Aunt in Europe had a magical dream, screaming scared, but saved his son

People are uncertain about what has not happened in the future, and this is also the consensus of human beings.Otherwise, you know what the future is, and make people intentionally affect and change, and the world will be messy.Therefore, it is necessary for the development of all things in the world in the future.

However, there are also a few accidental events that allow some people to spy out a future incident without any hunch.This indirectly proves that there is a connection between the current and future of the development of things in the world.

Of course, things within some plans eventually happened in the future. This feels normal. For exampleThe two people who love will soon get married. Based on the family background and their ideals, it is inferred that the little nephew as the police as a police officer and so on.The accuracy of the predictions in these plans is high.

But what I want to say now is that there is no premonition and uncertainty outside the plan, and it can be accurately predicted, which is surprising and incredible.

During the First World War, in Italy, an aunt at home was sleeping and dreamed that the son on the battlefield was dangerous. When he saw that the enemy was aiming at her son with a gun, she was shocked.Let the son lie down quickly, and then the aunt woke up from his sleep.

Later, the son retired home and told his mother that he heard his mother’s shout on the battlefield, which made him escape.The two people corresponded to the same day, and they felt too incredible.

There is a seriously sick elderly in Nevada in the United States. He was declared death by a doctor due to the invalid rescue and was pushing to the a greater.The old man suddenly woke up again, and after slowly treating the elderly, he had a miraculous recovery, and his mental state was good.

The old man recalled that during his rescue, he saw that he had a son who had never planned. The man called his father and told him the address he lived now.Then he saw his death father and told him that his mission had not yet been completed. He needed to go back. After some time, he woke up.

There is only one daughter of the old family now. How could there be a man called his father, and intuitive telling him that it was his son, and the old man felt unpredictable.Later, I carefully remembered that when I was young, I had a brief relationship with a girl for a while, and it has not been contacted for decades.

Based on the blurry memory and address, he really found the woman several times, and the woman did have a son. When the old man saw the man, it was the man he saw when he died.It was his son, and the old man was very emotional.

Walking around the river once, I saw two women swim in the river. When they saw me, they swim hard to me. There is a woman with a mole on her forehead first. Let me pull her.When she pulled up, she smiled and jumped into my stomach.I was shocked and woke up from my sleep.

This is a personal story I told me in a high school classmate. She said that the dream was very real. She became pregnant soon. She finally gave birth to a female baby. She really had a mole on her forehead.magic.

The dreams that everyone usually understands is thoughtful and dreaming.Sometimes you can calculate what will happen based on the subconscious of the dreamer, but these three stories seem to have nothing to do with the subconscious, because what predicts in the dream is not related to reality.

The aunt of the first story really knows that her son is fighting, and it is normal to have a dangerous dream of son, but it is puzzled that her shouting when she dreams will be heard by the son of the distant battlefield.

When the second story, when the old man recalled the past when he died, he subconsciously remembered the woman who had dated when he was young, and thought that she might have a child. It is not surprising that such a dream is.Knowing that he was a man, he also saw the appearance of his son, and told him the address.

The third story female classmate got married. When I thought of she was pregnant, she dreamed that a woman jumped into her belly when she dreamed, and then she was a girl when she was pregnant.There is a mole on her daughter’s forehead, which is a bit uncomfortable.Because this cannot be associated, unless there is the unknown factors of our human beings, it cannot be explained.

From the above three stories, there is one thing in common, all of which are the perceptions of direct -family loved ones. In this way, it is still very limited to know that human understanding of dreams, and it also makes people more room for imagination.

In real life, there are no connections on the surface of many things that are far away, but because humans have limited knowledge of things, no connection does not mean that there is no, but humans have not seen it without detecting it, and it is not found that things are not detected.Internal factors.

Everything in the world may have some connection, not only the same period of time, but also some unknown connection in the past, modern and future.It ’s just that the strength of things will be different. For example, the energy of twins will be stronger. Direct -based loved ones are stronger than the perceptual energy of strangers.

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