Are these taboos during pregnancy true?Doctor: Where are so many taboos!

After pregnancy, many people will tell you that this cannot be done, that cannot be done, and the pregnant mother expresses very tired.

In fact, there are not so many rules for pregnancy, and pregnant mothers should look at those things rationally.Don’t say what others say.

Let’s talk about it today. Several things that pregnant mothers can’t do are really unable to do it.

1. Can’t make up during pregnancy

During pregnancy, some cosmetics can be used, not all cosmetics cannot be used.It is best to light makeup when makeup, and use those formal cosmetics.

First look at the ingredients of cosmetics. If it contains alcohol, phthara acid, vitamin acid and other ingredients, the pregnant mother should not be used. These ingredients are harmful to the fetus.In addition, pregnant mothers should ensure that cosmetics are regular products and can be used during pregnancy. If it is not determined, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not use it.

Do not use those cosmetics with strong fragrance, try to use those tasteless products.

2. Can not take medicine during pregnancy and fever during pregnancy

Some people often say that colds, fever during pregnancy, can not take medicine, can take medicine affect fetal health?Is it really?In fact, you can take medicine when you are sick during pregnancy, but you must take the right medicine, and you should not take it randomly.

If you have a cold and fever, the body temperature exceeds 38 ° C, the body has other discomfort symptoms, and safe antipyretic drugs can be used, such as acetaminol or ibuprofen, but use it under the premise of consulting the doctor.

If the body temperature of the pregnant mother continues to be high, exceeding 39 ° C may affect the health of the fetus, so the pregnant mother must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, and do not resist hard.

3. Double food during pregnancy

During pregnancy, I will definitely hear the old man saying, "Eat more, you are two people now, and nutrition must keep up with." Although it is two people, the weight gain during pregnancy is reference.diabetes.It is harmful to the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Therefore, we must eat reasonably during pregnancy to control the growth of weight.

4. Eat soy sauce during pregnancy, the child will turn black

What made me feel speechless is "Eat less soy sauce during pregnancy, otherwise the skin given to the child will be very dark." In this regard, the soy sauce said: "This pot, I don’t carry it."

Do you believe this kind of thing without basis?What makes us darkened is that there is a pigment called melanin in our skin, which is the "number one vast" that affects our skin color.

There is no particularly rich melanin raw material in soy sauce, nor can it promote the synthesis of melanin, so eating soy sauce can not make people darkened.

However, it is recommended to eat less soy sauce, because the sodium content in soy sauce is high, and sodium is the main component of salt. Pregnant mothers should eat less.

5. Short hair must be cut during pregnancy

It is said that pregnant mothers must cut short hair because their hair will be nutritious with the fetus.

In this regard, I can only say, think too much.

Do not cut your hair during pregnancy.If you feel that long hair is not convenient to take care, you can cut it short.If you do not affect your daily activities, you don’t want to cut it yourself, or you can cut it without cutting.

The length of hair has nothing to do with nutritional consumption. The pregnant mother does not have to worry about it.

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