At the 88th step, it is finally no longer a "mountain"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing April 14th.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Bin, Guan Guifeng, Li Jiarui

With the prevention and control of the epidemic, the people’s livelihood projects, which are closely related to the lives of the people in Beijing, also started to resume work -on March 21, the renovation project of the old building renovation project in Nongguang District, Chaoyang District, Beijing became the first to resume work in Beijing.The old building renovation project.After the transformation is completed, 27 elevators will be installed here …

Sinotruk Community is a microcosm. In recent years, the capital Beijing has accelerated the pace of installation of elevators in old communities. Nearly 30,000 households enjoyed the convenience brought by the installation of the elevator.

However, after the reporter’s in -depth investigation, it was also found that compared with Beijing’s statistical statistics and huge needs with the people, the work of installing elevators in the old community in Beijing was only "the first step of the Long March."

Faced with people’s expectations, the whole society needs to further improve awareness, enhance the sense of urgency, and overcome obstacles with determination to fight against the village.

On October 16, 2019, the elevator was equipped with the elevator, and the No. 13 Building of Heping Street, Chaoyang Street, Beijing, Beijing.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong Photo

"It seems to be dreamy" -When the old community in Beijing, the elevator "accelerates"

Inside the building, the construction of the electromechanical pipeline is carried out; outside the building, the external thermal insulation layer is installed … On March 25, the reporter came to Nongguangli District, Chaoyang District. At the project site, residents were curious to check and inquire from time to time.

"These old residents have been looking forward to it for too long." Li Song, the construction unit opened the project manager of Nongguangli Sinotaka Community project in Nongguangli, the construction unit.

On March 25, workers carried out the construction operation of the old building renovation project in the Sinotaka Community in Nongguangli, Beijing.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong Photo

In Beijing, each elevator installed for the old building has touched the hearts of the people in the building, or there are many stories that are happy or hopeful …

"It turned out to be a little bit of a lot of hair on the stairs. I never thought that I could sit on the elevator. I looked forward to it for so many years and finally sat up, as if dreaming."The building is a six -storey brick -red building. In September 2019, the elevator was installed in trial operation. The 81 -year -old resident Li Guoliang was so emotional.

From Honglianzhongli, Xicheng District to No. 7 Baiyun Road, from Changying Township, Chaoyang District to the Lotus Chi Junjun of Fengtai District, it took 3 months.Essence

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country’s urban work has determined the guiding ideology of "continuously improving the quality of urban environment, the quality of people’s life, urban competitiveness, and building a modern city with harmonious and livable, vibrant, and unique. The goal of establishing "building a world -class harmonious and livable capital" was established.

Livable and convenient travel, and old communities cannot become forgotten corners.

In the past 10 years, especially in the past three years, Beijing has added an elevator to an old community on an important agenda and continuously introduced documents.255 elevators were installed with the old communities in Beijing; in 2017, 274 were completed; in 2018, 378 were completed; in 2019, 693 elevators were started and 555 were completed.

Building 106 was installed with an elevator in Beihang Road, Huayuan Road Street, Haidian Road, Beijing, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong Photo

Before the Spring Festival in 2018, the elevators installed by 21 units in the 4 buildings of Beihang District, Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing were put into trial operation.

The excited Beihang retired faculty and workers edited and directed the drama "Elevator" to move the anger and sorrow of the elevator to the stage: because there is no elevator to go up and downstairs, some old professors moved home, some went to the nursing home, there were some, there were some, there were some, there were some, some some, there were some.Go to the children abroad …

"My waist has been surgery since I had undergone surgery. I haven’t stepped downstairs for five or six years. I can’t go down! The 88th steps in front of me are a ‘mountain’ blocking in front of me …" 86At the time, Sun Shichang, a retired professor of Beihang, played a "old professor" at the time, and every time he recited the classic lines, he could not help but feel like.

The biggest investment, the greatest significance, and the most difficult -installing the elevator is the biggest "one dish" in the "menu" of the old community.Nearly 1 billion yuan.

"The work tasks are relatively heavy" – "Long March" take the first step

Small elevator, big people’s livelihood.The reporter’s investigation found that compared with the huge needs, the work of installing elevators in Beijing’s old community has just started.

In 2019, Beijing requested various districts to carry out investigations.According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission, through reporting, there are about 100,000 units door in the city that meet the conditions of installation, involving more than 2 million residents.

On the one hand, it has been installed and under construction in the past 10 years. On the one hand, more than 100,000 unit doors meet the installation conditions …

"The work of installing elevators in the old community has been steadily advanced, but it is just the beginning, the demand is very large, and the task of work is relatively heavy." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission admitted frankly.

Beijing is the epitome of the country.In July 2019, the person in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development disclosed that my country has to renovate 170,000 urban old communities, involving hundreds of millions of residents.

"Too many elderly people have no conditions to buy new houses and can only live in old communities." After the investigation of the deputy director and chief engineer of China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd.In the community, nearly 2 million units have no elevators.These communities were mainly concentrated in the 1960s to the 1990s.

Li Zongrui, a 83 -year -old Beihang Retirement professor, lives in the 4th floor of Building 404 in the school. He goes downstairs at 3 pm to the small park in the school and the old colleagues in the school.

"Many old neighbors are looking forward to their lives and died in the waiting." Seeing that Building 104, not far apart, had installed an elevator. Li Zongrui’s expectation was overwhelming.The name of the old neighbor who was unable to go downstairs.

"The elderly who wait for the elevator is lucky. More elderly people can’t wait. They can only move to nursing homes, children’s homes, abroad, and even waiting for death." Shi Xuelei said.

"At the scene, the residents asked the most that the most of the elevator was so noisy ”, but" when can it be our neighborhood "." China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the installation of the elevator on -site construction construction, work on the site of construction construction.Personal Wu Di said.

Stones from other hills, can learn.In the late 1980s and in the early 1990s, Japan implemented a large number of elevator projects with old communities without elevators below the 5th floor.

"By improving various policies, facilities, nursing systems, etc., Japan guarantees the elderly at home." Said Professor Yan Shuang, Women’s University of Japan.

"It should be considered and special offices" -Thisai "Mountain" urgently needs to pass the "three ways"

In August 2016, the "Beijing Municipal Pilot Work Plan for Multi -Stranger Residential Houses in 2016" was issued to clearly install the fiscal subsidy policy of the elevator.At present, the municipal finance has a total of 640,000 yuan per unit of the fiscal fiscal quota to the district fiscal quota, and the district governments can formulate relevant subsidy policies in accordance with the actual situation of the district.

"In the past, there were many front conditions for installation of elevators in the old community in Beijing. After the pilot plan was introduced, there was no need to go through the procedures such as the establishment of projects, land use, planning and construction permits, and only need to go through construction drawing review, elevator installation, acceptance, acceptance." BeijingThe relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Commission said.

Faced with the invisible "Kan", the party committees and governments at all levels of Beijing to the difficulties:

—— The first "Kan" is to persuade all residents of the unit building to sign and agree.

In the process of installing an elevator for comments, most of the disagreement is the first layer of residents, worried about the elevator shielding and noise.According to the survey by China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd. with an additional elevator research and development center in various provinces and cities, how to allow residents to sign a 100%signature consent or at least unclear opposition, which has become the "No. 1 No. 1 facing the work of an elevator in the country in the country."problem.

"Because the elevator belongs to special equipment, it is important to do maintenance management in the later period. This requires full negotiation between residents." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission said, "It is better to negotiate the work in the early stage to do a long time, and it must be solid.Avoid ‘turning the cake’. "

"Do work at home and do work. If you do n’t work once, you will log in twice. If you ca n’t see it during the day, you will wait for the homeowner to come back from get off work at night." I can’t help but be red.

Elevator 3 units 3 units in Building 1, Building 1, Beixiangyuan Community, Beijing, which was shot on October 23, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong Photo

Tongzhou Beixiangyuan Community is all commercial housing, and residents do not know each other."This has increased the difficulty of going to the household. It can only be bitter, without shortcuts." Said the community secretary Li Li.

——The how to strengthen later operation and maintenance and achieve long -term reliable operation is another "hurdle".

"Now in Beijing, if you have a policy, you can build it if you want to build it. If you have funds, you can build it, but it is still a subject to manage and maintain it!" Guo Huagang, the leader of the old community group of the major project office of Xicheng DistrictEssence

It is understood that in Beijing, the old buildings are installed with elevators mainly to build a lease, property rights unit, and the owner’s self -funding of the owner.Installing elevators and subsequent maintenance, the owner pays the usage fee monthly or year -on -year.

The reporter’s investigation found that although Beijing’s subsidy is very strong, it is still not enough to cover all construction costs, because in addition to the installation of the elevator, the changes to the underground pipeline consume a lot of funds.

A elevator was installed in Tongzhou Beixiangyuan Community.In the later operation, residents need to pay the usage fee, but the cost is not enough to cover the cost of operation and maintenance.

"Although only one elevator is installed, we must also set up a maintenance point in the community. If you can install more elevators, with the scale effect, the advertising space in the car can be more effective and the cost can be further reduced." Responsible for responsibility.Tongzhou Beixiangyuan Community, Cai Changping, general manager of Beijing Fashion Building Decoration Co., Ltd., which is equipped with elevator engineering, said.

"We are conducting follow -up research on later operation management, and we will make reasonable guidance on the management of toll management. At the same time, it will encourage enterprises to develop business and increase income." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Commission said.

——Chinking elevators, the pipeline changing work is often time -consuming and labor -intensive, becoming the third "坎".

On the campus of Beihang, some old buildings were installed with green enclosure and large pits that have been dug.Community staff told reporters that the changes of lines such as gas often need to be approved several months in advance.

According to the survey results of the existing construction center of China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., there are currently no special "green channels" that have been converted to the modification of elevator pipelines in Beijing and even across the country.

"For the pipelines of the installation of elevators, gas, tap water and other units will not be preferred." Shi Xuelei suggested that since the installation of elevators involves the quality of life of many residents, especially the elderly, it should consider special affairs.

"We will convene various municipal professional companies in conjunction with relevant departments to study shortening pipelines to change approval time and reduce construction costs. At the same time, we will compile the installation of elevator atlas and technical guides to further standardize the work."explain.

In 2020, the installation of elevators in the old building continued to be listed as an important livelihood project in Beijing. It plans to start more than 400 units throughout the year and complete more than 200 units to further solve the difficulty of the elderly and the inconvenience of the actions …

People, look forward to it, wait and see!

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