Are you afraid of cold or hot during pregnancy, so that the cold and hot situation is normal?

Today, a pregnant mother said: It’s strange, I am 7 months pregnant, and become afraid of heat. She sleeps with her husband at night.A thin blanket, divided into quilts!After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel that they are afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy, and start to become afraid of heat in the middle and late pregnancy. Do you feel it? What is this?

In the early pregnancy, some pregnant mothers started to be afraid of cold, because:

1: Early pregnancy reflection, nutrition cannot keep up, and the physique becomes cold and cold

2: Psychological effects, eager to be cared and protected, and become sensitive

3: It is related to the lack of calcium and iron.For example, the amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the telescopic and excitement of myocardium, blood vessels and muscles; iron deficiency in the blood is an important cause of iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, supplementing foods rich in calcium and iron can improveThe body’s ability to protect the cold.

4: The thyroid function is low. Eating iodine -containing food supplement iodine has a certain effect on alleviating the fear of cold in the early stages of pregnancy.

The housekeeper’s warm reminder: If the pregnant mother in the early pregnancy, if you feel afraid of cold, then pay attention to keep warm, strengthen nutrition, and drink plenty of water to take a rest.

So, in the middle and late pregnancy, why did the pregnant mother start to be afraid of heat again?This is because:

1: Pregnant mother’s pregnancy reflection is over, the diet is good, and the energy in the body will increase, so I’m not afraid of cold but fear of heat.

2: The blood volume in the pregnant mother’s body is about 40%higher than before, and the blood flow flowing to the tissues of the whole body will increase, and the blood flow brings more calories.In order to discharge more heat in the body, the pregnant mother will become sweaty.

3: The changes in hormones during pregnancy, the body temperature of the human body after pregnancy will be 1 ° C.This is similar to the reasons why normal women’s ovulation rises, because the mother is operating at a high -speed operation overtime, so it will be hot.

4: The fetus will also produce calories, and the pregnant mother is like holding a small furnace.

The housekeeper tips: The pregnant mothers who are afraid of heat in the middle and late pregnancy should not be greedy, and it is easy to diarrhea. When the weather changes, pay attention to adding clothes, because the pregnant mothers have poor resistance during pregnancy. I hope that pregnant mothers pay more attention to their bodies.

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