At the age of 36, he played in the game, and the polls were far ahead!The daughter of his faith is immediately impacting the throne of the Prime Minister

Source: Global Times

[Global Times special reporter in Thailand Li Baika Jing Chao Ping] The Thai election is tentatively held in May this year. One of the largest parties is that the Thai party has not yet officially announced the list of three prime ministers candidates. According to Thailand’s Benarnews website, the development of Thailand’s developmentThe poll of the Institute of Administration showed that the daughter of the former Prime Minister’s letter Sinawa ranked first in the support rate of Peitan Sena, 36, at 34%.

Hope to continue to complete the party mission

A few days ago, Peitan said in an interview with Reuters that due to the influence of the military and conservative forces, the Thai party has left an undesirable task for the Thai party three times since 2001. She hopes that this time she can successfully run and complete the party factionmission."The first year of our party sent a lot of problems in the first year of our party, but we were overthrown by the coup after 4 years, so some tasks have not been completed. Therefore, we told people during each ruling period that our policyHow will it change their lives in which way. Only by implementing a stable and peaceful policy can the people’s lives change smoothly. "

Peitan said she was still worried about the impact of coup on Thailand because it would cause the country to retreat.According to Reuters, Peitantan said: "This will make the world look at our country from different eyes, and we will not want to start trade activities with us. We will lose a lot of opportunities. Our country has stagnated for a long time, so no time, so no, so no, so no, so no, so no, so no, so do n’t do it, so do n’t do it, so do n’t do it.A coup should be occurred. Our country must make progress, and the people should live a better life. "In order to start a campaign at the end of last year, the Thai party vowed to achieve an overwhelming victory in the election and won half of the seats.For the Thai party, if the victory is won, it will increase the minimum wage by 70%and increase the average annual economic growth rate to 5%.

Thailand’s Benarnews website reports that the key policy issues of this year’s elections are economic governance and public debt.At present, the Thai party plan has increased borrowing and raising the minimum wage level of workers to promote economic growth and support corporate development. However, the Bayu government advocates tightening fiscal policies and reducing public debt.

Singapore’s "Lianhe Zaobao" commented that the performance of his young daughter Peitan in the campaign continued his style of faith and Yingla, that is, based on populist policies and overwhelming victory in the past elections, hoping to use thisGet the support of voters, especially farmers and urban labor.

His letter stated that he would return home soon

During the campaign, Peitan rejected a report on the report that he led the Thai party and the party’s citizenship party and brought the former Prime Minister’s letter back to Thailand.On February 14, he believed that he would return to Thailand soon.Peitan said to the reporter of the Bangkok Post, "The party and I will focus on campaign, rather than trying to bring him back to Thailand."Peitan said that the constant confrontation between the elites and the peasant class can only lead to the backwardness of Thailand.

With the active efforts of Peitan, the number of members of the Thai party has increased from 8 million to 14 million.Thai media said that the influence of the Sinawa family is one of the factors of Peitan as a new star in Thailand.

The Sinava family from Chiang Mai is one of the most influential and wealth families in Thailand. There have been three Thai Prime Ministers, including the herself who served as the Prime Minister from 2001 to 2006.Peitan’s aunt British also served as Prime Minister of Thailand from 2011 to 2014.In addition, Peitan also has 500,000 fans on social media "Photo Wall", which will often share their daily lives.

Reuters said that he is currently living in Dubai, and Peitan has maintained close contact with his father and aunt, and regularly negotiated with his father.He believes that he will be worried that his daughter will participate in the campaign when she is nearly 7 months pregnant, but Peitan said that this is her second pregnancy. She knows that she will not make herself too tired.

Peitan faces a lot of resistance

Reuters analysis believes that despite the popularity, Peitan and the Thai party are still facing a lot of resistance to the Thai party.Thai Senator Wan Chai Toshiri recently posted news on social media, saying that he would do his best to prevent Peitan from becoming the next Thai Prime Minister.Wan Chai refers to the Sinawa family led by him: "The position of the Prime Minister is not a toy of anyone or any family. The Prime Minister is the symbol of the pride of the entire country, so that anyone is right as the prime minister in the past.It is a slap for Thais and members. "

In response to Wan Chai’s criticism, Peitan said that Wan Chai’s remarks have proved why senators appointed by the military should not play a role in the process of the prime minister’s election.She told the reporter of the Bangkok Post: "People don’t have to choose me to be the Prime Minister. At present, I am not sure I will be nominated as a candidate for the party’s prime minister, but please respect the people."

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