Babies of the tree bag found: 90%of women will have "mysterious" vertical lines on their stomachs after pregnancy

After 90%of women, after pregnancy, a "mysterious" vertical line will appear on the belly. It crosses the navel and divides the entire pregnancy belly into two parts.In fact, in fact, everyone has different depths.

After you are pregnant, by the end of pregnancy (around April of pregnancy), a pregnancy midline will appear on the belly, and different pregnant moms will have different depths.

In fact, when you are not pregnant, it already exists, and both men and women have it. The scientific name is "white line".The reason for it is as follows from a medical perspective:

The white line is a line band made of tendon fusion of the abdomen abdominal muscles. The muscle fiber tissue is attached to it. From the thoracic bone sword, it has a break through the navel to the pubic bone to combine, forming a midline to divide the left and right sides of the belly.Except for human muscles, it is not functional.Some men’s "beer belly" also has this line, called "white line".Mainly due to the enlarged abdomen, the pigmentation of the surroundings is not uniform, some are deposited on the bottom of the skin, and some are on the surface, gradually becoming black, that is, the pregnancy line.

Why does the expectant mother’s belly have a pregnancy line?

The pregnancy line during pregnancy is mainly affected by hormones and estrogen during pregnancy.Estrogen secretion is unbalanced, which will increase pigment, while on the surface, and then form a pregnancy line.Most pregnant mothers have pregnancy lines. After 3 months of pregnancy, some may be six or seven months pregnant, and they find that they have a pregnancy line.Some white patterns will become a clear and visible black pattern because of the darker color, and even the black pattern of some pregnant women may extend upward and reach the position of the chest line.

Hormone changes during pregnancy, pigment deposition has this line

For the belly of pregnant mothers, this line is a killer that affects the aesthetics. The belly gradually grows and pushes it out. The lines are even more prominent.During pregnancy, the lines became deeper and clear, so they were named.

Why do I have her? Who is easy to appear?

Although the precipitation of pregnancy in pregnancy during pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes, not every pregnant mother will be so obvious.

Each pregnant mummy’s pregnancy in the pregnancy is different, and it will affect the personal constitution, age, skin color, and hormones as the pregnant mummy’s personal constitution.It is usually after the belly of the pregnant mother, and the midline gradually appears, and some mothers are more obvious in the late pregnancy.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers who have white skin and are usually not easy to leave in acne, and the pregnancy line will be lighter; and pregnant mothers with darker skin and are susceptible to pigment (such as wounds are easy to stay traces, etc.).deep.Therefore, yellow people with dark skin tone will be easier to precipitate than white people.

How many weeks of pregnancy will appear? When will it disappear?

Because friends with dark skin tone are more sensitive to the reaction to pigment cells, each pregnant mother has different time points for the midline of pregnancy. However, it usually appears in the middle and late pregnancy of the abdomen.

This kind of pigment precipitation caused by changes in hormone changes in pregnancy will disappear within 6 months to 1 year after production. However, for some pigment that is more difficult to dispel, it may not be necessarily.It will gradually retreat in the previous year or two, and may not even be completely faded.

Is the midline in pregnancy and stretch marks the same?

The generation of stretch marks is mainly because the skin tissue (collagen fiber) is bigger to the broken phenomenon of losing elasticity. It is manifested in the appearance of the skin, which is the linear, depression, and red patterns; so it is different.

If you want to go quickly from your belly, you can use some emulsion with anti -stretch marks in the second trimester of pregnancy. When the skin absorbs the lotion, its elasticity will be enhanced, and the degree of stretch will increase, which will help the black line disappear.You can also apply olive oil for more than 2 times a day, and you can use the confinement period.

Can the pregnancy line predict that men and women?

The folk is about the test of men and women in pregnancy.

Said 1: The girl on the right is the girl, the left is the boy

Said 2: The boy is the boy, the girl is not straight, the girl is not straight

This is purely a kind of folk, and there is no scientific basis. Moms should not be superstitious.If there is a coincidence, it is purely accidental!

Will the pregnancy line always exist?

In fact, you do n’t have to worry about this. This line will disappear by himself. Usually, the pregnant mother will only appear in the middle and late pregnancy of the abdomen.This is related to female constitution. If it is difficult to eliminate pigmentation, the time will be relatively long, and there is even the possibility of unable to completely subscribe.

After I gave birth to Dabao’s confinement, my body returned to pregnancy, and the pregnancy line was gone.Some mothers’ pregnancy lines disappear late, but most of them will disappear within one year after production.

Of course, if you are worried that this line will accompany you for too long, you can also use some preventive methods.

1. Maintain sufficient sleep during pregnancy, promote metabolism, and melanin can be discharged faster.

2. Doctors will recommend taking vitamin C or eating fruits and food containing vitamin C, which can also help dilute the pregnancy line.

Recommended: kiwi, strawberries, papaya, orange, cherry, etc.

3. From the beginning of the second trimester to one month after giving birth, you can use special anti-stretch marks emulsion or ordinary olive oil for physical care. It is advisable to take 1-2 times a day.

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