Although Ejiao doesn’t want to eat it, eat it if you want to eat

With the popularization of health concepts, more and more people like to buy Ejiao for gifts, especially in this traditional Chinese festival in the Spring Festival, Ejiao has become the ideal choice for people to nourish the body, respect their parents, and walk relatives.But how should we take it reasonably to fully play its health role?

Along with human ginseng antler

Ejiao Nine Effects

In the ancient "Shennong Materia Medica", Ejiao has been listed as the top grade. With the revolution of history and the grass of the past, Ejiao has recorded Ejiao, and the "Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China" has also included it.Ejiao is a blood -replenishment medicine, and it is called "three treasures" with ginseng and velvet antler.

This product is the solid gum made of the dried skin or fresh skin of the Mago Animal Donkey.Ejiao is a rectangular block, a square block, or a diced shape.Dark brown and shiny.Hard and crisp, the cross section is bright, and the fragments are brown and translucent.Qi is slightly sweet, sweet and flat.Return to the lungs, liver, and kidney meridians.It has the effect of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, nourishing yin and moisturizing.It is used for blood deficiency and yellowing, dizziness and palpitations, and is the main medicine that treats blood deficiency.Patients with vomiting blood, blood in the stool, leakage, yin deficiency cough, deficiency and sleep, and fever of yin deficiency can be taken.

Modern pharmacological research has found that Ejiao has 9 great effects:

Correct blood loss anemia.

Reduce side effects such as leukocyte reduction and low immunity caused by chemotherapy caused by tumor patients.

Improving cellular immunity and body fluid immune function is manifested as positive regulation.

Anti -shock, expanding blood vessels, shortening some activated part of the coordinase original time, increasing the number of platelets, and reducing the permeability of the lesions.

Increase serum calcium and phosphorus content.

The symptoms of malnutrition muscle soft paralysis are gradually alleviated.

Improve fatigue resistance, cold resistance and hypoxia.

The damage to the Near Structure and Function of the Hema Hima -Hima -horse CA3 area caused by the lead institute is a protective effect.

It has the growth of normal flora and maintain the body’s micro -ecological balance.

There are taboos to eat Ejiao

These types of people need to be cautious

Although Ejiao can nourish the body and often add it to food, there are still many doors to take Ejiao, and they are not eaten right.

Ejiao has been out of Shandong East Ah since ancient times, please choose authentic medicinal materials for good results;

It should not be taken during a cold;

The dosage is three to nine grams. It is recommended that the dose that starts at first starts from the minimum amount. It is advisable to take before and before going to bed;

Those with weak spleen and stomach, vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal distension and diarrhea, cough and sputum are cautious;

If you have a full stomach after taking, you should stop taking it;

During menstruation, you should take as appropriate according to your own physique;

During the time of taking Ejiao, do not drink tea and radish;

Pregnant women, children, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetic patients should be taken under the guidance of the physician;

If there are many types of western medicines taken, or when taking the laxative Chinese medicine, it is not advisable to take it; the new products are dry. It is recommended to put it properly for one year, and it is not easy to get angry after checking the characteristics.

Do it yourself

Eat Ejiao’s new pattern

In addition to the common Ejiao cream and Ejiao oral solution in the market, there are still many methods of Ejiao, so try it by yourself.

Hertech -jelly 250g, smashed.Put it into the soup pot or porcelain bowl with the lid, add 250g of rice wine, soak for 1-2 days to the foam and 250g of rock sugar, add 100ml of water, cover it, steam the water bath until it is completely dissolved, remove the refrigerator and store it.Take a spoonful of each morning and evening, and let it take warm water.In addition, when the water bath can be completely steamed, the black sesame and walnut kernels that are fragrant will continue to steam for 10 minutes.

100 grams of Ejiao porridge rice or millet, 15 grams of Ejiao (smashed), 50 grams of rock sugar made into porridge and take it.

Ejiao wine Ejiao is mixed with 400 grams, add 1500ml of rice wine, and slowly boil the fire. When all the Ejiao is pushed, the fire bottle is used.

Milk is served to crush Ejiao into fine powder, and take a spoonful of Ejiao powder (about 3 to 4g) each time in the cup. According to personal taste, add hot milk, soy milk, etc. (above 80 ° C) and stir.Ejiao powder is fully dissolved.

Stewed with chicken stew, stew with fish, stew with red ginseng jujube.

Text/Zhang Hongwei (Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital)

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