At the age of 48, Xu Jinglei, who had been exposed to her, went through several "men’s river", what did they want?

At the age of 48, Xu Jinglei, who had been exposed to her, went through several "men’s river", what did they pursue?

Some time ago, Xu Jinglei, who disappeared for a long time, took a photo on social platforms.

The sharp -eyed netizens found that under the loose clothes, her little belly slightly rose.

So she was pregnant. She was pregnant.

Xu Jinglei did not reply to the guess of netizens.

You know that three years ago, she was speculated that she was pregnant.

At that time, Xu Jinglei was not used to netizens and threw out the fitness video.

The local proved that he was not pregnant, and even said, "People are awesome, Lao Tzu lose weight."

The short eight words are domineering.

But now she has no response, which also makes netizens wonder: Why did the unmarried person suddenly become pregnant?

You must know that Xu Jinglei is 48 years old this year.

In fact, she was pregnant, and it was not surprising whether it was really unreal.

At that time, Wang Shuoning could carry the reputation of "throwing his wife and abandonment", and she had to be with her when she was out of the house.

Huang Jue, a "prodigal son", couldn’t extricate herself at first sight.

Zhang Yadong was convinced under her "pomegranate skirt".

In addition, she also had a scandal with many people.

Xu Jinglei can be said to have passed several "men’s river" and never grieved himself.

Some people wondered, what did she want like this?

If all her experiences, you will find that what she wants is just freedom.

It can also be said that it is to "retaliated freedom."

What to be revenge is father and childhood.

Xu Jinglei’s father called Xu Zijian.

He is a legend.

When I was young, the conditions were not good, and I suffered.

In order to live, he entered the bulb factory at the age of 17 and kept a 400 -degree stove every day.

When he first entered the bulb factory, Xu Zijian was just an apprentice.

But his ambitions were reflected since then.

Although I am tired every day, I never work, the purpose is to figure out the process of the bulb factory as soon as possible.

When everything made it clear, he began to try his best to raise money and prepare a neon light factory.

At that time, the machines he used were collected from the waste station.

Later, he grew the neon light factory a little bit, and had money with scale.

We are described in three words about his experience, but the hardships and his tenacity are enough to imagine it.

Perhaps this kind of experience has made him develop a person who speaks.

It is even masculinity and cannot tolerate the refutation of others.

That’s it. After Xu Jinglei was born, he arranged everything clearly.

Xiao Jinglei eats every day, when I go to bed, what to learn every day, time must be accurate to seconds.

If Xu Jinglei has a delay, in exchange for scolding.

If it is just such a life, it is not enough to defeat Xu Jinglei.

What made her really feel miserable, and her mother’s encounter and her mother’s "resentment".

Xu Zijian’s strength is not only on Xu Jinglei, but also on his mother.

He couldn’t tolerate others, so whenever his mother was different from his opinions, he was abused and he started.

Every time he comes up, he simply punches his mother without Xu Jinglei at all.

Xu Jinglei, a young age, could only cry.

When her father vent, she dared to come forward to comfort her mother.

But her comfort did not get the tenderness of her mother, only in exchange: "Without you, I have divorced your father long ago."

Every time my mother and father argued, they would say this to Xu Jinglei.

In such a family, where would she have childhood.

In order to "revenge" her father’s squeezing her, "revenge" the gray of childhood.

Xu Jinglei began to release himself when he was admitted to Nortel.

Erson, smoke and drink, go with the second -rate second -class in the street, and constantly fall in love to change men.

This is her interpretation of freedom.

At that time, she never paid attention to the rules, nor did they value the world.

Just a little more, that is: happiness.

So when she met Wang Shuo, she would ignore everyone’s opposition.

Even if Wang Shuo had a wife and daughter at that time.

She even goes to the original match and tells him: I have entered and exit your house at will now, so let me give me me.

From this sentence, we can see how arrogant Xu Jinglei was at that time.

Of course, at that time, her father, Xu Zijian, was dissatisfied with this.

He pointed at Xu Jinglei’s neck and scolded her without love.

Facing his father’s jump, Xu Jinglei was expressionless.

After he said enough, he turned and left.

Looking at Xu Jinglei like this, Xu Zijian finally felt that he was wrong.

But his cognition is too late.

How good is Wang Shuo about Xu Jinglei?

For Xu Jinglei, he abandoned the title of his wife and daughter.

Even when he had to go to the United States to take refuge, he paved the way for Xu Jinglei.

But even so, Xu Jinglei never thought of marrying him.

So they finally faced the ending of the breakup.

After breaking up with Wang Shuo, Xu Jinglei did not stop his "hunting".

He had a scandal with Wang Xuebing and Sanbao.

Later, because of the drama, Huang Jue broke up after falling in love for five years.

After breaking up, she was convinced Zhang Yadong.

In 2016, Xu Jinglei publicly acknowledged that he was in love with Huang Li.

He even praised Huang Lixing as a good man in front of the media many times.

Huang Lixing is a non -impatient personality, and he does not hesitate to face anything.

He never tangled and hesitated. Such a personality made him very hot for Xu Jinglei.

Two people have never quarreled together for five years, and Huang Lixing also changed Xu Jinglei’s love for drinking.

Let her have a healthy living habit.

But even Huang Lixing, who was so excellent in her eyes, couldn’t let her loosen to get married.

"I really don’t think I am getting married today, and it will be happier than yesterday. I don’t have any expectations for this."

This is Xu Jinglei’s cognition of himself.

Someone once asked why they were not married.

Xu Jinglei only answered 10 words about this: love is a necessity, marriage is not.

At a young age, his parents’ marriage affected Xu Jinglei after all.

That’s why she changes a man one by one and has the idea of unmarried.

She passed through several men’s river and was away from the man.

What you want is just a "freedom".

Because she doesn’t want anyone to control her life.

This experience is not only emotionally, but also in career.

How good Xu Jinglei is, she will seize all the opportunities in front of her, but she also wants to do whatever she wants.

After being with Wang Shuo that year, Wang Shuo recommended her to the crew of "A Wind and Snowy Moon".

At that time, she was a newcomer and had no performance experience, but could perform the essence of the protagonist.

Open your popularity with this play.

Later, she starred in several plays, known as one of the "Four Little Flowers".

Others need to pay a hundred times before they can reach the height.

Xu Jinglei waved his hand to get it, relying on not only Wang Shuo, but also his own ability.

At that time, Xu Jinglei was full of popularity, but she was unhappy.

Because there are too many rules that actors need to follow, she started to be a director.

The first drama "My Dad" shocked the entire entertainment industry.

Won the title of "talented girl".

Later, she successively led several works, each of which received a good release rate.

She has also become a big director recognized by the audience.

Xu Jinglei, who became a big director, was born with the same want to be free.

She will put a paid two -year holiday for employees and go to the United States for further studies.

She will also choose to cancel the collision period of her new work and other big production.

Even playing mahjong with others at the scene.

This is the chic Xu Jinglei.

Xu Jinglei’s character was inseparable from childhood.

Throughout her childhood, she watched her father quarrel with her mother, and watched her father punch and kicked her mother.

Listening to the mother’s complaints on herself, and the tears in the mother’s eyes.

Make her fear of marriage.

Her father’s control of her was to give her rebellion and desire freedom.

It can also be said that there are two Xu Jinglei in her body.

Xu Jinglei before Shangbaigo was well -known, and Xu Jinglei was rebellious and arrogant after Nortel.

She once said: Why should she be educated as a flattering girl.

This sentence revealed her dissatisfaction with worldly dissatisfaction and severe doubts about her father.

That’s why you do the same and unique things in adulthood.

This is exactly the case. At the age of 48, she was exposed to pregnancy and it would not be confusing at all.

All, all pursuit is just freedom, or retaliated freedom.

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