Another actress was exposed to pregnancy!He has appeared in "Sailor Moon" and has a happy marriage with 9 -year -old husband

In 2020, the entertainment industry is still lively. It is not only about to break up and derailment, as well as marriage and pregnancy.

On April 22, according to media reports, Japanese 33 -year -old actress Kitagawa Hiroshi was pregnant and expected to be produced this fall.

The staff of the Beichuan Office said: The news was reported by Kitagawa Hiroshi himself, and the sex of the baby is not yet known.

Speaking of this name, everyone may not be familiar with, but her works are familiar.

The 17 -year -old Kitagawa Hiroshi was excavated by fashion magazines with its high face value and perfect figure. As a model debut, he entered the entertainment industry. In the same year, he played the role of Huo Yei in the live -action "Sailor Moon".

She appeared in the movie for the first time at the age of 20 and participated in the filming of the American blockbuster "Speed and Passion 3: Tokyo Drift".

And this year, the popular TV series "Ann" starring Sun Yan is also adapted from the Japanese drama "Woman selling houses" starring in Kitagawa. The two play the same role.

In addition to his career success, Kitagawa Jingzi’s marriage life is also very happy.

Her husband Daigo is the lead and singer of the rock band Breakerz. She is also an actor, who once played Cyro Ultraman in "Ultraman Legend".

In 2011, Kitagawa Moriko met with DAIGO for the first time through his TV series "Lady ~ Last Crime Psychological Analysis Officer ~".

However, the two did not communicate too much. Until 2014, Kitagawa Koto met again with DAIGO on the variety show, and was photographed for a decisive date. Then the two announced their engagement and married in January 2016.

Although there is a nine -year -old age difference, DAIGO’s childlife makes them look very good.

After the marriage, they were busy working, but Daigo often actively manufactured opportunities to meet his wife. It can be seen that their marriage is very happy.

In addition to being active as a singer and actor in the entertainment industry, Daigo’s background is also very good.

It is reported that DAIGO was originally known as Nisho Naka Lake. His mother was the second daughter of the former Prime Minister of Japan. His father, Koto Koto, began a political career as a reporter of the Daily Political Department.Essence

On the day of Daigo’s marriage with Kitagawa, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also personally shot video blessings for the two, showing how powerful its background is.

In addition, a total of 500 people in the entertainment industry and well -known politicians attended, and the wedding cost was as high as RMB 30.45 million.

I have to say that this baby who hasn’t been born is a winner of life!

Not only can he inherit the high -value value of his parents, you can also be proud of the self -introduction in the future: My father is Ultraman, my mother is a beautiful lady, and my grandfather has also been the Prime Minister!


Author: Kunbu

Responsible editor: Xiao Zhongshan

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