As long as you have a child to have a child, can you cure adenomy muscles?

The dysmenorrhea brought by adenoisotomy caused many patients to suffer. Is there a saying that "dysmenorrhea and pregnancy have children"?

Why do you say that "dysmenorrhea is pregnant"?

The occurrence of dysmenorrhea is caused by adenomia, and there is also a "primary dysmenorrhea", which has nothing to do with adenomia.Women with primary dysmenorrhea are normal in the uterus, and there are no echoing situations, and most of the primary dysmenorrhea is fine when they are pregnant, so everyone often says "dysmenorrhea is fine."

The reason why some people think that pregnant children can treat adenomy muscle disease because they do not have menstruation during pregnancy and breastfeeding during birth, and do not have dysmenorrhea if they do not have menstruation.EssenceHowever, after breastfeeding, menstruation found that dysmenorrhea appeared again, and some even painful than before, only to find that the previous understanding was wrong, and adenomy disease was not good at all.Therefore, pregnancy does not fundamentally cure uterine adenomia, but "phased temporary delay."

Why can’t give birth to a child to treat uterine adenomy muscles?

The reason why uterine adenomy is dysmenorrhea is because endometrium endometrium to the uterine muscle layer is permanently congested, edema, and bleeding.These bleeding cannot flow out of the muscle layer, and the cumulative lesions are formed, while stimulating the expansion of the uterine muscle layer, which causes severe dysmenorrhea in the uterus to cause spasm contraction.Therefore, when the patient takes some amenorrhea drugs, dysmenorrhea is relieved.Similarly, during pregnancy.Do not show menstruation during breastfeeding, and dysmenorrhea will not appear.

Although there is no menstruation, the lesion does exist, and does not shrink and disappear because the menstruation does not come. When menstruation recovers, dysmenorrhea follows.And as the number of menstruation increases, the lesions will increase, the uterus will gradually increase, the amount of menstrual flow will increase, and the condition will increase.

Therefore, do not rely on pregnancy and child to treat adenomy muscles. You should treat the treatment of adenomy disease with a scientific attitude. Do not delay your condition because of some rumors.At present, surgery is an effective way to treat adenomy muscles. At the same time, the palace surgery is used to treat adenomy muscle disease. It also avoids the tangling of women to remove the uterus.

Professor Sun Aida researched the palace elimination surgery, and eliminated the patient’s internal adenocular muscle lesions on the patient’s uterine muscle lesions on the premise of retaining the complete form of the patient’s uterus.The surgery team requires a relatively high surgery, and it is also a very beneficial surgery for patients with adenomy disease.It not only relieves the patient’s pain, but also retains important organs such as uterus and ovaries.There are not many doctors who can complete this operation.

The abolition of the Palace has also changed the history of patients with adenomia patients to remove uterus, eliminating menstrual dysmenorrhea, and restoring the normal menstrual flow of patients after surgery, which does not affect the quality of life of patients and wife.

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