Ask for advice!Why do you always have nightmares to sleep on the side?

In the past two years, I have found a strange phenomenon that whether it is day or night, whether it is left or right, as long as I sleep on the side, I will have a nightmare.And found that nightmares will be made soon when you fall asleep, even if you do ten or twenty minutes.

Each time I was awakened from the nightmare.

When I was young, I liked sports, football, volleyball, track and field, martial arts, qigong … The body has always been very good, the degree of sleep is deep, often sleeping until dawn, even dreams.After fifty years old, there are more dreams.

Dreaming is related to age. This is a good understanding. When you are young, work and life are tired. You may have no time or energy to dream.But I always have nightmares when I fall asleep, and it is inexplicable.I have tried many times. If I lie down flat and sleep, I sometimes dream, but I can hardly have nightmares and wo n’t be awakened by nightmares.There is only an exception to sleep.

For example, at noon today, I slept on the right side of the sofa. Soon I dreamed that I drove to a place I didn’t know, and then I don’t know why I got on a taxi.The narrow place, then stopped. At this time, a truck was here, and the taxi blocked the road of the truck. So the truck driver moved forward a little bit, tightly against the taxi.When I saw this came down from the car, the truck driver also came down. I called the taxi driver to move a little to let the truck pass by, but he did not respond, and I patted his arm again. He still did not move.If there is a problem, it may be a sudden illness or death, so I told the truck driver.

I looked down at the place where I was standing, and I found that the ground was very high, and I stood on an empty shelf, and it was very dangerous once it fell.At this time, I hurriedly told the truck driver who was approaching me, telling him to be careful that the movement of the movement is lighter to avoid the shelves from falling down, and we may have no life.

Then I was awakened.

Every time I sleep on the left or right, I have such a nightmare.

Can anyone tell me, or help me answer, why is this?

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