Authentic Xiang: Make flavors, chili choice is very important!

China has a huge population and has different eating habits, but the number of spicy people accounts for nearly half.The Chinese dining table is becoming more and more spicy, and China has also become a veritable pepper country: the area of pepper planting is ranked first in the world, the production of peppers ranks first in the world, and the consumption of peppers ranks first in the world.The number of peppers is also the number one in the world.

China has always said that "Sichuan people are not afraid of spicy, Guizhou people are spicy and not afraid, Hunan people are not spicy", people in these areas are relatively more able to eat pepper.

In order to meet everyone’s taste needs, more and more condiments made of peppers are circulating into the market.Farmers’ markets, large and medium -sized supermarkets, and stores can find condiments such as pepper sauce with different brands.For example, we know the old godmother, hot girl, authentic Xiang and other brands

The taste of spicy food is very delicate, spicy is hot and pure, spicy, spicy and smooth.Therefore, the choice of condiment raw materials is very important.

Generally, the spicy sauce flavoring products with good export are mainly pepper and Chaotian pepper as the main raw materials.Pepper pepper is the maximum spicy pepper that ordinary people can accept, especially the pepper planted by home.When buying sharp peppers, it is better to choose tender green, smooth and flat surface, and the spicy taste of insectless eyes.The appearance of the pepper is red or purple, and the spicy taste is extremely strong.

The authentic Hunan sends a strict review of the pepper production base every year to ensure the freshness and quality of peppers from the source.

In terms of production management, authentic Xiang adopts modern production equipment and technology, carefully selects non -rigorous, green and environmentally friendly fresh peppers. After multiple processing processes such as secondary screening, cleaning, and floodingOK, the safest and most assured seasoning products.

Established in 2006, the authentic Hunan is an authentic Hunan characteristic Hunan flavor brand. It has focused on Xiangwei composite seasoning for more than ten years. The old brine gold soup that focuses on developing research and development has been continuously upgraded and replaced.The 3.0 era characteristic Lao Jianjin soup is full of 28 kinds of materials. After 6 hours of boiling, 4 heavy craftsmanship, technology is the first in the country.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the cold chain logistics industry, the improvement of residents’ consumption capacity has increased, and the halogen food industry has ushered in a rapid growth. The size of my country’s halogen food market has increased from 233 billion yuan in 2018 to 329.6 billion yuan in 2021, compound The average annual growth rate is 12.3%.The market size in 2022 reached 369.1 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase to 397.8 billion yuan in 2023. It can be seen that the market potential is infinite.

The company implements an equity incentive system and encourages every dream partner to grow together with the company. The company is determined to be the leading enterprise of Xiangpai composite condiments, and finally to complete the listing goals.The authentic Xiang welcomes every partner who has a dream and energy to join, seize this dividend market together to create a myth of the composite seasoning industry!

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