At a glance, the second child’s pregnancy needs to be prepared!

Since the liberalization of the second child’s policy, many husbands and wives have begun to prepare for pregnancy, and they have actively moved in the direction of their children’s doubles and blessed children.The ring is the first problem that many women who are preparing to be pregnant.When it comes to the birthplace, I believe most women are no stranger, because bringing a ring for nursery is an effective method for long -term contraception, and many women choose to use it.But when it is about to take the ring, many female friends are concerned.Is it painful?How long does it take?How long can I get back to conceive?Various problems come one after another, as if taking the ring is a terrible thing, but the fact may not be like you think.

Ring surgery

Generally speaking, as a long -term contraceptive tool, the birth ring has a certain period of use.In other words, even if there is no need to be pregnant, as long as you reach the prescribed years, you need to go to the hospital for a ring surgery to prevent it from deforming or failure in the uterus.However, because you need to have childbirth, that is, the phenomenon of two -child phenomenon is now common. Many women also need to take a ring, otherwise there is no way to get pregnant.

Surgical process: The doctor will use the vagina to expand the vagina, wipe the inner effusion in the vagina, expose the cervix, and the cervix and the cervical canal with 2.5%iodine and 75%alcohol and new disinfection.The front lip or the rear lip.Use a probe to detect the depth of the uterine cavity according to the uterine direction.After arriving at the bottom of the palace, exit for 1 cm, find the attached part of the birth ring on the rear wall, front wall, or side wall.The contraceptive ring (small amplitude should be small), and gently rotate left and right, so that the contraceptive ring is gradually stripped, so that the contraceptive ring can be fully or large.After removing the contraceptive ring, the doctor will use the medium blunt scrape to gently scrape the residue tissue around the palace wall to measure the length of the uterine cavity.Observe whether there are active bleeding and contraction in the uterine cavity. Go to the cervical pliers. If the bleeding of the clamping part is bleeding, the doctor will compress with gauze for a while.

Preoperative preparation

1. Check blood routine, leucorrhea routine, B -ultrasound examination.

2. Fasting water for 4 hours before surgery.

3. For patients with tight palaces, take 0.6mg of Meso before surgery, and then surgery after 2 hours.

Precautions for postoperative

1. After taking the ring, keep it clean and hygienic, clean water every day, and be careful not to cool.

2. Do not sit in the same room within two weeks after taking the ring, or take a bath or bath to prevent inflammation from infection, which is not conducive to recover as soon as possible after taking the ring.

3. Pay attention to nutrition and eat more iron -containing foods to prevent anemia due to excessive menstrual blood.The diet is light and pay attention to the balanced nutrition. It can be appropriately supplemented with high -protein foods such as milk, eggs, and beans.

Pain in the ring

Generally speaking, the pain caused by the ring is within the scope of women’s acceptance, but for your own health, it is recommended that you choose a painless ring.There will be no pain during the operation, but there may be slight lower abdomen discomfort on the day of the ring, low back pain or a small amount of vaginal bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon. After adjusting for a period of time, these symptoms will disappear.If you can perform surgery in the best time, your body can recover as soon as possible.

Ring hemorrhage

Many women will occur after the bleeding is taken. The symptoms see a small amount of vaginal bleeding or a blood -based leucorrhea. Usually, it will disappear by themselves for one or two days. This is the normal phenomenon caused by the ring to stimulate the endometrium and cervix.However, if the vaginal bleeding or long bleeding time is abnormal, diagnosis and treatment should be performed in time.

How long is the best after taking the ring?

The couple who prepare for the second child should not ask for a child immediately after taking the ring. It should be repaired for a certain time for the uterus.Generally speaking, it is best not to get pregnant at this time less than 3 months, or if you recover 2-3 times after menstruation.Specific professional physicians can be consulted to ensure healthy health.

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