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Little Fairy: "What to do, I was still in the menstrual period yesterday, but I didn’t hold back, so I was with my husband …"

Girlfriend: "Ah? You can’t have the same room during menstruation!"

Little Fairy: "Will it be harmful to the body?"

Girlfriends: "Of course, it is easy to cause infection; and I heard that it can cause menstrual blood circulation, causing endometriosis; there are more horrible things, which will cause infertility!"

Little fairy: "I haven’t given birth to a baby yet, isn’t it finished …"

Girlfriend: "Go to the hospital for an examination, don’t be in the same room in the future!"


In traditional concepts, many people oppose the same room during menstruation.Can I have the same room during menstruation?Let’s listen to MOMO for everyone ~

[Can you do the same room during menstruation?.

The answer is the same room.From the physical perspective, the menstrual period can be in the same room.As long as you can accept the inconvenience caused by menstrual sex (blood staining sheets, general lubrication, and relatively difficult orgasm), menstrual periods can be performed.

However, everyone’s psychological acceptance of this matter is somewhat different.If both sides are willing, it is your freedom, but if you are reluctant, please learn to refuse.

[The same room during menstruation will endanger women’s health?.

This sentence is too absolute.Scientifically speaking, the two things that should be "menstrual" and "same rooms" themselves will increase the chances of some diseases. When these two things happen at the same time, these chances are not superimposed or infinitely magnified.Let’s talk about a few common health misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding 1: The same room during menstruation will cause inflammation

Some people say that the same room during menstruation can cause infection and inflammation. The reason is nothing more than: the cervix period is open during menstruation, and bacteria are easier to enter; menstrual blood and endometrium provide good medium for bacterial breeding; low immunity during menstruation, etc.

But these are only subjective guessing, there is no clinical trial support, and even some clinical anti -examples.The fact is that the pathogenic body through sexual transmission is the cause of pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical lesions and other diseases, but whether it is not the point in the same room during menstruation.

Misunderstanding 2: The same room during menstruation will lead to endometriosis

Others believe that the same room during menstruation will cause menstrual blood circulation, which will cause endometriosis.In fact, the pathogenesis of endometriosis is unclear, and it is just a hypothesis caused by blood reverse flow.

What’s more, women who have a blood -streaming phenomenon have the chance of endometriosis as high as the endometrium (less than 10%), which shows that this is not the main factor in the ectopic endometrium.

Misunderstandings 3: Menstrual periods will cause infertility

Some people say that the same room during menstruation can cause pelvic cavity infection, cause tubal adhesion, and then cause infertility.As mentioned above, pelvic infection is not directly related to whether it is in the same room during menstruation. The key is to clean.Therefore, the concept of "infertility" is also incorrect.

There are many restrictions on the menstrual period. In fact, there are no evidence support. However, traditional psychological psychology presets a concept of "very special menstrual period", and then actively find various reasons to "shoot first and then draw targets".

We don’t absolutely oppose the same room during menstruation, but we don’t advocate, why?

1. It feels not good

In the same room during menstruation, this feeling is more polarized.Some people do feel more sensitive during menstruation, because the reproductive organs will be in a congested state during menstruation.

Some people do n’t say the same room. When speaking, there is no strength to walk. In the first three days when menstruation comes, many women will have pain and pain, low back pain, and even some people with symptoms of headache fatigue.If your girlfriend or wife belongs to the latter, do you want to have the same room during menstruation?Do you want to find it?Intersection

2. Her aftermath work is too troublesome

In the same room during menstruation, if the aunt came with a long time, the mountains and rivers were red.White goes in red, what bed sheet is covered and panties pillowcase, which may have "blood staining style".

You may say, no problem, we can turn off the lights, no matter what color he is!However, the people packed, throwing it, wet the wet towel, and slept comfortably.what about you?Change the pillow, change the sheets, change the cover, change clothes, and want to sleep?Not so easy!

3. Hygiene issues are difficult to guarantee

When the aunt comes, in order to allow meridian blood to flow out, the cervix is open. In this case, bacteria are more likely to enter the uterine cavity and cause infection; while the menstrual blood and endometrium in the uterine cavity and vagina can beBacteria provide a hotbed of eating and drinking.And relatively speaking, women’s immunity is low, and it is more likely to have some problems.

Therefore, although the menstrual period is not absolutely unable to do the same room, hygiene must be a major premise.If you can ensure hygiene, there may be no big problems.In case of anxiety and laziness, it should be cleaned without cleaning, and the care of the care, then it is easy to cause problems such as vaginal inflammation, pelvic inflammation, and even endometritis inflammation.

4. Psychological burden

This situation is more common in women.Originally, the same room was over, and the two also paid attention to hygiene. At present, everything feels normal, but this is unable to pass, and the old is scared.

I’m afraid that the bacteria will breed in the place where you can’t see it. The endometrium is adhesive, the fallopian tube is blocked, the pelvic cavity is being attacked by inflammation, and some people even start to eat them.Irregular hospitals were also pitted!

For the same room during the menstrual period, if the conditions permit, it is not bad at this time.The time is tightly task. It is not easy to meet once, or the aunt is almost gone. I didn’t hold back for a while. As long as you pay more attention to hygiene, there is no need to be frightened all day.

In the end, there is a little MOMO to remind you of the little fairy: Don’t think that the menstrual period can be perfectly contraceptive. Although the probability is very low, someone may ovulate during menstruation or when menstruation has not completely left.Therefore, the statement of the same room during menstruation can not be established.Little fairy also be careful not to be deceived by some unrandous little fairy men.


In the same room during the menstrual period, women should not be bound by some claims, they are willing to do it, and they do not want to do it.But if you have gynecological inflammation, let alone the same room during menstruation, it is not recommended when the same room is in the same room.



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