Are those "pregnant boys" characteristics really accurate?Come and listen to what people say

This topic originated from colleagues’ pregnancy. Because the first child is a son, the second child naturally wants to get a daughter.But recently, she was always gloomy. I might as well ask her mouth boldly because she thought that she was pregnant again, so she was worried that the two sons were under pressure.

In life, many pregnant mothers do not know the gender of the fetus, and the national law does not allow the fetal gender identification. Therefore, the content of gender through some pregnancy characteristics is very popular in the pregnant mother’s circle. The content is as follows:

Due to edema during pregnancy, some people are swollen in their bodies, but some people are just feet or face swelling, and their legs are not edema.And those pregnant mothers who are not swollen, wearing 37 yards of shoes before pregnancy, and 37 -yards shoes when they are about to be born, think that boys are pregnant.


Edema during pregnancy is related to various factors. For example, the blood circulation of the pregnant mother itself, whether the salty diet is too salty, or not for a long time, etc. It is related to whether the body is swollen to determine that men and women are not reliable.

When I was my son, my feet were swollen in the third trimester.

"Huai Nai Mei Mom, Wai Men’s Ugly Mother", this is also a wide range of words.It means that if the pregnant mother becomes worse after pregnancy, it will be oily, acne, and pores to become larger. In addition, the nose and head will become larger and wider, and the areola color will become a boy.

When I was a child’s son, the nose did not become larger, but the skin did worse a lot, and there were many spots.


During pregnancy, skin quality, changes in the nose, and the shades of isolas are related to various factors such as living habits, hormone lifting, and eating habits.

"Sour Girl" often hear it.Indeed, after pregnancy, the taste of many pregnant mothers has become completely different from before. She loved fish and meat before, and she couldn’t smell the fishy smell after the pregnant woman smelled.The folk has always believed that after pregnancy, she loves sourness. For example, Zhen Yan’s biography of Chinese concubines eat "sour cucumber", then they may be pregnant with male fetuses.


The changes in the taste of pregnant women are often related to the level of hormones in the body, and they are not highly associated with the sexual correlation of the fetus.

I basically rely on water during the first three months of my pregnancy. Later, I love to eat greasy foods. She has good appetite and sour.It turned out to be a son.

The fetal movement generally starts from 16 weeks of the fetus. Some fetal movements are obviously+frequent, and some fetal movements are gentle and rare.Most pregnant mothers believe that boys are more naughty, so fetal movements will be more frequent because he starts to "exercise" in his mother’s fetus.


How much fetal movement is related to factors such as the gender of the fetus, the external environmental stimulus, and whether the intrauterine is hypoxic.Dangerous signal.

I am the first child, and the fetal movement is indeed more frequent. It belongs to the type of punches and kicks, but this does not show that the above point of view is established, it is just a coincidence.

"The fetal position is a girl, and the fetal position is a boy"?Others say that girls like to stay on the left side of the abdomen. Boys like to stay on the right side of the abdomen. This sounds very picture. Many pregnant women start to compare with themselves.


The fetal position is related to the position of the bed, the internal condition of the fetus, and the size of the gestational week.It is precisely preparing for the smooth and natural delivery.

My first child, because of the lack of oxygen in the palace in the evening of pregnancy, was generated at 37 weeks of pregnancy. At that time, I did not go down at that time, and the fetus was still not successful when I was born.

This is indeed a torture. Some pregnant mothers have spit it in early pregnancy.And some pregnant mothers are lucky. They take care of eating and drinking during pregnancy without delay.Most people think that pregnant mothers who have not been pregnant may be pregnant with boys.


In fact, I hear less. Pregnancy is a normal physiological condition during pregnancy. It is related to the physical condition of hormones and mothers during pregnancy, and it is not highly associated with fetal men and women.

As mentioned earlier, I basically rely on water during the 3 months of my pregnancy, and I smell the smell of oil fume in the kitchen.

Studies have found that if pregnant women are pregnant with boys, she will take more nutrition during pregnancy than pregnant women who are pregnant with girls.

Some people interpret the results of this study as the pregnant woman who is pregnant with a boy!Is this really true?


The pregnant mothers who can eat girls around them are not a few. Some pregnant mothers have a better appetite and can digest and digest. It seems that the sexual relationship with the fetus is not obvious.

In fact, the identification of fetal gender can only be discovered through medical examinations. For example, through chromosomal judgment, is it xx or XY?Another example is to check whether the fetus has a "small teapot" through B -ultrasound.However, unless there are some genetic diseases in the clinic, the fetal gender examination can be performed through the application. Generally, doctors will not tell you the gender of the fetus.

It is believed that the level of cognition of everyone is not excessive concern to the gender of the fetus. Guessing the gender of fetus during pregnancy is just a way of entertainment.After all, raw boys and women are their own, and health is the most important thing.

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