Awkward!Those "laughing urine" moments … I want to tell you some things in advance

Young mothers understand

Dare not sneeze, dare not laugh wildly

How embarrassing this kind of unspeakable trouble is

Because it will really.EssenceEssence"Laughing"


How good the elders are crazy about Amway

And this possibility

The fertility sequelae of your life

No one will tell you in advance

In 2014, I was under this small panel and gave birth to a huge child. Although the doctor had made a side cut, the perineal was still torn seriously, and the "countless" needle was sewn.

After giving birth to a baby, my body was painful, and my mammitis made me a high fever into the hospital.

These boils were over, but I didn’t expect it at the time. What still bothered me is the leakage of urine-

After giving birth to a baby, when I cough, exercise, or nervous, I often do not control the urine, so when I have urine, I will squat down desperately.

Even sometimes a sneezing, pants will be soaked …

See the watermark in the upper right corner of the picture

I always thought that leakage was normal after giving birth.

What’s more, this is a private and embarrassing thing, so I never mentioned it with anyone, and I didn’t want to go to the hospital to see it.

Source: "Life" video screenshot

Until the beginning of this year, I brushed a news. When a aunt danced in the square, the uterus fell out …

I was scared by this news instantly, as if I saw myself in the future. Now I do n’t tighten my urine.Intersection

So in March, I hurried to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital for a basin of the pelvic floor muscle. 80 points were passed, but I only had 47.4 points.

According to doctors’ opinions, I need to do basal muscle treatment.

Potal bottom muscle treatment, 2-3 times a week, 10-15 times a course of treatment.

I regret it, blame myself to do it early.

After a course of treatment, my situation has been greatly improved, and my sneezing and cough no longer leak easily.

It is no longer "nervous" when I go out.

Previously, Tang Wei and Lei Jiayin were in the live broadcast. The host was asked what the two could not stand each other when they cooperated with each other?

Lei Jiayin said without thinking: "She goes to the toilet, really."

He also said that every time he entered the show with tears, when his emotions were brewing, Tang Wei had to go to the toilet and took 10 toilets to take 10 toilets.

What the straight man would not understand was that at the time, in addition to being an actor, Tang Wei was also a mother who was short -term after childbirth.

Many postpartum mothers are suffering from leakage, and actress Ella Chen Jiahua has also exposed itself: she has been troubled by "urinary incontinence" for 3 years —

The murderer who causes all this is "pelvic floor dysfunction"!

Potting bottom dysfunction will make mothers suffer-

Pelvic organs prolapse (uterine prolapse, the front wall of the vagina, the swelling of the vaginal wall)

Urine incontinence


Sexual dysfunction

Domestic data reports that the incidence of dysfunction of pot foundation can reach 25.8%~ 35.3%.

After pregnancy, the mothers’ bodies are constantly changing. As the baby grows up, the uterus becomes bigger and heavier.

From the size of Yali before pregnancy, the size of the watermelon of ten pounds before childbirth.

The closer to the pregnant woman, the larger the straightened belly.

The bottom of the basin was the helper of the uterus, but the heavy uterus continued to oppress the bottom of the pot and relaxed it. At the same time, it pulled the pelvic floor muscle ligament, making it longer or even broken.

It is like a suspension, and the ligament is like a rope hanging on the tree. The heavy uterus is pressed on the "hammock" for ten months, and the elastic hammock is difficult to escape and relax.

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