As a child, the "makeup makeup" is gradually popular. Is it okay to makeup during production?

Love beauty is the nature of everyone, and everyone has the right to pursue "beauty".But for pregnant women during pregnancy, beauty seems to become farther and farther away from herself.

Can I make up during pregnancy?Presumably this problem seems to have a clear answer in most people’s minds: No!

Because cosmetics contain special chemical components, even with cosmetics for "pregnant women", many mothers can’t help worrying: What if these cosmetics are not good for the fetus in the belly?

Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, it is the critical period of the development of fetal organs. No matter which cosmetics, toxic chemicals may easily cause fetal dysplasia.

So on the Internet, there was a passage of "girlfriends are pregnant, her cosmetics belong to me".

Generally speaking, women after pregnancy will not make makeup often if they are not special needs.But after surviving the hard work of October, can pregnant women not make up when they are near childbirth?

For pregnant women, for the safety of the fetus for the safety of the fetus in October, the fetus generally does not boldly make up. On the day of production, I think that I want to give the fetus a good impression, so I have the idea of dressing myself.

On the Internet, a video about "I am before giving birth to a child" has caused heated discussion, and the number of clicks is close to 13 million.

Foreign childbirth nurses said: About one -third of pregnant women will give themselves some makeup before childbirth. In order to allow themselves to better meet the baby, especially those women who have a clear due date or choose caesarean section, they will be more even moreLike makeup.

And such makeup seems to be gradually popular on the maternal nearbirth.Is it okay to make up before childbirth?

In fact, it is no longer a rare thing for maternal makeup before childbirth, because it was very popular as early as the 1950s.

Until now, some nobles and royal family and celebrities will be carefully dressed before childbirth, just to make themselves appear in front of the media in a better state.

Preparatory makeup can make the mother more confident

During the production, the mother will focus on the stomach and fetus due to nervousness and other emotions, which will make the mother feel more anxious.

However, makeup can make the mother’s attention well. Some studies have shown that although makeup is a very simple behavior, it can indeed enhance a person’s mental strength and confidence, and accompany the mother to spend difficult times.

Makeup before delivery can also make the mother happy

Compared with the prime face to produce, it will also make the mother very happy to add some modification to your face.

It can simply make up the hair from the hairstyle, like making the hair, or applying a faint lipstick on the lips, which will make the mother feel better when giving birth.

Although makeup before childbirth, it looks like a lot of benefits, but some costumes are really not suitable for maternal delivery.

For example, in terms of nails, many mothers like long nails, but they have not had enough nail lengths, so they use the method of "sticking nails".

However, nail nails will interfere with the hospital’s equipment to a certain extent, such as oxygen detector.It is not particularly convenient to take care of children after childbirth.

Therefore, the mother should not make a big article on the nails.

In addition, those thick facial bases are not recommended, such as liquid foundation and blush, as well as makeup powder.

Because during childbirth, especially for delivery, it is easy to sweat a lot due to force. These cosmetics will block pores and are not conducive to the excretion of sweat.

In addition, do not use eyeliner and eyelashes, because during delivery, there are not only sweat, but also tears. These mixing together will only make them look worse, but will not leave a good impression on the child for the childEssence

Nowadays, more and more mothers will pay attention to the first side of themselves and their children, and some even take advantage of the empty gear in opening the palace.

With more and more news about maternal makeup on the Internet, it has also been controversial.

For professional doctors, they do n’t think there is anything. The most unified point of view is that as long as they can make the mother happy, they will fully agree.

Moreover, after someone else gave birth to a child, she was full of tired face, and the mother who made her makeup was a delicate makeup. By the way, she had a child. I felt very happy to think about it.

Today’s topic: Do you think it’s appropriate to make up before childbirth?

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