment.

6. Chronic pancreatitis -pancreatic cancer

Pancreatitis is also a very common disease. Many people know that acute pancreatic is "terrible".Liu Bin, a radiological physician of the Radiation Department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Sichuan Province in April 2021, stated in the Health of the People’s Daily, but many people do not know that if pancreatitis does not perform regular treatment and prevention, chronic pancreatitis is formed, and chronic pancreatitis is finally.Repeated attacks cause the pancreatic tissue to repeatedly damage, so the probability of suffering from pancreatic cancer will increase significantly.Therefore, if you find pancreatitis, you must actively treat it. At the same time, preventive measures are taken in daily life to prevent recurrence of pancreatitis.

7. long -term oral ulcers -oral cancer

The chief physician of the head and neck surgery of the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University, Wu Qinghai, in 2015, pointed out that the long -lasting oral ulcer may be the premium lesions of oral cancer.In addition, such as mucous membrane erythema, mucosal white spots, sub -fibrosis, wart -like hyperplasia, etc. may be the "pre -cancer lesions" of oral cancer.

Cancer lesions, such as long -term treatment, or stimulating sources, have always existed, such as residual teeth, dentures, etc., such lesions have high possibilities to turn oral cancer.

8. Junion Moles -melanoma

The junction mole is more long in the palm, foot -grade, and vulva, etc., which is more likely to be cancerous compared to other moles.Once the shape of the mole is found, the border is blurred, the color of the color is different, the fainting or the volume gradually increases, and when the skin appears slightly or thicker, it is necessary to go to the doctor in time. This is mostly the development trend of pre -cancer lesions.

(Original title: Cancer will experience "pre -cancer lesions" before the arrival of cancer. These 8 cases must be discovered in time!)

From: Health Times

Source: Chinese Search

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