At 21 weeks of pregnancy, I almost missed this checkup. The sisters who are pregnant for the first time remember to be good …

Silent sisters, I almost missed the conventional production inspection, and spent a bit of injustice.Sisters who are pregnant for the first time must pay attention to the reminder of the nurse records on the nurses.The date of the checkup does not have to be so strict. Check it according to the specified date, but it should also be almost.

The last time I went to the birth check was 16 weeks. At that time, the doctor issued a four -dimensional order for me. I chose to do four -dimensional four -dimensional at 24 weeks. I thought the next checkup would be 24 weeks.In fact, it is not. It is pure because the four -dimensional appointment must be made in advance, so the doctor will open the order so early.

At 20 weeks, I felt that the fetal movement was a bit reduced one day, and I wanted to go to a community hospital for convenience. As long as I can see the baby staying inside, I checked more than 100 at my own expense.Essence

Now 21 weeks, I often feel that the underwear is a small piece, and I am particularly worried that it will be high -risk or shorter.Because he often brushed the little red book, he would pop up these contents, and he felt very scared.

Now that I have time, I still go to the women and children to see it. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor was tested in their own clinics. There was no problem.However, I still gave me a re -Premier League and the Premier League, as well as an innovative function test, and the durable glucose powder in the future.Making the Super League and the Premier League is done at the same time in the same B. The B -ultrasound is to see the development of the fetus, as well as the depth of the amniotic fluid.The Premier League is to see the shortness of cervix.

In short, my results were checked well, and then I went to another inspector to do a non -innovative function test. This predicts the personal high blood pressure of pregnant women.The doctor who checked said that I would have been here for a week and should be checked at 20 weeks, so that I should pay attention to the date of the inspection on the book.

After the inspection was over, I went to get the window of the medicine and wanted to take the glucose powder used for the sugar -resistant examination in the future, but I couldn’t see my name at the display screen in the window.I asked before I knew that the glucose powder did not need to take it by itself. At that time, the nurses of the sugar -resistant examination would be given to us.

Therefore, the first time the sisters were pregnant, it was really stingy, but it didn’t matter. As long as we checked the birthday date written by the nurse on the mother and child health manual, there is no problem.

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