Auntie often comes early, what’s going on?Or it is related to 5 factors, women pay attention to conditioning

"Oh, my stomach hurts a lot, give me a cup of hot water."

"How did your aunt come so early this month? Is it too early?"

"Yeah, who knows, it will be about a week in advance last month, so annoying."

The aunt who arrives every month is like a feminine of women’s health.When it comes on time, people will be very solid in their hearts, and the post -delayed aunt will make some women worry about worrying, is it pregnant?Are you sick?But there is a situation that makes people feel confused, that is, the aunt comes early.

How long is the aunt’s cycle?

For the human body, the period of menstruation is mainly time for the endometrium in the human body.About about 1 month, the endometrium will fall off due to hormone changes in the human body, bringing the endometrium and part of the mucus and blood in the human body.The menstrual cycle of women is about 21 days to 35 days, and it is actually normal within this range.

In other words, it is not necessarily that you will come to the aunt on the 1st this month, and next month will be No. 1.Calculate the real time interval according to your own menstrual cycle to master more accurate menstrual time.However, some people will say that according to their original cycle, the aunt has appeared early. What is going on?

Auntie always earlier, consider whether there are 5 factors existing

First, excessive diet may affect the menstrual cycle

Some beautiful women will lose weight by dieting and fasting.Although the weight has decreased significantly, the body will be affected by a lot.For example, long -term diet may cause the human body to have malnutrition, and it will also affect the blood and blood in women, and it is more likely to induce irregular menstruation.The menstrual cycle is shortened, the menstrual blood volume becomes less, and even the phenomenon of menopause occurs.

The second factor is the aging of the ovary in advance

Theoretically, after women are 45 years old, the ovaries may gradually grow aging due to their age.When it no longer secretes estrogen normally, women’s menstrual cycle will also be affected to some extent, such as the problem of early menstruation or reduced menstrual blood volume.

However, some women are only in their thirties, and they have frequently appeared abnormal symptoms such as menstrual cycles in advance, which is likely to be related to premature ovarian failure.To satisfy this situation, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in a timely manner to check the ovary and regulate in time.

The third incentive may be normal aging, and it has entered a menopause period

When you are around 45 years old or even about 50 years old, if you always have advance menstruation, it is likely to enter a menopause period.The difference from the previous incentive is that the menopause period is normal ovarian aging, and the human body will slowly appear early menstruation. It is only a few months to get a menstrual period.

People can eat some red dates such as red dates and other qi and blood without having a restless attitude towards this kind of menstruation, and maintain a pleasant mood, which will be more helpful to regulate the symptoms of menopausal periods.

The fourth considers whether to affect menstruation because of the drug

When women take emergency contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs, they may also affect normal menstrual cycles because they affect hormones in the human body.Some drugs may cause the human body’s menstrual cycle to advance in advance and appear frequent advance.Only after the endocrine is gradually stable can the menstrual cycle return to normal.

If you are in line with this situation, it is recommended to consult your doctor in time after medication. If you still do not restore the normal menstrual cycle after stopping the drug, you need to receive further examination and treatment.

The fifth factor may suggest that women have certain gynecological diseases

Uterine fibroids, ovarian diseases, etc. may have a bad impact on the menstrual cycle, and sometimes you think that menstruation comes in advance. In fact, there is abnormal bleeding in the uterus. After excluding these factors mentioned aboveIt is best to pay attention to whether there are some gynecological diseases in the body. Treatment of these diseases through symptomatic examination can better adjust their health and protect women’s health.

Women’s menstrual cycle is actually a hint of whether the body is healthy. When you always have abnormal menstruation early, or even constantly earlier, you should first clarify how many days your menstrual cycle is.If calculated according to the normal menstrual cycle, a certain number of advances are indeed related to these 5 factors.

Some of these factors may only have a physiological change that affects the menstrual cycle, such as the menopause period of aging. At this time, people do not need to take special measures to maintain a pleasant mood and pay attention to daily conditioning.And some are the effects of lifestyle, excessive diet, or taking some drugs. Timely adjustment for specific causes can also restore the normal menstrual cycle as soon as possible.

If you are because of premature ovarian failure or some gynecological diseases affect the menstrual cycle, you need to go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner. If you cannot treat the disease well, and adjust the cause of menstruation, human health will also be affected.Paying attention to whether your menstrual cycle is normal is also an important basis for judging whether the body is healthy.

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