Back pain after gardening of pregnant women becomes "ugly"?These sources of anxiety can "one -stop" solution

Cover reporter Zhou Jiayi

While pursuing a better life at the moment, women pay more attention to improving their own quality of life, hoping that they have a healthy body and maintain a good social adaptability.With the opening of the country’s second and third -child policies, some mothers have some concerns about multiple pregnancy. They are afraid that physical changes cannot be recovered. They are worried that the postpartum physical function will not recover well, affect the quality of life and future health …

On October 14, Zhang Jing, director of the Women’s Health Center of the Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital, introduced that with the continuous development of medicine, these concerns of Baoma can actually dispel it. "Professional women’s health care work and tailor -made individualized rehabilitationPlan and measures can help maternal recovery health. "

Help the postpartum mother to respond to physical and mental changes to regain self -confidence

After giving birth to a baby, the mother’s body will change a lot. This is because after women are pregnant, the human endocrine system changes a lot, and the hormone level is rising, which makes the adipose tissue start to accumulate in the body. Due to the increase in the volume of the abdomen, the abdominal wallThe muscles are extremely expanded, the surface layer of the abdominal skin becomes thinner, and the elastic fiber is also highly extended and broken. After delivery, the muscles of the abdominal wall become very relaxed, and the traditional Chinese "confinement" custom will make the mother rest on the bed.The effect of passive and natural recovery of the body is often unsatisfactory. At the same time, the abdominal wall of the maternal abdominal wall, fat accumulation, and affecting the recovery of the body. Some women have postpartum depression, which is also caused by changes in the shape and other aspects.If the relaxation of the body is not adjusted in time, temporary weakness will gradually turn to permanent recession, which will accelerate the degradation process of the body tissue and affect the normal social life of the mother.

A young mother said in an interview: "I have been giving birth to a baby for half a year, and the soreness below the waist will occur after washing and dishes for too long. The pain through the current treatment is significantly reduced."

"This is a typical postpartum pelvic pain." Director Zhang Jing introduced that some women seriously affected life due to ignoring these symptoms. In fact, postpartum pelvic pain can be cured by rehabilitation treatment.

Director Zhang Jing said that postpartum pelvic pains often occur near the sacroiliac joints, and can also appear in the united area of the pubic bone at the same time, the hips on both sides, and the groin area.Pain can be radiated to the back/inner side of the thigh, and it can also radiate up the back, and even some people have pain on the neck.

People with pelvic pains often have symptoms in the lower waist section, showing difficulties in turning, not standing and sitting for a long time, difficult to bend over or bending into upright.It is difficult to stand on the sofa or stool to stand up to stand. It has pain in walking. It is difficult to go up and down the stairs. It cannot be maintained in a lying position for a long time.

"Confidence and beauty are dreaming of every mother. The update and application of our medical technology can make the postpartum mothers healthier. Do not pattern after giving birth, do not scar, be beautiful, and regain confidence."

Clinical Healthcare Kang Fu combined adhering to the overall concept of women’s overall rehabilitation

Director Zhang Jing introduced that the rehabilitation concept of the Women’s Health Center of the Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital is the overall rehabilitation, combined with Chinese and Western medicine, from the inside to the outside, from the shape to function, from physiological to psychology, and tailor -made individualized rehabilitation plans for patientsAnd measures.Cutting -edge technology, standardized operations and advanced equipment are the guarantee of high -quality services in the center.

"Now the center can carry out the overall rehabilitation therapy, vascular stimulation technology, carbon dioxide dot laser therapy, LPG (negative pressure vibration) therapy, pelvic evaluation and pelvic treatment technology, thunderhu moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, etc." Zhang Jing said, "saidThe center also advocates applying rehabilitation technology to various life cycles of women, including the use of rehabilitation technology to treat women’s adolescent dysmenorrhea, female pelvic floor function assessment and treatment before pregnancy, improvement of female menopausal muscle and bone loss, and auxiliary treatment of gynecological endocrine., Combine clinical, health care, and rehabilitation to promote each other to achieve the maximum functional recovery. "This is also the future development direction of the Women’s Insurance Center."

According to reports, the women’s overall rehabilitation center of the Chengdu Women’s Children’s Center Hospital is the first national public three -level specialist hospital treatment center in the southwestern region.The diagnosis and treatment procedures improved the quality of health.Under the requirements of standardization and standardization, the center uses a diagnosis and treatment mode different from traditional outpatient clinics to perform diagnosis and health assessment of patients, from the consultation, screening, diagnosis and treatment of postpartum and postpartum -related diseasesDredating and other aspects provide a full range of one -stop professional humanized services, and provide new conceptual medical care services to female patients.

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