Although the crayfish is delicious, it is safe to eat right

Aidongying News The summer is here, and crayfish enters the hot season.Whether it is a dinner or home takeaway, crayfish have become the standard table for many people.However, recently, the video of "girls eating field snails in the middle of the night" has attracted attention on the Internet.At the same time, many patients reported many patients who had allergies to eat crayfish, and some patients had a critical condition because they took too many crayfish to have horizontal muscle solubility.Although the crayfish is delicious, how to eat it safe and healthy?

Don’t be too hilarious to eat crayfish, be careful of allergies to find you

As the first choice for summer supper, crayfish is actually not junk food.The scientific name of the crayfish is the Kaishi ray, also known as the chewed shrimp, the freshwater lobster, etc., which is one of the freshwater shrimp in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.The protein content of crayfish is about 18.9%, the fat content is about 1.1%, and the sugar content is about 1.0%. It is rich in nutrients such as iodine, selenium, and zinc.It is nutritious food.

From June to August each year, these three months are the time when the crayfish grows the strongest, and it is also the best time, but while satisfying the taste of taste, some health hazards caused by eating crayfish should also causePay attention to.Many recent reports reflect that after eating spicy crayfish, some diners suddenly feel itchy and painful, lips red, swollen, full body rash, vague words, light swollen hands and feet, and chest tightness and breathing are not smooth.It was diagnosed with acute urticaria caused by eating crayfish allergies.

According to experts, the symptoms of allergies of eating crayfish are caused by eating heterogeneous protein.Some special groups are particularly sensitive to alien protein. The immune system will treat it as a foreignic invader and release immunoglobulin such as LGE antibodies to attack.LGE antibodies exist in many parts of the human body, such as lymphocytes such as nose, throat, trachea, skin, etc., and cause related antigen antibody reactions after the combination of allergens and LGE antibodies, which will cause people to develop urticaria, throat edema, blood pressure blood pressure, blood pressureReduce symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Everyone is more familiar with seafood allergies. In fact, crayfish, crabs, shellfish and other river fresh in freshwater can easily cause allergic reactions.Therefore, you must pay attention when eating crayfish, especially for people with allergic constitutions, be careful. It is recommended to evaluate your physical condition before eating. Even if you have never appeared in food allergies before, you must not care.Especially after contacting a certain food for the first time, pay attention to observing the body’s response. Symptoms of allergies should be medical treatment in time.

These people eat crayfish cautiously

In addition to allergies, people with basic diseases should also eat with caution.

◇ Patients with diabetes.Diabetes patients with excessive consumption of crayfish will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.If it is not cleaned or without cooked crayfish, gastroenteritis may also cause gastroenteritis.Diabetic friends may cause glycogen to increase the formation and produce ketosida in the case of infection.The vomiting and diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal diseases cause hydrolysis disorders in the body, which increases the disease of diabetes, and further occurs in ketoic acid poisoning.

◇ Easy to digest bad people.Crayfish is rich in protein. It has a slow digestion after consumption and a heavy gastrointestinal load.Excessive consumption of one -time consumption, prone to indigestion symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.Therefore, it is recommended that people who are prone to indigestion to eat less crayfish as little as possible, and pay attention to the amount of control when eating.

◇ People with high uric acid and gout.The purine content of crayfish is very high. Patients with gout or patients with abnormal purine metabolism are best not to eat or eat less.Even if you eat, do not drink to reduce gout attacks.

◇ Patients with respiratory diseases.It is not easy to eat lobster patients with bronchitis and asthma patients. When the human body is stimulated by allergic diet, it will cause bronchial spasm, swelling of mucous membranes, and increased secretions, resulting in narrow lumen, poor tract, difficulty breathing, which will induce bronchitis to induce bronchitisAnd asthma.

In addition, pregnant women, children, and elderly people who have relatively low resistance should pay more attention when eating crayfish, it is best not to eat or eat less.

How to eat crayfish healthy

It is also a knowledge to enjoy delicious crayfish while enjoying deliciousness.So, what do you need to pay attention to when eating crayfish?

Be careful when buying

When buying, try to choose crayfish sold by artificially legal farms. Generally, the heavy metal content of small crayfish breeding is relatively low.The standard for choosing shrimp is to use the individual integrity, the shell is not off, the shell is clear, the muscle is dense, the tail section is strong, and the body surface is clean and dry.Moisturizing, discoloration, cold red red, bloodwater, relaxation in the middle, or abnormal odor should not be eaten.

If you buy semi -finished products and prefabricated dishes, you want to buy regular products, it is best to buy fresh crayfish to cook.Do not buy crayfish with unknown sources for cheapness, beware of potential harm.

In addition, pay attention not to buy dead shrimp when buying.Curgiers were rotten quickly after their death. Curgas that died more than two hours had risk of parasitic infection, and they could also breed a variety of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella.In addition, the albinine in the protein contained in the body after death will become toxic substances.Even after high temperature treatment, the toxicity may still exist, and food poisoning may cause food after eating.

Cleaning needs to be meticulous

It is important to eat crayfish hygiene. After buying back to the crayfish, it is recommended to put it in water for 1-2 days to allow the sediment and other impurities in the body.

Wash the crayfish, cut off the gills and thin paws, then remove the black line on the back of the shrimp body, and wash the shrimp shell with a small brush, especially in the sand in the shell.

Reject "half -life unfamiliar"

Crayfish belongs to omnivorous freshwater shrimp. The living environment and the growth of omnivorous growth have caused crayfish to be prone to parasites.The cooked crayfish, which is fast, has a short cooking time, and it cannot guarantee that the lung absorbing larvae are completely killed, so it is better to be cooked and transparent.When cooking crayfish, the temperature must reach 100 ° C, and continuously heated for more than 20 minutes to make it completely familiar.If the crayfish is stored in the refrigerator, it should be appropriately extended the heating time to be cooked.

Don’t eat shrimp head

Some diners like to eat shrimp head, thinking that the shrimp head contains delicious "shrimp yellow", but this way of eating is not good for health.The shrimp head does contain some nutrients, such as protein and trace elements, but the shrimp head is also the place with the most toxins and is the most likely to accumulate the primary and parasitic parts.Although the crayfish are mostly breeding shrimp now, and the heavy metal content is small, the crayfish shell and head are still the main gathering of heavy metals. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat shrimp heads and eat "crayfish kernels" to improve consumption safety.

Appropriate amount

If you eat dozens of crayfish at a time, too much protein cannot be absorbed by the human body, which will cause certain damage to the kidneys.Therefore, it is recommended to eat crayfish every day, it is best not to exceed 500 grams, and do not exceed 2 times a week.Eat now to avoid leftovers. The protein content of crayfish is very high. Once improper storage is stored, it is easy to cause corruption to deteriorate. Therefore, it is best to buy it now and eat it to avoid the remaining.

(Reporter Chen Dan compiled)

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