April Fool’s Day, the boyfriend said that he was pregnant, but the two broke up completely, it was ridiculous and distressed.

This is definitely the most ridiculous and distressed couple I have heard.

In Chengdu, a little couple in Chengdu arrived because of April Fool’s Day, her girlfriend was preparing to make a prank to tease her boyfriend. She bought the test strip online in advance to cheat her husband and say that she was pregnant.

Because it was just to make a joke, I never used the pregnancy test stick. I did n’t pay attention to observing when I bought it. I chose one the cheapest one. I bought a total of two. One was two test strips.Essence

On April Fool’s Day, her girlfriend started a spoofing operation. She studied online and drew two red lines on the test strip she purchased.

When he got his boyfriend, he was still fantasizing that his boyfriend might be happy or panic. After all, the two had intended to get married this year.

As a result, when his girlfriend put the test strip in front of her boyfriend, his boyfriend was particularly frightened, and he was a little angry.

His girlfriend didn’t expect a joke to scare him like this.

She quickly explained that she was joking, just to try to say what you would react when you were pregnant. As a result, you were too disappointing.

This boyfriend was relieved, watching his girlfriend’s grievance, his boyfriend was a little distressed, but he really wanted to laugh.

My boyfriend explained: You fool, you are not a pregnancy test paper, you are HIV testing test strips, the two bars indicate that you have been infected with AIDS, can I not worry?

The joke was a bit big, and the two laughed, saying that they were too ignorant.

Do you think this is over?Next is the real reversal.

My girlfriend took out the test strips to show her boyfriend. The original two -portal test strip combination was to test HIV (HIV) and HPV (human papilloma virus). Both were very terrible viruses.The two viruses are attributed to sexually transmitted diseases. After all, these two main ways of communication are still sex.

The boyfriend smiled and explained to his girlfriend’s use of these two viruses and test strips. The girlfriend also said that since they bought them, we would try to test it, otherwise it would be wasted.

The difference between the upper and lower one, the picture above shows the pregnancy test stick, and the picture below shows the virus test strip such as HIV.

The test results are particularly speechless. The HIV and HPV testing of her boyfriend are both red lines, which proves that it has been infected.The girlfriend only tested an HPV because of a previous prank of HIV test strip.But his girlfriend was not turned into two bars.In other words, not infected.

The boyfriend was really silent at this time, and he couldn’t believe it. He also said that his girlfriend bought it online.The girlfriend did not doubt at all. After all, she and her boyfriend had their first love. At the age of 26, she had only made this boyfriend. I felt that it was impossible to infect this virus.

But this kind of frightened is not a joke. The two went to the disease control for testing. What is even more surprising is that after the illness and control staff asked if they had sex with others, the girlfriend answered directly.The boyfriend was particularly hesitant and nervous.

After the results of the inspection came out, the two were really dumbfounded. The boyfriend did infected two viruses, but his girlfriend had nothing to do.

My girlfriend couldn’t believe the question of the result of the result: "Impossible, if he was infected, how could I be fine?"

The staff replied: "You can only say that you are lucky." Then he also recorded his boyfriend’s personal information and asked him to go to a designated hospital to test and take medicine.

After returning home, the two were stupid, and her girlfriend was very sad. She asked her boyfriend why she was infected.After asking for a long time, the boyfriend finally said that he had a business trip with his colleagues two months ago, and two people had a relationship when drinking more at night.

My girlfriend was even more sad, and suddenly my girlfriend was even more surprised, because the colleagues who went with her boyfriend to go with her boyfriend were a man.

My boyfriend explained: "I drank too much that day, and I never thought that my colleague was homosexual. I was not saving people. Then the two people slept a bed at night, and they had a confused relationship, but then the two were not in the two people.After speaking, I am not homosexual, it was caused by the chaos after drinking that day. "

But how could you still listen to these words in your girlfriend’s heart, whether your boyfriend said is true, is it still important now?

Two people broke up like this, and the wedding of October 1 was impossible.My girlfriend was very reluctant, but this betrayal was really unacceptable.

And this boyfriend also begged his girlfriend to keep her condition for him, and hoped that she could find a good reason to cheat her family.Her girlfriend was even more painful, and she did not expect that this would happen.

I don’t know if I should be happy for this girlfriend, or to be distressed.After all, she was about to get married but suddenly separated, but she avoided the risk of might be transmitted to the virus.

What should I say as for my boyfriend?Is there really such a saying after alcohol?Even if you are really not homosexual, should you be forgiven with the relationship with others other than his girlfriend?Even if he was infected with the virus, it was obviously pitiful, but I still feel that the poor person must have hate!

My girlfriend said: "If my boyfriend is infected with other things, such as blood transfusion or tattoos is infected, I can also accept him. I also believe that the current medicine can be controlled well, but it can be controlled well.He has been in a lifetime. But he did such a thing, and I couldn’t risk him for a lifetime for such a person. Even if I loved him, even if he was not infected, I didn’t want to marry a person who betrayed me. "

It was just a joke on April Fool’s Day, and as a result, it became a "ridiculous" tragedy.EssenceEssence

Here, I hope that everyone can eventually become dependents, but if two people really decide to be together for a lifetime, I really think that some testing is still necessary.I hope that everyone can have a better life happiness. Such things are not only protecting themselves, but also to protect him who loves you.

I wish everyone in the emotional world that the partners are always loyal and responsible.EssenceEssence

Even if you are a playful person who likes the world of flowers, the minimum protection of yourself is considered a public welfare for this society.

The world has been tortured by the virus enough. Don’t let more people bear this burden that should not be afforded. May everyone be kind and wish all the virus will be returned as soon as possible!

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