Autumn is here, how to ease the dry mouth during pregnancy?

In the fall, the weather is dry and the human body is easy to lack water. Many people are water bottles without leaving their hands, especially pregnant mothers.

However, the group of pregnant mothers is special, not limited to autumn, and often feel dry mouth and lips after pregnancy.

Reasons for dry mouth during pregnancy

1. After pregnancy, the blood flow increases, resulting in more water through the kidneys and more urination, so the mouth is dry;

2. Holmon changes lead to decrease in saliva secretion, thereby dry mouth;

3. The level of metabolism in pregnancy is rising, and the loss of body fluids increases, leading to dry thirst;

4. Drinking water is not enough to cause dehydration of the body;

5. Pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes, due to abnormal insulin levels, will directly or indirectly affect the structure and function of salivary glands, so it will be easier to feel abnormal;

6, dry mouth caused by side effects of certain drugs.

The problem caused by dry mouth

1. The dry mouth is very uncomfortable, making speaking, swallowing, tasting, and chewing more laborious.

2. Dry mouth often appears in the early pregnancy, and worsening at night, it always wakes up at night, affecting sleep.

3. Dry mouth during pregnancy may increase the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.

4. Dry mouth may cause lips to crack and numb.

How to relieve dry oral during pregnancy

1. First of all, drink plenty of water in the appropriate range, bring a bottle of water anytime, anywhere during the day, and put a bottle of water on the bed at night;

2. Avoid drinks such as coffee, tea, cola, etc. These drinks may make you thirsty;

3. Chewing gum that does not contain sugar can increase saliva secretion in the oral cavity while maintaining fresh tone;

4. Use a humidifier when going to bed at night (note regular cleaning to avoid a large amount of bacteria breeding);

5. Try to eat high sugar food as much as possible. If you still want to eat, remember to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating;

6. Low salt diet, salty food during pregnancy.Too salty foods not only easily cause edema, increase the burden on the kidneys, but also cause dry mouth.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, food should be as light as possible.

7. Eat less irritating food. The stimulating food mainly refers to seasoning and vegetables such as shallots, ginger, garlic, pepper, mustard, curry powder, etc.Eating more irritating foods can make pregnant mothers dry, it is easy to be irritable. It is recommended to eat less.

Finally, pregnant mothers should pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy.

The reaction of dry oral and high -level progesterone and immune system is the cause of risk of gingivitis during pregnancy.Dry mouth is easy to keep food on teeth, gums, or in the mouth, making the oral cavity more likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, pregnant mothers must do oral hygiene.

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