Are you pregnant, blood test or urine test?

The blood HCG examination shall prevail.

Urine pregnancy tests are sometimes affected by other factors, such as other hormones, such as LH hormones can sometimes react with test strips, resulting in false positives; hormones in thyroid series may also affect it.Sometimes it is impossible to determine what is caused by the interference factors.In short, the interference factor of urine test note is more than the blood beta-HCG.

HCG is a kind of protein hormone produced by the nourishing layer of the placental choric membrane. It consists of two peptide chains (or sub -submissive) of α and β.Among them, the α-peptide chain is similar to the α chain of LH, FSH and TSH, and the β-peptide chain is specific.Under normal circumstances, our testing of HCG is applied to pregnancy diagnosis and nourishing cell diagnosis and treatment.

1. Pay attention to the two cases when applying HCG testing test.When applying HCG check, pay attention to the existence of cross -reactive substances.The chemical structure of various placental chorrosums of choricular choric membrane is similar to the glycoprotein complex, both consisting of α and β -peptide chain sub -base.

In addition, the structure of the α peptide chain is also very similar. The two have the same characteristics in terms of chemistry, biology, immunology, etc. The commonly used HCG detection methods can hardly exclude the LH outside.The method of detecting HCG is not positive, so it has little effect on pregnancy diagnosis.

However, menopausal women, women’s ovulation periods, and patients with bilateral ovarian resection have increased quantity, sometimes 240-480iU/L. Follow-up cases of hydatidal and choric membrane cancer may cause misdiagnosis in the above circumstances.

2. Some other pathological changes can also increase the HCG content.According to reports, pituitary diseases, hyperthyroidism, ovarian cysts, endometrial hyperplasia, and uterine cancer can also cause positive reactions to test HCG tests.Some people also report to find a bacteria that can produce HCG substances in certain tumor cases.

For these situations, only related clinical and laboratory methods can be used to identify.In addition, if the purity of the antibody is insufficient, there will be some cross -reaction, and clinical identification is needed.

Blood testing HCG is the most accurate method for checking early pregnancy. The test strip has a certain reference significance, but it is also an error. Therefore, you are best for the blood test.

Gel gold detection sometimes has a weak false positive result. There may be more reasons. I do n’t know the exact factors, but this kind of report should be very careful. As a result, it is negative, but add a suggestion: Please do blood HCG inspection andB -ultrasound, ask the patient carefully, and ask her to review again.

Blood HCG is negative, and urine HCG is positive. First of all, it is necessary to consider false positive problems. First, it may be related to the degree of concentration of urine. The longer the urine is stored, the degradation of the kidney degradation and excretion of the free Asian unit of the bladder, the β-Core HCG accumulation accumulatedThe more you get, the test can be detected to produce fake positive.The second is that it may be related to the abnormality of the enzyme abnormal enzyme of the macrophages in the nourishing layer during a very pregnancy, which is related to the increase in the urine in the urine in the urine.

Generally, HCG of urine cannot objectively reflect the changes in the condition, monitor nourishing cell activity, and provide accurate basis for diagnosis and treatment for clinical diagnosis and treatment to measure blood beta-HCG is the most reliable.It is recommended to check it twice.

Under normal circumstances, when we are considering that we may be pregnant, we can know the results at home to do a urine pregnancy test, but in fact, the urine pregnancy test is not 100 % accurate, and in most casesTesting does not help whether the test is normal or abnormal pregnancy, which is why doctors sometimes recommend the blood HCG test.

2. What is the blood test of pregnancy?

The so -called blood test of pregnancy is to determine the test of pregnancy by detecting an exact quantity of a poinable gonadotropin (HCG) in the blood.Human chorionic gonad hormones are generated by the placenta of pregnant women. About 10 days after fertilization, they can be detected in blood or urine.Generally, doctors will use urine HCG test as a qualitative test, that is, to determine whether you are pregnant, and the blood HCG test is often used as a quantitative test, that is, to determine the exact content of HCG in the blood.

The HCG test of blood can detect pregnancy earlier than the urine pregnancy test we did at home, and can be measured in blood in about 7-12 days after fertilization.And can accurately measure the concentration of HCG.

3. Is the blood test of pregnancy more accurate than the urine pregnancy test?

Studies believe that HCG testing in blood is indeed more accurate than HCG detection in urine.

Information from the Scientific Research Center of the American Society of U.S. Emergency Physicians shows that nearly 6%of urinary pregnancy tests will show false negatives, that is, pregnant women show negative results in urine pregnancy tests, most of which present the level of pseudo -negative pregnancy female test blood HCG level.In 11-97 MU/ML, the level of HCG at this level is in a normal range in the first month of pregnancy, but the urine pregnancy test may not be measured.Therefore, if the menopause is less than 4 weeks, the method of checking HCG with a blood test will be more accurate.

4. The significance of blood HCG test results

During the normal and healthy pregnancy, the blood HCG value will perform a regular curve related to time.In the first three months of pregnancy, blood HCG will show a rising trend, and then gradually decrease.

In the early stages of pregnancy, if you have some abnormalities, such as a small amount of vaginal bleeding, continuous weakly positive urinary pregnancy test, or a positive B -ultrasound of urine pregnancy test, you can not see the embryo in the uterine cavity. Doctors can check the amount of blood HCG.Let’s understand whether it is in a normal range and rises in accordance with the normal rules. If it is not, there may be problems with pregnancy (such as ectopic pregnancy, abortion, fetal stopping, etc.).

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