At the age of 20, when you are pregnant, would you choose to give birth or not?

I remember that around October 2020, my aunt was postponed for about a week. I had no appetite for anything. I asked my boyfriend to buy a pregnancy test stick and found that I was pregnant!

Now I remember myself doubt at that time: Do n’t you not be pregnant in the days when ovulation?Is there a problem with the pregnancy test?I really got pregnant?(The boyfriend is also similar)

All kinds of doubt passed all at once, and the fear came on the face!Parents are conservatives, and my father is harsh in his heart!Instantly began to collapse, and then thought that the child must not have!Can’t let parents know!

I asked for leave, I plan to kill the child!After all inspections and preparations, come to the flow of doctors to line up!See the doctor’s notice of risk to those people!I am a little counseled!Seeing the pain that a person had to leave the child again, I started to sigh that life was not easy!

It’s my turn: the doctor has been calculating for more than two months, and it is not possible to flow, and people must flow!Then listened to the doctor and said all kinds of risks, persuaded, I heard that the baby was tangible, I broke the defense!I don’t know if I am afraid of surgery or sigh about life!I actually had the urge to give birth to her!I went to my boyfriend to tell him about the various situations where the baby was tangible, and he expressed his respect for my thoughts!I started fantasizing the happiness of the baby … a family of three …

But real life tells me: things are far from being so simple!There are also parents of both sides, as well as oil and salt vinegar and tea waiting for me!Fortunately, I am not alone and I have him!At the beginning, he experienced night thinking and said: I respect your thoughts, you decide!Being a child is not good for your body, you have to give birth sooner or later, otherwise you will give birth!But it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to give birth, I will accompany you!If the baby is born, I have no problem!I can solve it, you can rest assured to give it to me!(Now think about it at that time, he still gave me a lot of security)

At the time of youth, you can talk about falling in love, travel to the place where you want to travel, and strive to make money to improve your age!If you are pregnant, will you choose to give birth or stay?

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