At 29 weeks of pregnancy, the palace wall "thin as plastic wrap" was originally the sequelae of many cesarean section

2019-01-23 16:05 | Wenling Daily-Zhejiang News Client | Correspondent Wang Lingyun Reporter Zhu Danjun

After pregnancy, the uterus rapidly increases, just like blowing balloons. The gestational week is getting longer, the balloon is getting bigger and bigger, and the closer to the bottom of the ball is thinner and thinner.In case this balloon is made up, the danger can be imagined.Recently, the first hospital of the city has been diagnosed with a "scar uterine" pregnant mother. The uterine wall is thin as a "plastic wrap", which is only a layer of transparent plasma layer. The condition is very critical.Fortunately, the treatment was timely, and the mother and baby were safe.

Multiple cesarean section will exacerbate the rupture of the uterus

On January 18th, Ms. Cao, 33, was 29 weeks of pregnancy+4 days, and her uterus was almost broken.During the emergency cesarean section, the doctor found that her uterine wall was thin as a layer of "plastic wrap".In 2008 and 2016, Ms. Cao had a cesarean section twice.Last year, she was pregnant with a three -child baby (bred after remarriage). The due date was at the end of March this year. From 20 weeks of pregnancy, she often had abdominal pain.

In the early morning of that day, Ms. Cao faintly felt a pain in her sleep in her sleep, and she was a little more painful than usual. She quickly woke up her family to go to the hospital for treatment.In the morning, she came to the first hospital of the city, and the doctor suspected that there was a precursor to the rupture of the uterus.After the magnetic resonance examination, the doctor at the radial image center looked at the image repeatedly, and found that the small piece -like continuous interruption was visible to the front wall of the uterus.

In the operating room, the deputy director of the Department of Anesthesiology, the Dr. Anesthesia and Dr. Wu Jun had a emergency surgery for Ms. Cao.During the operation, the full layer of the anterior wall muscle of Ms. Cao was broken, and she was only connected to a transparent plasma layer.That is, this layer of film wraps the baby in the uterus. Once the pulp layer is broken, the baby will lose the uterine protection and fall into the pelvic cavity. The mother and baby are very dangerous.

When the baby was delivered, Dr. Nicu on the side immediately rescued the baby.Because the baby is less than a month and only 1780 grams, you need to live for further rescue treatment.

Chen Yi, deputy director of the Municipal First Academy, introduced that as the number of surgery increases, the operation will become more and more difficult, and the risks will become higher and higher.The healing of uterine scars is also more difficult than once, and there will be the possibility of the spontaneous rupture of the uterus.If the uterine spontaneous rupture cannot be discovered in time, it may endanger the life of maternal and infant.

Pregnant women with a cesarean section should be regularly checked on time after the second child

So, if the mother produced in a cesarean section, how should the second child avoid the uterine rupture?"Generally speaking, if the first production is a cesarean section, it is recommended that the second pregnancy time interval is two years or more." Chen Yi said that if the interval is too short, the first cesarean section is born.The uterine incision is not completely healed, the thickness of the uterine scar is thin and the continuity is poor. The possibility of spontaneous uterine rupture, placental implantation, and front placenta is much higher.Regarding the short -term pregnancy after cesarean section, doctors generally clearly inform pregnant women and family members of risks, and then decide whether to continue pregnancy.

"The best way to prevent the situation of uterine rupture is to minimize uterine surgery. Women who have the first tires should choose as much as possible if their own conditions and fetal conditions are allowed.Maternal reduces a lot of pain. "In addition, women who have a cesarean section, who are planning to have a second child, are best to evaluate before pregnancy to see the recovery of uterine scars and determine the opportunity of pregnancy in combination with the overall physical condition.

Chen Yi said that pregnant women who have a cesarean section and a history of uterine surgery (including the history of uterine fibroids) have to go to a regular hospital for check -up before 12 weeks of pregnancy.Regularly check on time, reduce the incidence of complications during childbirth, and minimize fertility risks.

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